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Issue 422
Wednesday 14 Oct 2015
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Energy Envoys volunteering scheme sheds light on how DofE ‘bright sparks’ could help save the planet
The National Energy Foundation recently launched its Energy Envoys volunteering opportunity to 300,000 young people as part of the world-famous Duke of Edinburgh’s Award (DofE). The scheme, which is supported and endorsed by the UK’s leading professional engineering institutions, is a major new environmental volunteering scheme for young people to help schools and communities use energy more wisely, save money and reduce carbon emissions. Young people across the UK who are working towards their Bronze, Silver or Gold DofE now have the opportunity to volunteer as Energy Envoys.
VACANCY - Households and Communities Project Officer - suitable for a graduate
We’re looking for an enthusiastic, self-motivated person who has excellent written and verbal communication skills, and is able to work with people in fuel poverty with empathy and in a caring and non-judgmental way. The post holder will assist homeowners and tenants who are in fuel poverty and who have long-term health conditions that might be affected by living in cold or damp homes. The position is most suitable for either a graduate with limited experience or someone without a degree but with relevant experience in an energy reduction or health context. Closing date: Tuesday 27 October.
NEF’s response to the Commons Energy & Climate Change Committee's inquiry into home energy efficiency
The deadline for responses was Monday 12 October. See the Foundation’s full response to the committee's investigation into what lessons can be learnt from previous energy efficiency schemes.
Energiesprong and net zero energy housing
Our Chief Executive, Kerry Mashford, looks at how the Dutch Energiesprong retrofit model can make net zero energy housing a reality in the UK, and the benefits it can bring to housing stocks.

Greenbuild Expo/Buildings & Energy Efficiency Event. Manchester. Tue 10 – Wed 11 Nov
The National Energy Foundation is actively involved over the two days of this show, which is dedicated to helping businesses meet their energy efficiency objectives. On the Tuesday, our Chief Executive, Kerry Mashford, will be at the awards dinner in her capacity as one of the judges. Also on the Tuesday, Luke Smith will be speaking on: ‘Integrating low-energy refurbishment in the social housing sector with day-to-day repairs and maintenance’. On the Wednesday, Kerry will give a presentation entitled: ‘Float your boat with operational energy use data’. Kerry will also be participating in the Performance Gap and Fuel Poverty debates later that day.
Hope to see you there!
EMEX. ExCel, London. Wed 11 – Thu 12 Nov
EMEX is for anyone wanting to reduce their organisation’s energy consumption and it connects energy users with leading experts, policy makers, suppliers and technical solutions. On the Wednesday, our Deputy Chief Executive, Ian Byrne, will present in the Energy Management Solutions Theatre between 2:30 and 3pm on: Making it add up: how energy managers can demonstrate savings from their actions.

National Measurement and Verification Conference (MAVCON). Bham. Thu 19 Nov
Our Deputy Chief Executive, Ian Byrne will be talking about new international standards for measuring and verifying energy savings.
Former NEF Chief Executive to head up CoControl
Tim Lunel, former Chief Executive of the National Energy Foundation, has joined CoControl and will lead the innovative heating control solution provider as Managing Director. Tim’s appointment is a key milestone in CoControl’s ambitions to deliver cost-effective heating management to the UK’s 4.1 million social homes, where 43% of residents live in fuel poverty
HNDU round 5
DECC announces the fifth round of Heat Networks Delivery funding for England and Wales, and issues application guidance for local authorities.
FiT presentation
The DECC presentation from the recent Feed-in Tariff Review Workshop on 5 October.
Former Energy Secretary slams FIT evidence
Greg Barker criticises as “pretty poor” the evidence base used by DECC for its proposals to cut Feed-in Tariff rates as of January 2016.
Bonfield terms of reference
The letter appointing Peter Bonfield as Chair and the terms of reference for the independent review of consumer advice, protection, standards and enforcement for energy efficiency and renewable energy.
Scottish renewable target five years early
Scotland breaks its 2020 target to get 500MW of renewable energy into community/local ownership five years early.
Tackling poor customer service
The Government announces new measures to investigate and tackle poor customer service from energy companies.
FiT cuts risk jobs
Research claims that up to 27,000 jobs could be at risk by the Government’s proposed 87% cut to domestic Feed-in-Tariff rates for solar energy.
Consumers warm to smart meters
As the number of smart gas and electricity meters reaches 2 million, new research finds that consumers are satisfied with their new meters (84% would recommend them to others) with a significant benefit being that they empower users to make informed choices about their energy use.
Inquiry into private sector energy efficiency
Politicians launch an inquiry into energy efficiency in the private rented housing sector. The group will consider the impact of recent policy developments on energy efficiency improvements in the private rented sector and make recommendations about what new policies could be developed to support the sector within the government’s overall ambitions for household energy efficiency and given its efforts to ensure value for taxpayers’ money. The closing date for submissions is Friday 23 October
£12 electricity rebate
The Government announces that all domestic electricity customers are to receive a £12 rebate against their bills this autumn.
Solar advice
After two PV installation companies go into administration, what consumers need to know when a UK solar firm goes bust.
Is your home about to get a lot smarter?
Controlling your use of energy will be an integral part of making your home a lot smarter in the future.
