June, 2014
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Focused Glow

Spotlight on members of the New Myth Works community

Deborah Austin

“The dirt has been the raw material for the light in my work,” explains Deb Austin.  The main focus in my therapy practice, and the lectures and workshops I’m privileged to present, is embodiment.  Or as Marion Woodman says, the awakening of the light in matter, which is the essence of the Divine Feminine.  But for the first 28 years of her life, due to childhood trauma, Deb says she was completely dissociated from her body, which became the whipping post for the emotional and physical traumas it held. 

 â€œShame about how my body looked, ruled my life.”  The tools and resources that Deb encountered in her personal search for healing and integration are the foundation of her work with others.

“The body isn’t a beast you starve and exercise to look a certain way,” Deb explains.  But our culture and the media in particular perpetuate that view.  Teenage girls today see over 600 images a day that have been photo-shopped to meet impossible standards of perfection, and she works with the consequences of that in her counseling practice. Dissatisfaction with one’s body is now “normative,” with more people than not reporting they are unhappy with their appearance. But healing our relationship to our physical bodies is vital. Without that connection, we are barred from our own authentic truth. “You can’t ensoul a body you hate.” 

Back in 1985, Deb started out as a psychic.  She soon discovered what was rewarding wasn’t forecasting what was likely to happen, but insight into why they feel what they feel and do what they do, the often unconscious motivation that inspires choices.  This led her on a journey of discovery, studying Holotropic Breathwork, Carl Jung, Native American traditions, Reiki, craniosacral and other esoteric healing techniques.  “This led me back to my own heart and my own body.”

Deb describes her work with clients as somatic psychology, which involves attuning to the emotional energy in the body, grounding in what clients feel, gaining insight and understanding as to why they feel it, and working to clear blockages and fears.  She incorporates her training in transpersonal psychology with her intuitive gifts, astrology and bodywork.  She has led women’s groups for 25 years on different themes, but tied to the healing of the wounded feminine, allowing vulnerability, and teaching the power of love.  The new feminine includes the masculine.  It is love in action.

Deb’s connection to Mara Evans led to her facilitating a workshop at the first Sophia Unfolds retreat four years ago.  She will offer her third Sophia Unfolds workshop this August, with the retreat theme Beloved Body a perfect match for Deb’s expertise and passion. Bringing groups of women together for growth and transformation is essential.  “You can’t heal in isolation, you need support.  Mara and Andrea set the tone, creating a safe container and a rich context for deep experience.”  Deb resonates with New Myth Works’ openness to divine inspiration to co-create, very different from a rigid patriarchal push, and finds it exciting with limitless possibilities.

When she is not working or learning, Deb loves to be in nature and work with the earth, appreciating the beauty of the earth.  That and laughter.  “If we’re not laughing, we’re not living.”

Deb's contact info: (248) 486-3066  e-mail: karmacazzi@gmail.com

By Sandra Finkel

New Myth Works Updates

Updates on New Myth Works, Our Programs and Sponsored Events

Sophia Unfolds 2014 Retreat

Beloved Body

Friday August 8th at 6pm
through Sunday Aug 10th 5pm

Windrise Retreat Center.

More information at Sophia Unfolds

Space is limited (only 7 left!) - Register Early!


 Workshop Line-up for the Retreat

Instincts and Issues: The body as living library
with Deb Austin

Embodiment matters. The degree to which we inhabit our body temple determines not only our capacity for authenticity and self-awareness, but our capacity for joy. And what of spiritual connection? Accounts left by a number of Christian mystics speak of spontaneous physical orgasm during their peak experiences of union with the Divine. The body was certainly invited to those parties.

What issues within our psyches constrict the channels of communion, that opening to Divine Love that affords us the wisdom of our own truest heart, as well as alignment with the realm of Light? We'll discuss the barriers to embodiment and employ practices and meditative exercises that will invite us into our own living library.
The Great Big V: Uncovering our unique experience of gender and sexuality
with Miriam Dowd

How do you experience and/or perform your femininity through your self-image and body-language? How much does your gender shape your identity? How do you experience and define your sexuality? We’ll explore these questions and more in this mini-workshop and guided Ecstatic Dance Practice.

The intention of this session is to discover the unique way we identify, by looking through the lens of our physical body and social body. We’ll look at the difference between the two, how they shape us, and how we shape them.Through improv, vocalization, meditation, writing, dialog, and a little bit of structured Play, we will access a multi-layered view of The Great Big V
Your Body: Advocate of Your Soul
with Peggy Bennett

In our society there is a deep yearning to return to the essential self, the inborn and innate spiritual nature of each of us.  The Advocate of the Soul is an antidote for this loss in that it acknowledges, nurtures, and creates accommodation for soul. One expression of this advocate is the body. The body is the place where the secret world of the soul comes to expression.  So it’s a very sacred threshold.

