February, 2014
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Focused Glow

Sandy Wiener

We have just ordered lunch at Songbird Café.  Sandy Wiener begins a conversation with the young woman at the counter after she mentions that he resembles a favorite professor of hers at Spring Arbor University.  Sandy inquires further and they chat about religious music, her studies, her aspirations, her new recording.  Another woman behind the counter recognizes Sandy, and they begin talking, because on a previous visit, they had engaged in a stimulating conversation about permaculture, and they both want to maintain the connection.  Before I even sit down to begin the interview for this Focused Glow bio the themes are present here in these brief interactions:  Sandy is curious, engaging, enthusiastic, and fabulous at networking.   And those qualities are the formula, it seems, for an extraordinary life.
Sandy is retired now after a varied career as an entrepreneur, owning companies himself and with others, including opening the first wine bar in New York City. Previously, Sandy worked in non-profit organizations and government service and politics. He didn’t even mention his considerable accomplishments, graduating from Yale and Harvard Law School (though he never actually practiced law, he tells me), the many leadership roles he has held, and his business success.  I had heard all this about Sandy elsewhere. Sandy focuses not so much on the past, but on what intrigues him and that he can contribute to in the present.  He now has the time and energy to pursue his many interests.  He is the founder of the local chapter of the Institute of Noetic Sciences, is involved with the Society for Scientific Exploration, is excited by permaculture and the local biodynamic food movements, serves on the board of the Great Lakes Performing Artists Association and Chiwara Permaculture, and previously served on the board of Deep Spring Center and the Rudolf Steiner School.  He is aware that he may be accused of spreading his energy into many directions, and that depth may be handicapped.  But it works for him. 

“I go with what emotionally feels right.  Causes that speak to me and help others are what motivate and move me.”  He got involved in the Rudolf Steiner School after his children had a very disappointing experience with a teacher in public school and that led to finding alternatives.  And after finding the Rudolf Steiner School, Sandy and his wife Sarah became passionate about it; he continues to offer guidance and support, long after his children have launched.  Having psychic experiences in his 30’s fostered a deep interest in the noetic sciences, which led him to start a local chapter of the larger organization.  His interest in permaculture farming and biodynamic gardening led to an idea to bring together Barb Scholz and Nate Ayers in hosting a Crazy Wisdom salon on that topic on April 3. He is also working hard on bringing different forms of energy healing to the public consciousness.

Sandy’s introduction to New Myth Works came through a suggestion from Deb Austin that he meet with Mara Evans and Barry Lipscomb and he liked them and was impressed with what they were trying to do. Then he felt the same way when he got together with other persons involved in New Myth Works. 

Sandy is open to networking with conscious people doing interesting things and investigating possibilities.  And he so generously loves to connect the dots, to engage and bring likeminded people together, which is exactly in harmony with New Myth Work’s value of creating beloved community.

By Sandra Finkel


New Myth Works Updates

Digging for Treasure Workshop Rescheduled

The Divine U Workshop, Digging for Treasure with Mara Evans has been rescheduled for: 

Saturday, February 22, 1:00 - 4:30 pm

Crazy Wisdom Community Room

114 South Main Street

Ann Arbor, Michigan 48104 (between Washington & Huron)

Workshop Info & Registration
Frequency Workshop Rescheduled

The Divine U Workshop, Frequency with Leah Myers and Dawn Gorman has been rescheduled for: 

Saturday, March 22, 1:00 - 4:00 pm


3355 Hilton Estates Drive, Brighton, MI 48114

(Hilton Est on street sign)

Workshop Info & Registration
The New Myth Works Winter Potluck and Gathering

was held on Thursday, Feb 6. We enjoyed a lovely evening of conversation and food.  We talked a lot about transformation, as might be expected, but friends also got caught up with friends who hadn’t seen each other, in some cases, since Earth Birthday of 2012.  In other cases, new friends met for the first time. 
Our conversations wandered around some work experiences and recent local political happenings but most of the evening was taken up with a discussion of an esoteric modality for understanding our bodies, selves, and others.  This understanding was keyed to colors and vibrancies, and some around the table connected it with rays, chakra systems, and other similar systems.  It seemed also to provide knowledge about relationships and individuals that otherwise baffled people.  We spent time also talking about the recent trends in medicine towards holistic healing and integrative practices that led us towards hope for a more enlightened medical establishment.  A hope some of us saw bearing out in the younger generation of doctors, practitioners, and students in how they seem more open than their parents were to holistic healing arts.  In all, it was a great evening that brought together diverse interests and practitioners – and got us all thinking about the possibilities. And we can't understate, the food everyone brought was fabulous -- healthy flavorful, mmmmm!
The Spring gathering and potluck will be on May Day! 
Thursday May 1 at 6pm, so mark your calendars. 


Healing Sound Share

Thursday, February 20,  7-8:30pm. 
All are welcome to share and experience the healing and profound effects of sound.  No previous experience necessary, just curiosity and/or intention to help or heal. Come and experience this unique vibrational share as we explore singing bowls, tuning forks and other instruments of sound together.  All participants are able to share and receive a sound healing experience. Instruments provided. Offered by donation.
call us at 734-761-8753, or visit www.tranquilbeing.com
and www.facebook.com/tranquilbeing for more information
Sacred Sexuality
Weekend Workshop:
Creating your Blissful Life!

Dates: Feb 22-23, 2014

Welcome to the journey of Sacred Sexuality, a path of connecting with your power, exploring your creative life force energy for healing, connecting deeply with Self and others, manifesting your heart's desires and connection with Source.
In this 2-day weekend workshop, we will be learning and using foundational tools and techniques to create a safe container to listen to the messages of your own body, come into new relationship with Self, Earth and others and begin creating the reality you choose to live! Includes tools for creating and continuing a self practice at home, communication tools, discussion and awareness of physical/sexual and energy anatomy.

