May, 2014
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Focused Glow


Gloria Zimet

“I have always been fascinated by the human body,” Gloria Zimet tells me.  There are signposts foretelling Gloria’s interest in holistic healing from an early age.  Initially, though, with only conventional options in the health field available, Gloria got a degree in medical technology and worked in hospital labs in the U.S. and Israel.

When her son developed asthma at 3 ½ Gloria’s frustration with the limitations of the medical system led her to explore other healing modalities.  
After a series of synchronicities, she discovered a reflexology  practitioner right in her neighborhood.  Reflexology, she learned, involves applying pressure to reflex points on the feet that correspond to all the organs of the body.  Her son responded well to the sessions, and began having less frequent attacks and needing less medication.  She was so impressed that she decided to study reflexology herself.   Gloria practiced in Israel and when her family moved to Ann Arbor in 1993, began practicing here and slowly established a following. 

Then something shifted.  “What started to emerge was I began to feel energy as I was practicing.  An energy worker told me that I was naturally channeling Reiki.”  This prompted her to study Reiki.   For a while she kept the practices separate, but eventually the two techniques blended.  Gloria noticed when she touched the feet lightly, she could feel subtle energy release bringing immediate positive results in her client’s health.  Her work became more powerful and effective.  She further developed this subtle energetic approach, naming the technique Reflexolo-chiâ„¢.  At the request of interested clients in 1998 she developed a Reflexolo-chiâ„¢ training program.

As her clients opened up about themselves during the sessions, Gloria notice a correspondence between the part of the client’s body, represented by the reflex zone on the feet where there was tension, and Louise Hay’s associations to particular limiting beliefs that were being expressed.    Through another series of synchronicities, Gloria learned about Psych-K, a method of identifying and changing limiting beliefs, and got further training.  Now she had another tool she could use with clients, and could integrate mind and body.  At first, Gloria kept these healing approaches separate.  Eventually, the Psych-K work began to blend and integrate with the Reflexolo-chiâ„¢ work, with great results. 

This has been the pattern of Gloria’s own process as a healer.  First, she’d study a particular healing modality, practicing as taught, but through her experiences with clients and her own curiosity, she’d allow a hybrid or completely new form to emerge that she finds to be much more effective.  So, it is no surprise that her work with Psych-K belief statements further morphed as she experimented with a colleague, Greg Knollmeyer.  The energy connection between beliefs and organ systems they were observing gave rise to a set of subconscious belief attunement statements that they developed.  These are  integrated into the Reflexolo-chiâ„¢ session as issues and obvious connections between the mind and body are revealed. 

Gloria first got involved with New Myth Works at the Earth Birthday celebration in December, 2012.  She participated in storytelling on the theme of synchronicity.  She also attended Mara Evan’s Divine U workshop, Digging for Treasure.  She really appreciates New Myth Works inclusive community building that supports people sharing their gifts and talents with each other.

Gloria has three sons, a healing ally dog, Merlin, gardens and creates art in stained glass and other mediums when she’s not innovating new approaches to healing.

By Sandra Finkel

New Myth Works Updates

Sophia Unfolds 2014 Retreat

Beloved Body

Friday August 8th at 6pm
through Sunday Aug 10th 5pm

Windrise Retreat Center.

More information at Sophia Unfolds

Space is limited - Register Early!

We had great food and great fun at the
New Myth Works Spring Potluck and Gathering!

Baby Brennan provided entertainment and taught us all a new Cookie Dance!

The summer potluck and gathering will be in August. 

Next, time, someone remember to get pics!!


Upcoming Workshops & Teachings with Tahnahga Myers

Medicine Wheel Teaching from my Elders
May 17, 2014 - 10am - 1pm
Cost: $35.00 materials included

Come and journey with the Medicine Wheel and the many teaching that can guide us in our path to stepping firmly on our path.  We will explore the teachings of the 7 directions. Each direction holds truth for our daily life, our relationship to the web of life, one’s relationship to one another and how to walk in a balanced way in today’s world. 
Plant and Animal Medicine
May 17, 2014 - 1:30 - 5:30pm
Cost: $45.00 materials included

In this class, we will be learning about the basic principles of animal medicines and plant medicines. Many of the plants resemble or are specially used by different animals. Stories will be shared to transmit important lessons.
If you sign up for both workshops, cost is $75
Both workshop held at the Spring Lake Retreat Center north of Chelsea.
18187 N. Territorial Rd., Chelsea, MI 48118

To Register or for more information:
Payment in is cash is preferred. or call 734-730-9950.


Realization Process Practice Sessions

Ongoing Tuesday evenings 6-7:30pm
Drop-in, no ongoing commitment, by Donation
1616 Gregory St., Ypsilanti, MI 48197

Come practice Realization Process as developed by Judith Blackstone, in a small community of support. Exercises are led by Mara Evans, who is certified to teach both Embodiment and the Subtle Self Work aspects of Realization Process. For more information on this method go to Realization Center website. If you are interested, contact Mara for more details and to be put on the email list for any schedule changes. or call 734 255 0852 (email is best). 

