September, 2013
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Firelight is 1 year old!  
A big thank you to all our readers, contributors and publishers
for making this possible.

Here's to many more!

Focused Glow

Andrea Evans

   From the beginning, Andrea has felt called to support  New Myth Works, and Mara in this endeavor, but is also guided to participate to learn more about starting a business and get relevant experience.  “And I get to hang out with cool people and do cool things that my day job doesn’t let me do.”

   Andrea serves as part of the steward circle, and is actively involved with the website, much of the social media set up, Sofia Unfolds activities and helps coordinate and plan events.  She took the lead on food provisioning for last year’s Earth Birthday event with wonderful results.  Her fondest wish for what New Myth Works could grow to be is a self-sustaining organization that allows people the space to birth and grow ideas in a way that nurtures them as well as us.

     She studied International Relations with a Middle East geographic focus and a minor in Gender Studies at Richmond the American International University in London, in the UK. “I really disliked the International Relations part, because it was really looking at old paradigm theories and ways of governing and trying to apply them to new problems.”  She felt they would try to tackle huge issues, like poverty or the environment, but in a way that felt desperate and hopeless, and without a fresh or creative approach to problem solving.  “I know a lot about what doesn’t work in the world.”  She particularly liked Gender Studies because she had the chance to examine gender roles in different cultures and was fascinated by how those roles impact the way we think and feel and our worldview.  All of her International Relations papers took a gendered perspective.  She’s been thinking about going back for her Masters but hasn’t decided in what area yet.

   Her interest in gender and culture drew her to a conference on Women and Power that she and Mara attended in 2010 at Omega Institute in Rhinebeck NY.   This was an immensely inspiring experience.  “I came back and Mara and I decided to do a retreat to bring what I learned, back to our community.”  And thus Sophia Unfolds was born.

   Andrea currently works as a project manager at a website design and development firm.   She is currently looking for a new gig and leads are welcome.   In her spare time she likes to explore Ann Arbor, cross stich, loves food and cooking, and doing nerdy things, like watching Star Trek.

New Myth Works Updates

Divine U Workshop Series

Feeling called to your highest self? This workshop series was created to provide tools, exercises, resources and information to assist individuals in their personal internal journeys to the center of their divine source. Guides from many diverse backgrounds and walks of life have come together to offer their most profound lessons and tools for this divine internal journey. We are happy to launch the first five Divine U workshops with the promise of more to come. 
Sep 15, 1-5 PM ($50): "Digging for Treasure: Excavating the Gold Within" with Mara Evans - Ann Arbor, MI
Oct 26, 1-4 PM ($40): "Superpowers: The Life Compass You Never Knew You Were Missing" with Lisa Dugdale - Brighton, MI
Nov 17, 1-4 PM ($40): "Cleaning House: Practices for Clearing Limiting Beliefs" with Sandra Finkel - Brighton, MI 
Dec 14, 1-4 PM ($40): "Frequency: The Power of Personal Vibration" with Leah Myers and Dawn Gorman - Brighton, MI
We have 4 more workshops lined up through December. Choose which workshops you would like to attend on the registration page. Registration will remain open throughout the series and you may choose additional workshops at any time. All workshops, unless otherwise indicated will be held in Brighton, MI.
Workshops will be limited to a  maximum of 12 participants to enhance intimacy and interactivity. Our goal is to provide profound, transformational, healing experiences for all who are involved.
Classes are offered for a suggested investment amount based on class length, facilitator and materials. We use a pay what you can model; no one will be excluded based on finances. Funds will be shared between workshop facilitators, Self Works and New Myth Works so that all may continue to provide communal healing, learning, growing, and sharing experiences.
For more information visit 
Register Here

Next Month's Divine U Workshop

OCTOBER 26th, Saturday 1-4

Super Powers: 
The Life Compass you Never Knew You Had

Learn about what superpowers are and why knowing yours will help you steer your life in the right direction. Superpowers are word talismans: a few words that bring you home to the essence of who you are and what you give to the world.  Facilitator Lisa Dugdale will give an overview of superpowers and guide participants through interactive exercises that will help them begin to identify their superpower.
Suggested investment  $40

Register Here

Last Month's Workshop with Sura

"The exercise in healing allowed everyone to experience themselves as divine healers and in the process we discovered that through providing healing for others we are also healed."

On Sunday August 25th we gathered for our first Divine U Workshop titled A New Way to Pray: Redefining Prayer in the New Earth. Guided by Change-Maker, Healing Artist and Speaker Sura of the Sura Center. Sura guided us through several healing meditations, and a healing exercise. She also shared her insights on prayer in the new earth and the importance of focusing intent. She also explained the healing aspect of prayer and taught the group how to ground in source energy and perform healing for each other. More on Self Works blog...


September's Entre-SLAM

Entre-SLAM is a storytelling competition for entrepreneurs featuring true stories, exceptional food and signature drinks. This month's theme: Never Again!  Co-hosted by Zingerman's and Great Lakes Entrepreneur Quest (GLEQ). Half-time entertainment by Stage Fright, Entre-SLAM's first "Entre-BAND."  Thursday, September 19th at Bleu Detroit on Woodward in downtown Detroit near Comerica Park.  Doors open at 7:00 pm. Registration: $15.