When we as communities of women in the world today truly honor our bodies as sacred thresholds where the secret world of our souls comes to expression, all the trappings of our Western materialist culture are seen for what they truly are. These trappings that denigrate not only our female bodies, but sacredness itself, become seen as distractions that rob us of deep connection with our soul’s desire.  Join with your bodysoulmates in honoring Your Body: Advocate of Your Soul through music, movement, drawing, and deep listening.

Into the Belly of Love: The return of the Divine Feminine power 
with Leah Myers

A woman’s belly or womb is the center of her power. It is the sacred container of life itself and holds limitless creativity, intuition, wisdom and miraculous abundance and power. However, many women today are dissatisfied and even disgusted with this part of their body.

In this session, we will look at the relationship of women to their power centers through Her-story and share our stories in circle. Together, we will learn to identify damaging internal programming, or “viruses”, that block many women from a fuller experience of this sacred space. We will explore tools for removing the destructive programming and discover ways to reprogram healthy ones. We will also begin the process of healing the wounds of separation, with a healing exercise. The session will end with a celebration to recognize our personal and collective home coming to the fullness of divine feminine power on earth.

Retreat Registration

Help Sophia Unfolds Empower Women!

Sophia Unfolds is a community based organization.  That means we rely on fundraising and our own personal resources for funds.  This year we will be hosting our 4th annual retreat and as we did in previous years we have invited a number of facilitators to help us co-create a beautiful experience.

It is important to us that the facilitators are also part of the retreat experience as participants.  We find that this makes it easier for women to connect but also to helps women to realize their own inner wisdom.  In exchange for their services Sophia Unfolds pays for the cost of the retreat for the facilitators.

We would like to continue to offer retreats in this way - we find that it is an effective model to impart wisdom, encourage connection and enhance the overall experience of the retreat.  This is why we are calling for sponsors.

Any donated funds will go toward the room and board of the facilitators.  Any additional funds will go toward the Sophia Unfolds Scholarship fund.  There are 3 levels of donations, all with perks for you too!


For more information or to sponsor, click on button below.

Sponsor a Retreat Facilitator

New Myth Works is now a multi-member LLC!! 

Sandra Finkel, Leah Myers and Andrea Evans have joined founder Mara Evans to create a firm base for our Beloved Community.

Read more about it in next month's Firelight.


Classes, Events, Workshops, etc... of our Beloved Community
See bottom of newsletter for submission information

Upcoming Classes with Karen Greenberg
(734) 417-9511

To register, send checks at least one week prior to class:
Karen Greenberg
P.O. Box 2661
Ann Arbor, MI 48106-2661 

Classes held at: 1589 King George Blvd, Ann Arbor, 48104.

Energetic Hygiene
Sunday, June 22, NOON – 5:00 p.m., $99

Learn clearing and sanctification of a room, home, building, land, and person. Learn cord cutting, banishing, making holy water, holy oil, and protection herbal essence, and about lower and higher energy beings and how to deal with them.

Creating Your Ideal Mate
Sunday, June 22, 5:00 p.m – 10:00 p.m., $125

 In this class, identify and clarify your ideal mate's desired characteristics and add to your description, via the richness of the group's input. Learn how to utilize the seven day double candle ceremony and learn specific meditation techniques to facilitate the mate process. Participate in group "chanting" and "creative movement" to enhance the mate process. You will work on both individual and group issues to learn specifically how to become the mate you desire - "as within, so without."

Gifts of the Spirit
3 Sundays, July 13th, 20th, and 27th, NOON – 9:30 p.m., $395

 Learn to create a safe, sacred space for meditation, to reach your sanctuary, and to connect with your Higher Self (part of your spirit which is connected to you in your heart chakra). Learn exercises to enhance your psychic clairvoyance, clairaudience, and clairsentience. Experience guided meditations 1] on a Shamanic journey into the earth where you meet Mother Gaia, 2] to meet water devas over your favorite body of water, 3] to connect with air and fire elementals, to experience how oneness feels so you can recreate oneness in your daily life and interactions, 4] to meet your Monad (relatives in your spiritual lineage), 5] to meet the group soul from which you were sourced (holds the secret for your abundance), 6] to meet your Master of Light self, 7] to meet your Archangelic self, 8] to connect with your holy, inner child, your masculine and feminine selves, and more! 


Forging Ahead....
Mind, Body & Soul
Saturday, June 21, 4-9pm
The Forge - 1327 Jones Drive,
Ann Arbor, MI 49105

An ART event with partial proceeds benefiting the Center for Eating Disorders (CED) treatment scholarship program.

Featured Artists: Annette Baron (Glass), Chris Blank (Canvas), Kelly Brown (Canvas), Suzanne Dooley-Hash (Photography), Mike Palmer (Canvas), Steampunk Eddie (Sculpture).


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A Home for New Myth Works

We are looking for leads for a temporary or permanent home for a store front and education center in the Ypsilanti / Ann Arbor area.  This would be the base for New Myth Works activities and a host for others’ activities that are in  alignment with New Myth Works' vision and mission.  Ideally, this home should provide for gathering/community space, practitioner space, meeting/event space, studio space, lodging, meals, gardens, and natural areas.

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