The Piltdown Review

June 2019


The Valedictory Issue


Annals of Paleontology

The Piltdown Extinction

Our revels now are ended. The meteors have fallen. We've shuffled off this mortal coil, run down the curtain, and joined the choir invisible.

Inevitable as it was, the end still comes too soon. It was a worthy inquiry, the investigation you’ve made over these past baker’s-dozen months into the authenticity of our modest enterprise. Was the odd assortment of bones we spread before you, these femurs and skulls and scattered phalanges, evidence of a naturally integrated and simon-pure undertaking? Or was it all merely a hoax, an assemblage of ill-fitting parts strewn about like so many dragons’ teeth, sown in hopes a lucky few might, against all odds, flare to independent life?

Either way, our ledgers must close while the ink still runs nearly black. We thank you for your time, your attention, and most of all for your belief, because certainly, if any part of these labors bear up under scrutiny, it is because you yourself took part in breathing life into what we presented in these pages.

And now, as we shake your hand in farewell, we ask you to pretend not to notice that we’ve returned your wallet to its rightful pocket. Adieu.
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David Mills

Louis, Louis

In recent pieces, the inimitable David Mills has recontextualized the life and work of jazz pioneer Louis Armstrong. We're pleased to present selections from this powerful and entertaining series.
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Robert J. Howe


The multiply talented Robert J. Howe closes our run with a timely rumination on our Cretaceous cousins and their descendants. (And don't overlook this earlier fictional offering of his.)
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William Shunn

Care and Feeding of Your Piano

Care and Feeding of Your Piano
Even when you think you know your way around a new purchase, it goddamn pays to read the manual. A final movement from Piltdown editor William Shunn.
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