Register at: For an additional $10, ride to Detroit in style on the Entre-BUS, an executive, luxury coach courtesy of Golden Limousine. Optional pre-ordered dinners from Zingerman's Roadhouse upon registration.

Active Hope: How to face the mess we're in without going crazy

What: A facilitated discussion group that will include Ritual & Group Exercises from the extensive work of Dr. Joanna Macy and Dr. Chris Johnstone

When: Six Thursday Evenings 7-9 PM
September 26th,
October 10th, 24th,
November 7th, 21st
December 5th

Where: Friends Meetinghouse of Ann Arbor
1420 Hill St., Ann Arbor 48104 (fireplace room)

Register: Contact Claire: 248-613-8803 or

Space is limited to 14 people.

Donations of $10-$20/class help pay expenses and support this offering.
New Workshop in the Cooker!

Entelechy Encounters: Co-creating with Divine Templates

With Mara Evans

Saturday, Oct 12, 2-4pm

An entelechy (from the Greek) is a fully realized potentiality of something. The most common example used is that of a fully grown oak tree being the entelechy of an acorn. It is also referred to as a vital force that will direct something, namely an organism, toward fulfillment of its potential.  Jean Houston, whose work inspired this workshop calls entelechy “the fullest realized essence of a thing.”

In this workshop we will move through exercises that allow us to encounter, experience, communicate with, and create with our own entelechies. We will also work with the entelechy of other things that touch our lives that hold potential.

This workshop is in development and this will be the first (beta) run. Love donations and workshop feedback will be happily accepted. This experience will be held in the Chelsea / Waterloo area. Contact Marijo Grogan for more details.

Inner Sky - Saturday Satsang - October 5

11 am–12:30 pm

Interfaith Center for Spiritual Growth
704 Airport Boulevard, Ann Arbor MI 48108

Satsang is a space for exploring and realizing our true nature, for coming home to ourselves. It is a meeting in support of Awakening. These gatherings include guided meditation, sharing of dharma, spiritual storytelling, and time for inquiry.

Aura Glaser, Ph.D. is a dharma teacher and clinical psychologist who integrates spiritual, psychological, and embodiment work. She is a co-founder of Jewel Heart, an international Tibetan Buddhist organization, and the creator and original owner of Crazy Wisdom Bookstore.

Inner Sky is dedicated to the spiritual unfoldment and natural wakefulness of the unique individual, and to unveiling inner wisdom and love in the midst of everyday experience.

For more information go to or, or send an email to

These events are open to all and offered without a fee. Participants are encouraged, however, to offer a teacher donation.

All Inner Sky events are fragrance free.

Nurturing Touch Couples Class:
Supporting New Ways to Listen, Connect & Sense Your Partner

Oct 10 - 31, 4 Sessions 
Thursdays, 6:00 - 7:30 PM

Integrative Work For Couples - During these spatial and interactive sessions, couples will explore healing touch and playful exercises that will offer access to a more open and authentic physical and mental communication style. Couples must be adults and in a committed relationship.
  • Nurturing Touch
  • Connecting Touch
  • Healthy Boundary Setting
Wasentha Young has been a practitioner of tai chi, chi kung, and different styles of meditation since 1968.  A Master's degree in Transpersonal Studies, she uses her profound understanding of diverse approaches to help individuals move into a place of strength, harmony, and well-being.

Tuition: $250 per couple
To Register Call: 734.741.0695
Class size is limited to 6 couples. Orientation friendly couples only.
Register by Sept. 10 and receive a $25 discount.

1945 Pauline Blvd., Suite B
Ann Arbor, MI 48103

Please note: This is a nurturing, non-sexual class. It is not a therapy session but can support therapy-based work.

Wish List

A Home for New Myth Works

We are looking for leads for a temporary or permanent home for a store front and education center in the Ypsilanti area.  This would be the base for New Myth Works activities and a host for others’ activities that are in  alignment with New Myth Works' vision and mission.  Ideally, this home should provide for gathering/community space, practitioner space, meeting/event space, studio space, lodging, meals, gardens, and natural areas.

Seeking Color Consultant

Laura MacKimmie is looking for a “conscious consultation to consider color selections for walls and floor for a basement remodeling project.”
Please contact her directly at:

Seeking Spanish Tutor

Tahnahga Yako is looking for a Spanish teacher for individual lessons (beginner level).
Please contact her directly at:

Film Screening Space

Sophia Unfolds is looking for the ideal and comfortable space to hold screenings and discussions. If you have any ideas or suggestions please email

Support and Healing for:
Sarah Richardson-Burns

The New Myth Works community is asked to support Sarah Richardson-Burns (sister of Georgia Richardson Melody) who has incurable and inoperable metastatic colon cancer.  Georgia asks if anyone can help them towards alternatives to UofM Oncology.  “We want to connect Sarah with doctors or healers familiar with cancer, and more specifically with metastatic colon/liver cancer.  If you are willing, please go to this website and offer your love or resources.  You can send food or make a much needed and appreciated donation: 
"Please spread the word, any help will make all the difference. We are willing to fly, to go to other countries, to do crazy things, so don't hold back, if you know of a story, or of something off the typical path, we may go down it.  I know it’s crazy, but it’s true: when you think somebody should do something, remember you are that somebody.  Your thoughts, your prayers and your resources will make a difference."
If you have any information, advice, or prayers for Sarah, please contact Georgia directly at

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