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three garden tips for spring

1.   fertilise

Get your plants singing this spring! make Seasol a fortnightly treat for your botanicals. Seasol is a seaweed-based concentrate that boosts plants health and growth. Available at any garden or hardware store, dilute the Seasol with water in you watering can and pour over the plants roots. Keep this up all through summer.  Easy!


2.   plant your edible garden

It's a great time to plant summer herbs and vegetables for your dinner table.
Herbs:  plant  BASIL, CORIANDER  & MINT
Plant mint in the confines of a pot, as this aromatic herb has a mind of its own when it comes to territory boundaries! Don't forget to collect the seeds of the basil and coriander in summer so you can sow your next summer's crop.
Vegies:  plant  ZUCCHINI,  BEANS  &  CAPSICUM
Unless you plant dwarf beans, beans should have a trellis to climb on. You can be quite creative with this framework. Try a tee-pee with stakes, tied together at the top, or install a small panel of vertical concrete reo mesh.

3.   mow

If you have a lawn, now is a good time to get your mower's blades sharpened. As the temperatures creep up, so does the frequency of mowing. Cut down to a length about one-third of the grass blades to keep a lush, healthy lawn.

vegetable garden

Hobart Botanic Gardens

kiwi vine on trellis
Lampranthus deltoides
Common Name: Pink Ice Plant
Origin: South Africa

Pachyveria 'Myrtilla'
Origin: Mexico

Aloe mitriformis
Common Name: Mitre Aloe
Origin: South Africa
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