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The Piltdown Review

A Journal of Remarkable Finds

elegantly constructed fiction and poetry for your delight

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Piltdown Man was the most infamous hoax in the history of paleo­anthro­pology, confounding experts for decades.

The Piltdown Review is a journal of remarkable finds. Everything that appears here was constructed, as was Piltdown Man, by human beings striving for the greatest possible verisimilitude.

We publish fiction that balances elegant writing with actual story, and poetry that hits you in the sweet spot between imagery and ineffability. In short, we bring you the sort of work that we prefer to read.

As we enter our second full month of publication, we want to draw your attention to the works we've brought you so far, including a stunning new story by A.C. Koch that you won't want to miss.

The Everything-Goes Garage Sale of My LoveTHE EVERYTHING-GOES GARAGE SALE OF MY LOVE

Fiction by A.C. Koch

Someone left the guitar out in the rain, and I don't think I can take it.

No one is interested in anything I have to offer. They cruise by in their station wagons and their minivans and they peer out at the array of price-tagged junk all the length of my driveway, and then they drive away. I sit at my card table in the mouth of the garage where it's cool and I drink my gin and watch them come and go. We stare each other down with everything I own splayed out between us. Every once in a while, an adventurous type will come along and wander up the driveway, hands behind the back, inspecting my books and my records and my knickknacks. My lunch-box collection. My nuts-and-bolts Don Quixote statues in all shapes and sizes. My free-standing ashtrays. My naugahyde sofa-and-chairs set. My polyester shirts and suede jackets, all in mint condition. No one bites. This is the kind of garage sale I personally would love to stumble upon. Even if I already owned all this stuff, I would buy it all over again. [continue reading]
Twilight of the DogsTWILIGHT OF THE DOGS

Fiction by Paul Witcover

This is the way the world ends, not with a whimper but a growl.

We were watching the stream of the fighting in Hampton Roads, looking for Dad or anybody else we knew, when the bombs started falling. Until that instant, I’d been certain the war would pass us by. Nothing interesting ever happens in Urbanna. But Reverend Samuels always said the Jacks would come sooner or later, and now it looked like he was right. He generally was. At the first explosions, Amber and Cyndi began to scream, and what sounded like every car alarm in the neighborhood went off at once. I felt myself freeze up. This wasn’t how I’d pictured myself acting in a combat situation. [continue reading]

Fiction by Anna Villegas

The longer a meeting gets put off, the more daunting it becomes. Try waiting four years.

Janet has to keep reminding herself that she is, after all, the adult here. It doesn’t help the cause when the eyeliner pencil slips and gives her a good poke in the eye, which means she has to start from scratch in making herself up, or over, into a reasonable facsimile of a reasonably adult person. She doesn’t feel reasonable; she feels like throwing a temper tantrum or breaking a coffee cup—a wine glass would be classier, she knows—or even just pouting for an hour or two. But pouting is her least attractive pose. Tonight’s occasion, meeting Mandy, calls for an all-guns-on-deck mature but articulate and svelte appeal, the same approach Janet would recommend for meeting, say, an escaped lunatic wielding a Ginsu knife. [continue reading]

Meet Piltdown Review's Featured Poets

Olena Jennings
Olena Jennings
is the author of Songs from an Apartment, a collection of poetry. Her translations of Ukrainian poetry appeared in the anthology Words for War, as well as The Kitchen Poet, Poetry International, and Wolf. Her translations of Iryna Shuvalova’s poetry collection will be released in 2019 by Lost Horse Press. Read Olena's work.
Gary Beaumier
Gary Beaumier
is a finalist and semifinalist for the Luminaire Award for several of his poems. His poetry has appeared in Flumes, Third Wednesday, and Chaleur Magazine, and he has a recording upcoming in Lit-Tapes. He taught poetry in a women’s prison. Read Gary's work.
Aurea Kochanowski
Aurea Kochanowski
is an emerging poet. They were born the only girl among thirteen grandsons, based in Australia with Polish-Rroma heritage and a taste for spoken and written stories. They are queer, will definitely go into that museum over there, and have an unfathomed enthusiasm for chickens. Read Aurea's work, which will continue to appear throughout July.

The Piltdown Preview

In the months to come, we'll have fiction from Eleanor Lerman and Robert J. Howe, poetry from Judith Skillman and Adam Beardsworth, a fierce essay from Michael Libling, and much, much more. You won't want to miss a word.

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