You do not need to bring a partner. Women, men, singles or couples of any sexual and gender identity are welcome and encouraged.  Wear loose, comfortable clothing to support breath, sound, movement and touch in a safe, nurturing environment while remaining fully clothed. Bring a pen and journal. No prior experience necessary.

Presented by Leslie Blackburn, MS
Location: Mystery School of the Temple Arts,Dearborn, MI
Cost: $250 per person

The class runs from 9:30am-5:30pm on Saturday, and 9:30am-4pm on Sunday, overnight accommodations not included, contact us if you'd like recommendations for nearby hotels.

Must pre-register by Feb 19th. Confirmation details will then be sent which include location instructions.


Upcoming Workshops & Teachings with Tahnahga Myers

Entering the Silence - Teachings from Grandmother Twylah Nitsch
February 22, 2014  12-4pm
Cost: $45.00 materials included

In this class we journey to understanding and experiencing the teaching of “Entering the Silence.”  We well be in meditation and ceremony to explore the depth of these teaching. Bring a healthy snack to share!
Our Womb our Mother
March 22, 2014 - 10am - 3pm
Cost: $65.00 materials included

This is class for women only!  We well take a journey to understanding our relationship to Mother Earth’s womb and the womb of our womanhood.  For both are not separate but one!  There well be ceremony for healing, singing, and art work. This is a potluck class please bring a healthy dish to share!

Medicine Wheel Teaching from my Elders
April 19, 2014 - 12-4pm
Cost: $45.00 materials included

Come and journey with the Medicine Wheel and the many teaching that can guide us in our path to stepping firmly on our path.  Bring a healthy snack to share!

To Register or for more information:
Please try to give Tahnahga one-week notice of your attendance.
Payment is cash is preferred.

tahnahga@gmail.com or call 734-730-9950.
All classes are held at 18187 N. Territorial Rd, Chelsea MI, 48118
Finding Life Balance Through Your Core Values

Sunday, February 23rd,  1:00 to 5:00pm -- $50
Location: 3355 Hilton Estates Dr, Brighton, MI  48114
co-led by Cal Loo of Intentional Legacies and Leah Myers of Self Works. 

The start of the new year is a perfect time to pause for reflection and make adjustments to keep your life in balance!  In this mini-retreat Cal and Leah will lead you through an assessment of your personal balance and alignment, and then give you information, perspectives, and tools to make sure you're spending your time and energy in alignment with your values and priorities - while keeping things in a healthy balance.  We do this all in an open, safe, respectful, and secular setting. 
More Info & Register
Conscious Uncoupling Part II: Letting Go and Moving Forward in Peace

Monday, February 24th, 6:00 to 8:30pm -- $50
Location: Ann Arbor Friends Meeting Room, 1420 Hill Street, Ann Arbor.
co-led by Cal Loo of Intentional Legacies and Tatianah Thunberg of Spirit Moves.
When the time comes to let go of an intimate relationship, doing so in a conscious and compassionate way can make it possible for both people to move forward in peace.  In this workshop Cal and Tatianah share insights and tools that enable individuals or couples to do just that - all in a very open, safe, respectful, and spiritual (but not religious) setting.
More Info & Register
Touch for Comfort Care

Sunday, March 2nd, 11 am -2pm.     An oncology massage partner workshop designed for caregivers and their loved ones with cancer taught by an oncology massage therapist.  Learn Massage techniques, contraindications and precautions so that you can give a safe and wonderful massage to assist with side effects of treatment and provide comfort for your loved one. This is a hands on class.  Pre-registration required. $35 (per pair).  Light refreshments included.
call us at 734-761-8753, or visit www.tranquilbeing.com
and www.facebook.com/tranquilbeing for more information
Gifts of the Spirit - 3-part Class
With Karen Greenberg

Learn to create a safe, sacred space for meditation, to reach your sanctuary, and to connect with your Higher Self (part of your spirit which is connected to you in your heart chakra). Learn exercises to enhance your psychic clairvoyance, clairaudience, and clairsentience.
Sunday, March  2, NOON – 9:30 p.m., $133, Part I
Sunday, March  9, NOON – 9:30 p.m., $133, Part II
Sunday, March 16, NOON – 9:30 p.m. $133, Part III

Contact Karen for more information or registration
(734) 417-9511 or krngrnbg@gmail.com
Classes held in Ann Arbor

Wish List

Tahnahga and Marijo encourage us to help save the bees!

Home Depot and Lowe’s are still selling “bee-friendly” plants -- laced with the poison that is killing bees around the world! This Valentines, it’s time they showed the bees some love -- and pulled these products from their shelves.

Can you take two minutes to call Home Depot at 1-800-466-3337 and Lowe’s at 1-800-445-6937, and tell them to stop selling bee-killing pesticides and garden plants laced with these pesticides?

Things do not look good for the bees. After 37 million bees turned up dead on a single Canadian farm last year, early indications are that this winter’s bee die-off could be one of the worst to date. Scientists have shown that one of the key culprits behind the deaths are pesticides known as “neonics” -- and Europe has already imposed a temporary ban in response.

But Home Depot and Lowe’s are refusing to pull the bee killers from their shelves. That’s why this week, tens of thousands of people coast-to-coast are calling them to demand they act and “show the bees some love.”

A Home for New Myth Works

We are looking for leads for a temporary or permanent home for a store front and education center in the Ypsilanti area.  This would be the base for New Myth Works activities and a host for others’ activities that are in  alignment with New Myth Works' vision and mission.  Ideally, this home should provide for gathering/community space, practitioner space, meeting/event space, studio space, lodging, meals, gardens, and natural areas.

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