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Issue 444
Wednesday 17 Aug 2016
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NEF responds to Hinkley Point C review
The Foundation welcomes the Government’s decision to review its support for the Hinkley Point C nuclear power station development, and questions whether a single large power station will provide UK consumers with the most cost-effective way of meeting demand and reducing carbon emissions from the mid-2020s.

Bookings open for SuperHome Open Days in September
SuperHome Open Days this September promise to be extra exciting with at least six recently refurbished homes opening to the public for the first time. Around 50 pioneering households are preparing to open their doors across the UK. If you’re considering improving your own home, this is a golden opportunity to visit a similar property and get a real feel for the type of home energy improvements that you could make. When it comes to exploring your options ‘Seeing really is believing’.

NEF VACANCY – Building Energy Specialist
We are looking to strengthen our technical capability and build on our capacity to provide robust and innovative solutions that help to improve the use of energy in both non-domestic and domestic buildings. If you are enthusiastic and self-motivated with excellent written and verbal communication skills, and want to make a difference in the energy use and comfort of existing and new buildings, this role could be for you.
Although we are ideally looking for someone with knowledge and experience in a number of areas, we are prepared to appoint a recent graduate who shows potential; in which case we would adapt the role and responsibilities appropriately and provide training and professional development. Closing date: 5pm on Friday 30 September.

National Housing Federation Development, Asset Management and Maintenance Conference and Exhibition 2016. Birmingham. 21-22 September
On the first day of this NHF conference, our Principal Energy Specialist, Luke Smith, will be presenting as part of the 4:30pm session: Innovation in Asset Management. The aim of this conference is to help social housing providers accelerate housing delivery and manage their homes and services to ensure they meet the needs of their tenants and the housing regulator. The conference outlines how associations can develop and integrate new build and asset programmes to deliver great homes and strong and resilient communities. It also provides delegates with up-to-the-minute sessions on current asset management policy development and practical sessions about practice on the ground. It focuses on how asset management can help to deliver sustainable homes and communities, and how to maximise affordable housing delivery in an era of ‘Starter Homes’.
This is an annual event that has a strong audience of asset managers and development practitioners. It also has the added benefit of being part of the first Housing Week, which consists of four huge events:
  • Annual Conference and Exhibition.
  • Young Leaders’ Experience.
  • Health and Housing and Development.
  • Asset Management and Maintenance Conference.
NEF response to Energy Networks Association consultation on provision of radio teleswitching broadcasting
We believe that radio teleswitching broadcasting has proved to be a useful tool in helping protect some of the most vulnerable electricity customers, and in limiting heating costs at times of severe weather. As such, we believe that it should continue in operation until 2020, and we would prefer a socialised recovery of the cost across all network users.

Social housing energy efficiency retrofit – ‘state of the nation’ survey 2016
Against what is arguably a backdrop of the toughest market conditions in a decade for domestic energy efficiency, the ‘state of the nation’ survey - the largest study of retrofit activity in the UK - is seeking the social housing sector’s views on the opportunities, challenges and progress in energy efficiency retrofit. The survey is being undertaken by The National Energy Foundation in partnership with Capita, the University of Salford and Customer Plus. Please take the survey (which should take no more than 10 minutes) and enter a prize draw to a win an iPad mini.

Sustainable Cities: Assessing the Performance and Practice of Urban Environments. New book now available at 30% DISCOUNT
With more than half the global population now living in urban areas, one of the key issues confronting us today is how we make our growing cities sustainable. A new hardback book Sustainable Cities offers valuable insights for addressing this vital challenge. The first chapter (Energy Use in Buildings: Contributions and Considerations in Urban Systems) by our Chief Executive, Kerry Mashford, is reproduced in full on our website and the book is available to buy at a 30% discount using the promotional code CITIES30

Getting ready for HECA
Dale Hoyland, our Strategic Development & Affordable Warmth Manager, considers the next round of Home Energy Conservation Act (HECA) reporting, the deadline for which is 31 March 2017. He looks at how the National Energy Foundation can help councils report on their actions from their last reports, set out their energy-saving ambitions and targets, and outline the key actions and partnerships needed to deliver them.

The Retrofit Academy Retrofit Coordinator Diploma courses
The Retrofit Academy is the leading provider of training for businesses involved in the sustainable refurbishment of buildings, and provides Retrofit Coordinator Diploma courses on the following subjects in London, Manchester and Milton Keynes:
  • Assessing Dwellings for Retrofit.
  • Building Fabric and Solid Wall Insulation.
  • Building Services for Retrofit.
  • Introduction to Domestic Retrofit.
  • Retrofit Building Physics.
  • Retrofit Coordination and Risk Management.
  • The Business Case for Retrofit.
  • Ventilation and Air Tightness for Retrofit.
Back energy efficiency in favour of Hinkley
Consulting firm claims that installing energy efficiency could be £12 billion cheaper than the Government’s current policy of building the Hinkley Point C nuclear power plant.

Battery storage to make Hinkley redundant?
The rapid development of electricity battery storage technology might make the large, 20th century-style power stations unnecessary and the likes of Hinkley Point a white elephant.

