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Edition 166

It's been a while since the last newsletter, but I suspect no rain anywhere in that time which has been great for cricket!  We won't mention the football anymore.....

For those of you who have "parked" fixtures to be re-arranged as 30th September or similar, please dont forget these.  Now may be the time to either re-arrange them or accept a concession may have to be applied.

At our league committee meeting this week we agreed suggested rule changes for 2019 to be discussed at our pre-AGM rules meeting in the early autumn.  These changes are below and we welcome and comments at this early stage.

  1. No rearrangement of games permitted after 31st March when fixtures will be frozen and locked on Play-Cricket. Any clubs who have not confirmed a fixture with their opposition by then will concede the match. All concessions will be 6 points for a win and -2 points for conceding. However, if both teams want to rearrange after 31st March, they may be able to do so with the League’s approval. This includes matches cancelled due to weather but not those started which will remain as abandoned. 
  2. 25 overs matches must be played at the weekend or played weekday between 1st June-24th July only with a 5.30pm start.
  3. League entries will be strictly limited by squad size to ensure mostly different players are used in each league tier to ensure appropriately matched sides.
  4. Teams pulling out of the league after 31st March will be fined £100 per team.  This is to reduce the number of drop outs (34 this season to date). We would prefer team who are unsure as to enter don’t and play friendlies instead as this can create fewer matches for clubs entered.
  5. Senior Division 1 to be dropped.
  6. Under 8s league to be dropped and replaced with 4 tiers of Under 9s league – Tier 1 Academy (Hardball), Tier 2 WSYCL, Tier 3 Development 1, Tier 4 Development 2.  Clubs may mix Under 9s and Under 8s or keep them as they are now, entering them into the most appropriate level.
  7. Development leagues to be 8 matches maximum and other leagues to aim for 10 matches maximum.
  8. Development league tables to be decided by teams with a net run rate closest to zero (instead of points) to encourage teams to work together to get closer matches (NB see note 10 below).  Points will not be issued and only matches played and net run rate will be shown on Development league tables.
  9. Batting & Bowling bonus points to be added to Academies leagues.
  10. The league upholds the Spirit of Cricket through every match.  Any clubs found to be in breach of the Spirt of Cricket may face a points deduction of up to 25 points, or, where a points penalty is inappropriate (e.g. Development League matches), a monetary fine no greater than £100 per instance.
  11. All monetary fines are payable inside 7 days.  An additional £25 will be added to the fine for every 7 days it remains unpaid.
  12. Any player who has played 4 or more matches in higher tiers (including other leagues, e.g. SJIL, Mid-Surrey, Middlesex Leagues), or county/performance players in higher tier squads, may not play in a lower tier West Surrey Leagues match, without league permission.  Permission will in general only be given where it would otherwise be impossible for the club concerned to field a full team, and may be subject to such conditions as the league considers appropriate given the ability level of the player concerned (e.g. as to whether the player concerned may bowl and as to his position in the batting order).  Teams transgressing this rule may be subject to a penalty of up to 25 points as well as forfeiture of the match concerned.
  13. Junior Division 1 to revert to 20 overs.
  14. Junior Division 1-4 leagues to have their age group limitations removed with clubs being able to enter the most appropriate ability level relating to new rule suggestion 11, above.
  15. Under 12 Academy league to change from 30 to 25 overs to aid midweek evening matches.
  16. All clubs will be expected to add a minimum of 11 players in each non-pairs squad to Play-Cricket before the start of the season to facilitate electronic scoring and adding full scorecards. This must include Christian and surnames in full.  Failure to do so by 30th April will result in a penalty of up to 25-points for each squad involved.
  17. All non-pairs matches must have full scorecards added inside 7 days with correct full player names for both sides. This will be even quicker with new rule 14, above.
  18. Junior Division 1-4 a ball bouncing more than once will be a no ball.
  19. Both teams must provide a capable scorer as well as a capable umpire.
  20. Umpire reporting on Play-Cricket to be extended to all age groups but not compulsory for every game.  Clubs to use the “Captain’s Report” functionality on Play-Cricket for all match related reportable issues.

Darren Talbot

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Valley End CC U14s are looking for friendlies. Please contact Lisa

WINDSOR C C  U11/12 TEAM.  LOOKING FOR 4 or 5 PLAYERS AND FAMILIES TO JOIN THEIR ANNUAL DEVON TOUR AUGUST 17th to AUGUST 20th Accommodation at Woodbury Park Country Club , Exeter Four 30 over matches against Devon League Clubs Cost for family of 4 sharing a room , including full English breakfast approx £400 Contact Tour Manager Ian Falconer
07464 963284

MaxTalent Academy from Dubai are looking to come to the UK from the 16th July - 24th July and are looking for some fixtures. They bring two teams, U12 & U16. Please contact Nikhil Patel if you would like a game

Weybridge Vandals CC U9 are looking for friendlies on 13th July (home) or away on 15th July (away). Please contact John Hall

Thames Ditton CC
U11 are looking for friendlies on 22nd July. Please contact Jon Buckley

Maori Oxshott CC U13 is able to coordinate a team at late notice and is looking to add to their limited schedule over the coming months. Please contact Stephen Riome

Whiteley Village CC - newly formed U8s team are looking for a friendly fixture on Saturday 28th July at Whiteley Village.  This is not an experienced team but they are keen for some matches.  Anyone interested please contact Jackie

Kingstonian CC are looking for friendly matches for U8, U10, U12 & U13. All sides are at a developmental stage and would prefer to play teams of a similar strength. Please contact and to arrange.

Chobham U8s are looking for friendlies. Please contact Giles Henderson 

Weybridge CC U10s
are looking for friendlies. Please contact Adam & Emma Poole -

Windsor CC U13s are looking for friendles.  Contact

Valley End CC U9s are looking for friendlies.  Please contact and

Thames Ditton CC U11s Development team looking for friendlies

Horsley & Send C.C. Cricket Festivals
Still spaces for Under 8 & 9 - Monday 27th August
Please contact Richard Jones for entry form.

Pyrford Under 13s are looking for friendly fixtures.  Please contact Simon Clifton

Woking & Horsell Under 15s are looking for friendly fixtures. Please contact Kevin Silverton

Claygate are interested in playing a few 30 over friendlies (14 – 18 year olds & and not at a district/county level). They have pitches available on Sunday afternoons on 19th & 26th August and also maybe a couple of Sunday morning pitches.  Contact Pam Jarvis


  • What are my games in the next 7 days?
  • If none, could I arrange a friendly (see list below)?
  • Have I emailed the opposition managers to confirm the fixture, venue and start time?
  • If there are home games, have I confirmed the pitch is available and booked?
  • If there are away game, do I have the address and postcode of the grounds as it may not be their "main" grounds?
  • Do I have a team?
  • Do I have a reserve in case of last minute drop outs?
  • Have I told them the correct venue and meet time?
  • Who is going to umpire?
  • Who is going to score?  Do we have a scorebook/electronic scoring device all set up ready to go?
  • Do I have all the rules to hand just in case I need to refer to them?
  • Do I have my equipment bag?
  • Do I have a first aid kit?
  • If I'm at home do I have my scoreboard, stumps & bails?
  • Have I organised food & drinks for players?
  • Have I correctly uploaded the results of games in the last 7 days to Play-Cricket remembering to add the number of overs bowled for both teams?
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