Upcoming Classes with Karen Greenberg
(734) 417-9511

To register, send checks at least one week prior to class:
Karen Greenberg
P.O. Box 2661
Ann Arbor, MI 48106-2661 

Classes held at: 1589 King George Blvd, Ann Arbor, 48104.

Adept Initiation
Saturday, May 31, NOON – 9:30 p.m.
$495 cost for teachings, Initiation and Channeled message are free.  

Receive an Adept Initiation (into the Brotherhood / Sisterhood of Light) of empowerment, protection, and physical and spiritual support, to perform your particular portion of the Great Work, as well as, to work with people of all different philosophies, religions, races, genders, and ages, in unity, to create the world that we are all proud for our children and grandchildren to inherit.

Sacred Divine Geometry & Astral Travel
Sunday, June 1, NOON – 9:00 p.m., $166
Sacred Divine Geometry: Emblazon sacred geometries into your being. These then construct the vehicle that enables us to astral travel safely and successfully. Learn how to utilize holy geometries to make a room, building, or ground sacred, to clear space of negative energies and entities, and to actually create a Temple or sanctuary.

Astral Travel: Learn to astral travel safely to the fourth spiritual dimension, where one can learn from a spiritual teacher, something one is normally only entitled to learn after death. Learn to travel to the seventh spiritual dimension, where there is no verbal communication, only a “knowing” -- you may leave there “knowing” something significant. From our Sacred Divine Geometry, we possess keys to astral travel to and enter the gates of heaven, where we may receive very helpful messages.

Alchemy & Meditation
Sunday, June 8, 8:00 a.m – 3:00 p.m., $166
Alchemy: In metaphysical terms, alchemy means heightening your vibration, shifting from a lower to a higher vibration. Explore the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual components that constitute heightening your vibration. Learn ways to overcome your resistance to employing these. The Goal: to create and sustain as high a vibration as possible, as much of the time as possible!

Meditation: Learn guided meditations through the Tree of Life. Learn to meditate with movement, with different breathing styles, and with focus on a mantra or a particular quality. Learn how to create a sacred space, journey to your sanctuary during meditation and receive answers to important questions from your Higher Self. By discovering meditations that resonate with you, years of resistance to meditation can be overcome. Meditation greatly enhances spiritual connection, and is an essential component to spiritual evolution.

Journey to Wholeness Retreat:

Balancing the Masculine and Feminine in Times of Change

Friday, May 30 - Sunday, June 1
5pm Friday through 2pm Sunday

Song of the Morning Yoga Retreat
9607 East Sturgeon Valley Rd., Vanderbilt, MI 49795

At this unprecedented time in our social and spiritual evolution, join Tatianah Thunberg, David M. Hall and a soulful group of brothers and sisters on a transformational journey into one of the great challenges of contemporary life: co-creating sanctuary through honoring the masculine and feminine within ourselves, others, our planet and the Divine. 

Journey to Wholeness is founded in the wisdom teachings of yoga, psychology and mythology. Drawing upon the mythic archetypes, through experiential practice within loving community, we will witness and support one another as we break through obstacles to unveil a higher expression of our path and purpose as allies in the new millennium. Return to your life with a renewed commitment to collaborate and serve in this intimate inner and outer dance of wholeness. 

Open to singles and couples, space is limited to 16 people.

Registration and More Info

More from Tatianah......
Weekly Hatha Yoga Classes:  

Kripalu every Monday from 5:15 - 6:30 pm at Studio of Movement Arts (SOMA) 

Monthly Playshops:

Tuesday, June 3:  Metta Meditation with David M. Hall at Sunward Common House from 6:30 - 8:30 pm

Saturday, June 7:  Drum 4 Wellness Drum & Dance Jam with Don Allen at Interfaith Center from 7:30 - 9:30 pm

​Tuesday, June 10:  Partner, Acro & Thai Yoga Massage with Connor Otto at Island Lake Park from 6:30 - 8:30 pm

Tuesday, ​June 17:  A Touch of Thai Massage with Kelly Kempter at the Lotus Center from 6:30 - 8:30 pm


Retreats at Song of the Morning Yoga Ranch:

May 30 - June 1:  Journey To Wholeness with Tatianah Thunberg and David M. Hall

July 11 - 13:  Partner Yoga & Thai Massage with Tatianah Thunberg and Kelly Kempter


Shout Out!

Special shout out to Mara Evans and Callan Loo for jumping right in, no questions asked, and helping out a dear friend in need after she'd been robbed.  Ever grateful for your caring love and generosity.  I am proud to be part of such a community.


Wish List

A Home for New Myth Works

We are looking for leads for a temporary or permanent home for a store front and education center in the Ypsilanti / Ann Arbor area.  This would be the base for New Myth Works activities and a host for others’ activities that are in  alignment with New Myth Works' vision and mission.  Ideally, this home should provide for gathering/community space, practitioner space, meeting/event space, studio space, lodging, meals, gardens, and natural areas.

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