Dec 14, 2014
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Syrian Coalition: De Mistura’s Ceasefire Plan Must be Adopted Under Chapter VII of the UN Charter
The Syrian Coalition informed the UN special envoy to Syria Staffan de Mistura its rejection of the “freeze” plan in Aleppo unless it includes the rest of the Syrian cities to ensure that the Assad regime will not move its troops and redeploy to other areas of Syria such as East Ghouta, Qalamoun and Dara’a. Jawad Abu Hatab, member of the Syrian Coalition, said that “we asked the UN envoy to clarify his plan and demanded that it must be adopted under Chapter VII of the UN Charter in light of the Assad regime’s violation off all previous truces.” De Mistura arrived in Damascus yesterday and met with officials of the Assad regime. This comes days after several meetings held by the UN envoy with officials of the Syrian Coalition and other dissident figures who described the plan as "vague and not based on any binding UN resolution, making it liable to violation.”  They also criticized the plan for not sketching in the details of a comprehensive political solution on the basis of the Geneva I declaration that calls for the establishment of a transitional governing body with full powers.” (Source: Syrian Coalition)
Coalition News
Assad’s Militiamen Possess the House of Dissident Actress Mai Skaf
Security forces commandeered the house of the dissident actress Mai Skaf in Jaramana near Damascus for her role in the anti-regime activities. Before being forced to leave Syria, Skaf took part in the anti-regime demonstrations and sit-ins and declared her opposition to the Assad regime and its crackdown on the peaceful movement. As a result, Assad’s security apparatuses referred her to the “counter terrorism court” on charges of contacting “hostile TV channels and broadcasting false news. Last month, the Information Minister in the government of the Assad regime issued a decree to dismiss 101 workers at the General Organization for Radio and Television for advocating the demands of the Syrian people. The dismissed staffers include reporters, journalists, editors, directors, and photographers. The Ministry also circulated the names of the dismissed workers on all the regime’s institutions and forbade communication with them under pain of punishment. The Syrian Coalition decried earlier the Syrian Artists Association’s decision to dismiss 30 pro-revolution members, describing the decision as null and void and reflects the tyrannical mentality of those behind it. The dismissed members include prominent actors such as Abdul Hakim Kotaivan, Mazen Al-Natour, Jalal-al-Tawil, Maxim Khalil, Jamal Suleiman and the writer Samir Radwan. “The side that made this unfair decision is the same side that has been raining rockets and barrel bombs on Syrians and shedding their blood. The defiant stance taken by these artists reaffirms our unshakeable confidence in the Syrian people, including the artists who have sided with the Syrian people and their revolution for freedom and justice,” the statement said. “The victory of the revolution requires combining of all our efforts, everyone according to his field and specialty to serve the revolution and to clarify the legitimate demands of the Syrian people at all levels." (Source: Syrian Coalition + Al Arabiya)
Rebels Initiate New Push to Capture Wadi Al-Dayf Base in Idlib Province
Activists said that 12 pro-Assad militants were killed and many others wounded in the Bureij and Manashir areas in northern Aleppo during violent clashes with rebels. Rebels advanced on regime positions in Khan Tuman southeast of Aleppo. In rural Idlib, rebel battalions initiated a new push to capture Wadi Al-Dayf and Al-Hamidiya army bases in rural Idlib, taking over five regime checkpoints and destroying a BMP armored vehicle. (Source: Syrian Coalition + Al Jazeera)
Regime Forces Intensify Barrel Bomb Attacks on Dara’a
Activists said that regime forces escalated barrel bomb attacks and artillery shelling on opposition-held areas in Dara’a province. The bombardment was concentrated on the towns of Sheikh Misqin, Nawa, Jassem, Abtaa’, Tafas, Al Hirak, and Deir Al Adass. The intensified shelling comes as a result of the rebels’ capture of the majority of towns of villages of the province along with many strategic positions, most notably Al Harra Hill and its surroundings. Few days ago rebels destroyed a Shilka vehicle belonging to regime forces using a TOW missile in the town of Atman in rural Dara’a. Rebels said that the liberation of the town of Sheikh Misqin has paved the way for making a push towards the towns of Izraa’ and Qarfa with the aim of controlling the Damascus-Dara’a highway. A rebel commander confirmed the killing of more than 40 pro-regime militants, including many Hezbollah militiamen and that they captured  seven tanks and three vehicles fitted with heavy machine guns and a large quantity of weapons. Dozens of pro-regime militants were killed earlier in an explosion inside a masjid in the city of Dara’a. Rebels said that regime forces planted explosives and laid mines inside the masjid with the intention of demolishing it if it falls to rebels but the explosives went off as a result of the violent clashes nearby. The masjid collapsed on the heads of pro-regime forces, and videos posted on the internet show many of them buried under the rubble. Heavy fighting broke out in different neighborhoods of Dara’a, while rebels targeted the security complex in the city with rockets, with reports of regime losses. (Source: Syrian Coalition + Naba’ News Agency) 
Rising Discontent in Pro-Regime Town of Maysaf
The people of Masyaf town demonstrated against the Assad regime demanding to know the fate of their sons who are besieged in the Deir Ezzor airbase which is being attacked by rebel fighters. Families of the besieged soldiers fear a repletion of the Tabaka air base scenario, when ISIS militants overran the base and executed dozens of pro-regime soldiers. An eyewitness told Al Jazeera TV channel that security forces failed to disperse the demonstrators who spoke up stressing that their sons are not mere numbers or cannon fodder used only to defend Assad’s throne. (Source: Syrian Coalition)