ECO2 monitoring Q4 2015
An Ofgem report presents the results of independent monitoring of ECO2 measures covering suppliers’ Technical Monitoring, Score Monitoring and Best Practice Monitoring, between October and December 2015.

A hatchback of energy efficiency
We need a lorry-load of energy savings but in the new ECO, the Government delivers a hatchback.

New ECO needs to concentrate on fuel poverty
With only 35.6% of the last four year’s ECO money spent on installing measures to lift people out of fuel poverty, a new ECO is needed that ensures more money is spent in this area, with a particular focus on homes with solid wall homes.

ESOS compliance still falls short of target
The Environment Agency reports that hundreds of companies are still not ESOS-compliant, even after the second extended deadline.
Wrong gas meter readings refunds
UK energy firms are told to refund customers after they made mistakes reading old imperial gas meters.

Using information to tackle fuel poverty
The Government’s proposal to share information with non-public sector organisations for the sole purpose of providing assistance to citizens living in fuel poverty. See Chapter 1.2, Sections 30-34.

Smart meters proving popular and effective
Research for Smart Energy GB reveals that 79% of those people who already have a smart meter would recommend them, and 80% are taking at least one step to reduce their energy use.

What encourages consumers to install energy efficiency measures?
Age UK customer research findings on which incentives would encourage consumers to install energy efficiency measures (what would work best and what would not work well) with a view to establishing principles for the design of effective, long-term, sustainable drivers of consumer action.

Fuel bank for Scotland
Offering pre-payment meter vouchers for gas or electricity to those unable to pay their fuel bills, Scotland’s first fuel bank opens in Glasgow - as part of a nationwide roll-out.

A tenant’s energy rights
An Ofgem guide to a tenant's energy rights, including switching supplier, responsibility for paying the bills, default suppliers and landlord charges.
Energy-efficient balconies
How a thermally-efficient balcony retrofit has become a reality.

How’s the CIBSE CHP performing?
A year on, a look at how the micro CHP system installed at CIBSE’s headquarters is performing.

Oxford Brookes DSR trial ahead of national roll-out
Oxford Brookes University enters a 10-year contract to adopt Demand Side Response as part of its efforts to reduce energy costs, and with a view to roll out the technology across a number of universities and deliver 8MW of flexibility to the UK grid.

Major football club goes beyond ‘carbon positive’
After becoming ‘carbon positive’ in 2012, Newcastle United goes even greener and saves money with the installation of an energy-efficient CHP system at its St James' Park stadium.

Dundee Uni CHP expands
A video case study about the expansion of Dundee University's CHP plant, which involves a bespoke solution and off-site manufacture.

UK university goes for both bigger solar and CHP
The University of the West of England is to quadruple its solar generating capacity with what will be the largest single roof-mounted array in the higher education sector, as well as developing a Combined Heat and Power system.

Auctioneer benefits from energy lot
A north-east livestock auctioneer benefits from a predicted 236% return on investment over the next 20 years thanks to solar panels and a ground source heat pump system.

All creatures great and small benefit from GSHP
A Norfolk vet's practice benefits from reduced energy bills after installing a ground source heat pump.
New water treatment process to cut energy use
A newly-patented submerged aerated filtration configuration for the treatment of waste water can cut energy use by up to 40%.

Improving our use of the sun’s power
Researchers at a Danish university develop a tungsten-based technique to capture a broader solar wavelength, thereby utilising energy from sun more efficiently.

Why drones could be a game-changer for renewable energy and energy efficiency
Drones are starting to make an impact on renewable energy and energy efficiency. For example, using them on roof and turbine inspections could reduce the amount of time workers spend onsite, minimise the potential for measurement errors, and simplify the maintenance of existing systems.

Bricks that can generate electricity from human and household waste
A team of international researchers is working on a £2.7 million, three-year project to create building blocks that can generate electricity from human and household waste, with the aim of enabling homes to also be mini power and sewage treatment plants.
World’s largest wind farm receives planning go-ahead
The world’s largest offshore wind farm (Hornsea Project Two) receives development consent. When complete, it will deliver up to 1,800 megawatts of low-carbon electricity to around 1.8 million UK homes.

The UK’s next energy revolution - distributed and small-scale?
After a century with one dominant energy model (the centralised production and distribution of fossil fuel and nuclear-based power through the grid) the UK is heading for an energy revolution based on a more distributed and small-scale system.

Can National Grid hit its 2020 demand side response target?
In June last year, National Grid committed to procuring 30-50% of balancing services from Demand Side Response sources rather than power stations. Since then, it has embarked upon a major engagement push but can it achieve its target over the next four years?

Group of businesses target DSR
A group of major UK businesses come together to help modernise and relieve pressure on the UK’s electricity system. The aim of the LivingGrid is to meet as much as possible of the current peak electricity demand by Demand Side Response.

Open data provides £400m opportunity for UK heat networks
New analysis reveals that the UK energy market could save £400m and reduce emissions by 800,000 tonnes over the next decade by using open and transparent data to reveal energy generation, consumption and distribution inefficiencies.

Comfort not energy efficiency
Why the industry should be trying to sell consumers comfort rather than energy efficiency.

