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Direct Number Access Process for iVoIPs Begins Feb. 18 

JSI clients should prepare to start porting with iVoIPs this spring

The FCC will begin accepting applications from interconnected VoIP providers (iVoIPs) to obtain direct access to numbering on February 18, 2016. This is the first step iVoIPs must take in order to access numbers and port directly with other providers, including JSI clients.

The FCC application process will take 31 days, unless the Commission does not automatically approve the application. The iVoIP must then provide the required 30-days’ notice to states from which it intends to request numbering. Given this timeline, iVoIPs will not be accessing numbers or porting directly before April 19, 2016.

Once that date passes, JSI clients must vigilantly watch for changes in port activity such as new:
  • Operating company numbers (OCNs) on local service requests
  • NXXs/blocks in your service territory
  • Requests to provide your LNP business rules/trading partner profiles to clearinghouses (i.e. Neustar, Syniverse) or unrecognizable companies
Outside of proof of facilities readiness, the FCC did not state specific requirements as it relates to interconnection. Therefore, iVoIP connectivity and routing requirements will likely occur on an individual case basis.

iVoIP Application Process
The Numbering Authorization Application process appears fairly simple. The iVoIP will provide its contact information; pledge to comply with the numbering rules, including that it will file requests for numbers with the relevant state commission(s) at least 30 days before requesting numbers from the Numbering Administrators; provide proof that it can provide service within 60 days of the numbering resources activation date; certify compliance with contribution obligations and regulatory fees; and certify that it has the financial, managerial, and technical expertise to provide reliable service.

Parties will have 15 days to comment on these applications. On the 31st day after the FCC releases the “Accepted for Filing Public Notice,” the application will be deemed granted unless the FCC notifies the applicant otherwise.

Once the FCC grants the iVoIP’s application, the company can immediately provide the required 30-days’ notice to states.

JSI will monitor iVoIP applications filed with the FCC. If you have any questions about the iVoIP rules or process, the LNP Essentials bundle, or anything numbering/porting related, please contact Bridget Alexander in JSI’s Maryland office at 301-459-7590.


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Bridget Alexander


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March 1
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March 1
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March 1
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