South London community solar share offer
A volunteer-run energy co-operative in south London launches its first community share offer to fund solar panels at four schools.
Peterborough solar rushes ahead
A scheme to provide free solar panels in Peterborough rolls out quickly in a bid to beat the Government's proposed cuts in Feed-in-Tariff rates.
Ipswich pulls back from solar
The council in Ipswich abandons a proposed plan to install solar panels on council houses in the face of the Government's proposed FiT cuts.
Energy from compressed air in caves?
A video explores a controversial project in Northern Ireland that uses compressed air in underwater caves to produce energy to run turbines.
Blue-green algae the green energy source of the future
Scientists are developing a green energy source of the future involving a novel micro-technology that can capture the electrical power generated by the photosynthesis and respiration of blue-green algae.
Making use of wireless energy that goes unused
A new radio wave energy technology is unveiled, which is capable of extracting energy from routers and broadcast signals including 4G mobile data, thereby making use of wasted wireless energy.
New fan motor cuts energy use by up to 80%
A US company claims to have developed a new fan motor that cuts energy consumption by up to 80% when fitted in refrigeration and HVAC systems.
Blackouts more likely
The risk of a blackout for consumers rises as the winter approaches and the electricity capacity margin reduces.
Conservatives get tough on renewables
At the Conservative Party Conference, Energy Secretary, Amber Rudd, gives her full backing for the cutting of subsidies for onshore wind and solar, insisting that "renewable energy can stand on its own two feet".
Solar industry hit –number 1
The repercussions of the Government’s change of policy begins to bite as the first of two solar panel installers goes into administration, costing around 1,000 jobs.
Solar industry hit – number 2
A second solar panel installer goes into administration in two days.
Making a compelling business case for energy efficiency
Tips on how to get your Chief Financial Officer and senior management to invest in energy efficiency and get their buy-in.
Record renewable heat in Scotland
The amount of renewable heat generated in Scotland grew by a record 36% in 2014, to bring capacity to over 1 gigawatt.
BIM performance potential
How BIM could hold the key to improving building performance through the creation, capture, analysis and sharing of information throughout the design, construction and operation stages.
Costly growth for OVO
A 2014 pre-tax loss of £37.3 million at OVO is put down to costs associated with the growth in its customer numbers.
European halogen ban
The European Commission upholds its decision to ban mains-voltage directional halogen bulbs as of September 2016.
Label allows energy green credentials
A new energy label gives businesses the ability to understand the green credentials (source and carbon footprint) of the electricity they've bought.
Waste to energy in Southwark
Facts and figures on how the London Borough of Southwark turns its 120,000 metric tonnes of waste per year into heat and electricity for 2,600 properties.
Latest solar schools
16 new schools crowdfund the cost of solar panels for their buildings, to cut both costs and carbon emissions.
UK’s largest community PV scheme
The largest community solar panel scheme in the UK is launched in Edinburgh, the aim of which is to put PV on 25 schools and community centres across the city.
First large-scale PassivHaus retrofit
Overcoming the challenges of 1960s construction to produce the UK’s first large-scale PassivHaus retrofit of 32 flats and six bungalows in Manchester.
North-east Scotland waste to energy
Plans for a £120 million waste to energy plant in Aberdeen have been approved. The plant will produce heat and power from 150,000 tonnes of rubbish per year.
Tube energy recovery success
A trial of an energy recovery system undertaken by London Underground proves successful and looks to have the potential to save 5% of its energy costs.
TV test results tested
In the wake of the VW emissions scandal, independent tests find that some TVs appear to use less energy during official test conditions than in real-world use.
Green commitment from Land Securities
Land Securities, the largest commercial property company in the UK, commits to procuring 100% of its electricity from renewable sources, and looks to reduce its grid dependency in the future.
Hydro for Bradford on Avon
Hydro power is to come to Bradford on Avon following the installation of a seven-ton turbine, which will eventually provide power to over 100 homes on a local estate.
Jobs across the UK
Various energy-related jobs across the country are available on the following websites. Take a look at:
UK Passivhaus Conference 2015. London. Tue 20 Oct
Includes presentations, seminars and the only passivhaus exhibition in the UK, with over 30 specialist exhibitors. The exhibition is open to the public featuring soap box talks from exhibitors, built demonstration models, videos and networking.
Opportunities in energy efficiency. Stoke-on-Trent. Wed 21 Oct
This joint SBEN and CoRE event is an interactive seminar on how to start assessing your energy-saving opportunities. It also includes case studies and a ‘market place’ of local providers of energy-saving solutions.
Low Energy Know How. Liverpool. Fri 13 Nov
This free Zero Carbon Hub event (in collaboration with Encraft and Liverpool College) provides delegates with the latest policy updates and practical support to deliver energy efficient new homes. The event also looks at commercially viable, practical examples that help deliver to current and future regulations. In addition, attendees will receive a copy of Zero Carbon Hub’s good practice Builders’ Book, which is an easy-to-read guide to improving site processes, reducing risk and constructing high-quality, healthy homes.
CoRE Retrofit Summit. Stoke-on-Trent. Thu 19 Nov
CoRE is hosting an exclusive event with BRE Chief Executive Peter Bonfield to support the review he is undertaking of the energy efficiency sector.
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