Increasing popularity of air-con to push up energy demand
With cooling currently accounting for around 10% of the UK’s total electricity consumption, the future increased use of air-conditioning will push demand up even further.

Joining forces to step up building energy efficiency worldwide
Under a new partnership between the World Green Building Council and the World Resources Institute-led Building Efficiency Accelerator, Green Building Councils join forces with leading cities around the world to dramatically ramp up energy efficiency within buildings.

Energy efficiency in Europe
A study by Deloitte aims to identify the main levers for public authorities, private companies and households which could help to better unleash the untapped technical and economic potential of energy efficiency in Europe.

Energy Efficiency in London
A report by the Association for the Conservation of Energy highlights the potential for improved energy performance and the benefits of energy efficiency in London’s buildings.

The remarkable LED lighting revolution
As the number of installations significantly increases and costs fall, the rapid adoption of LED lighting is proving to be one of fastest technology shifts in human history.

Resilient buildings, resilient people
Homes are more than simply shelter from the elements. Why designing resilient buildings is important for the health and well-being of the individual, and for encouraging resilient people.

Essential guide to energy management
An Energy Institute guide provides a starting point for anyone wanting to develop their understanding of energy management practice and improve their organisation’s energy efficiency performance. 

Benefits of commercial PV
The BRE National Solar Centre and the Renewable Energy Association issue an in-depth report detailing the benefits of commercial solar PV, especially- generating income and improving green credentials.

Getting your CFO on board with energy efficiency
A step-by-step and how and why guide to engaging your Chief Finance Officer in energy management.

CIBSE launches new guidance on heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration. The much-expanded new edition takes into account new technology, revised sections on noise and vibration control, and new legislation. 

The energy data challenge
Firms that embrace the energy data management challenge will reap benefits from sustainability and energy efficiency, and will be best placed in the long run to extract value from any emerging opportunities.

UK's cities need to embrace smart transition and renewable energy
A surge in urban expansion, economic growth and the integration of new technology will lead to UK cities embracing renewable energy sources as part of a transition to smart cities, in order to cope with growing energy demand.

Green gas for SMEs
Total launches a ‘100% green gas’ - produced from anaerobic digestion sources - for the SME sector.

Raid on energy company mis-selling
Trading Standards and the police raid an energy supplier in relation to allegations of mis-selling energy contracts to businesses.

EPC proves invaluable
The value of a detailed EPC assessment​ ​at a 1960s Cheltenham tower block is demonstrated through better energy performance.

Lettuce grow with LED lighting
A futuristic Japanese indoor vertical farm produces 12,000 heads of lettuce per day with LED lighting.

The world’s best buildings
Videos of what are probably 10 of the most energy-efficient, sustainable buildings in the world.

Greenest building in Ireland?
A new research centre built to Passivhaus standards in Northern Ireland could be one of greenest buildings in Ireland.

Passivhaus success on IoM
After a year of occupation, the first publicly-funded Passivhaus homes on the Isle of Man are found to use up to 58% less energy than the average UK household.

Five years in a Passive House - the occupants’ view
In April 2010, Geoff and Kate Tunstall moved into their pioneering house at Denby Dale. It was one of the UK’s first passive house projects. Five years on, how are the Tunstalls finding life in a passive house?

Passive House helps close the gap in social housing rents
In the face of affordable rents being higher than social rents, Hastoe housing association opts for a Passive House development in Norfolk in an effort to close the gap between the two.
Jobs across the UK
Various energy-related jobs across the country are available on the following websites. Take a look at:
STBA masterclass. Ventilation, energy efficiency and old buildings:  the risks and challenges? London. Tue 6 Sep      
Increasing airtightness, either by virtue or as part of a strategy, can significantly change the way moisture behaves in a building and, without due consideration, might be detrimental to the health of both the occupant and the building fabric. In these situations a planned ventilation strategy is essential. But what strategies are available, and what is appropriate for the age and type of building? What are the challenges?

Zero Carbon Buildings Annual Conference. Birmingham. Thu 8 – Fri 9 Sep
Zero carbon building projects are becoming less of an exception and more of a norm. This international conference and exhibition provides a forum for exchange of knowledge, and for establishing collaboration networks and partnerships in this rapidly developing field.

2016 National Energy Efficiency and Retrofit Awards. Birmingham. Fri 16 Sep
The aim of the awards is to provide public recognition for the excellent work undertaken in the energy efficiency sector, and to help encourage best practice in the energy industry as it works to improve the UK’s housing stock.

2016 Information Day on Horizon 2020 smart cities and communities. Brussels. Fri 23 Sep
This event is aimed at potential applicants to the Smart Cities & Communities topic of the 2016-2017 Horizon 2020 Work Programme ‘cross-cutting activities’ and, in particular, the 2017 call. Presentations will cover the call content and the application procedure.

Energy Management Summit. Stansted. Tue 4 Oct
This event is a platform for collaboration between those looking to reduce their energy costs and those providing the latest solutions and services in the sector. It consists of one-to-one business meetings, interactive seminars and valuable networking opportunities to help create lasting business relationships.
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