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10 JUN 2022

Bienvenidos/as, boas-vindas, and welcome back to the Heidelberg Center for Ibero-American Studies! This issue of the HCIAS Newsletter features information on current calls for applications, events of the master's program, upcoming presentations given by members of the HCIAS and visiting scholars, and on new publications of our HCIAS Working Papers series.

Calls for applications
Academic programs


HCIAS Master's Program "Communication and Society in Ibero-America"
Now accepting applications
We invite all interested candidates to apply for the HCIAS interdisciplinary master’s program. Providing students with advanced knowledge from a variety of disciplines from the humanities and social sciences such as communication studies, political science, sociology, geography, linguistics, literature, cultural studies, and history, the program addresses the current challenges facing Ibero-American societies from a communications perspective.
Application period: International students: May 1st - June 15th & German students and international students with German qualification documents: May 1st - September 30th, 2022.
More information


GSSC: Gänger, Prof. Dr. Stefanie
HCIAS Masters' Lecture Series
Upcoming presentation by Professor Dr. Stefanie Gänger from the Department of History of the Heidelberg University on 'A singular remedy. Cinchona Across the Atlantic world, 1751-1820' on Tuesday, June 14th, 2022 at 4:15 PM CET (Neue Uni, ehem. Senatssaal and online). 

The lecture series of the 2022 summer semester for the HCIAS master's program "Communication and Society in Ibero-America" features presentations by scholars from Heidelberg and abroad on their research on social, political, and economic subjects pertaining to Ibero-America and its neighbors.
Click here for the complete program


Presentations by HCIAS scholars

HCIAS Junior Professor of "Migration and the Americas" Soledad Álvarez Velasco will participate in the Cátedra de las Américas, co-organized by the National University of Mexico (UNAM) and the University of Montreal, where she will give two talks on the 13th and the 17th of June on La producción de corredores migratorios en las Américas: aproximaciones teóricas, metodológicas y hallazgos empíricos al debate and (In) Movilidad en las Américas y COVID-19: reflexiones sobre un proyecto colectivo transnacional y digital de investigación militante en torno a la movilidad y el control y sus efectos espaciales en el continente.
HCIAS Prof. Dr. Francisco Moreno Fernández will give a lecture on Spanish as a collective good at the research seminar of the Spanish sub-faculty of the University of Oxford on June 14th. He will also participate in the summer school Alpes 4: La variación geográfica del español: nuevos retos on Thursday, June 16 with a presentation on the latest results and new perspectives of the PRESEEA project.  

Latest presentations by HCIAS Scholars

HCIAS Jun.-Prof. Dr. Rosa Lehmann and colleagues from the Alfred Bergsträsser Institute of the University of Freiburg and the Freiburg Institute of Advanced Studies (FRIAS) co-organized a workshop on "Transnational dimensions of energy transitions: Politics and inequalities in and beyond Latin America and West Asia-North Africa (WANA)". The event took place at FRIAS, Freiburg, the 2nd of June.
Francisco Moreno-Fernández, HCIAS director, participated at the international colloquium: "La comunicación de crisis, hoy: discursos, retos, perspectivas" which took place on May 27th  in Santiago de Chile  at the Heidelberg Center for Latin America (HCLA). He also participated in the seminar Lenguas y bienes públicos at the University of Salamanca on June 6th.
HCIAS Junior Professor of "Migration and the Americas" Soledad Álvarez Velasco participated in the two-day online event: Doing fieldwork in the South: A view on transnational migration, global borders and critical methodologies of the University of Warwick taking place between May 25th and 26th, where she gave a talk on the conference: The Power of Migrant Voices in Latin American Cross-border Spatial Disputes. An approach to testimonio and migratory trajectories as a method in critical research. 
Óscar Loureda, HCIAS deputy director and professor of Ibero-American linguistics, communication, and translation studies, gave the inaugural lecture of the seminar "La sociolingüística del español, hoy: aspectos teóricos y aplicaciones", organized by the University of Zaragoza and celebrated the past 26th of May. His presentation focused on the demolinguistics of Spanish in Europe.

Latest presentations by HCIAS guests

HCIAS Open Lecture
On May 30th, Hugo Romero, Ass. Professor at the Faculty of Philosophy and Humanities, Universidad Austral de Chile, gave an online talk on "Producing territories for extractivism Encomiendas, estancias and fuertes in the long-term political ecology of colonial Southern Chile".
Andrew Lynch, Ass. Professor at the University of Miami, participated in the HCIAS Master’s program lecture series on June 7th with his talk on "The mediatization of United States Spanish: How voices of mass media (re)produce transnational collectivities" where he addresses the concepts of neutralization and standardization of Spanish. 
More about the HCIAS Master's program lecture series


HCIAS researchers abroad

Alejandra Irigoyen, HCIAS doctoral researcher, is currently guest at the Heidelberg Center Latin America (HCLA) in Chile. In the framework of the HCIAS research project "Interacting Actors in Polycentric Climate Governance", Alejandra is interviewing Chilean authorities and representatives of organizations that support the work of the Global Covenant of Mayors for Climate and Energy. One of the project’s goals is to analyze the networks of the actors present at this forum, as well as the interaction of these actors, their preferences and their perceptions on climate policies.


HCIAS Working Papers on Ibero-America

New Working Paper

The discourse of President Pedro Sánchez during the State of Alarm in Spain, by Martha Abad Gutiérrez (Heidelberg University) is the latest HCIAS Working Paper published in the Special Series on the Covid-19 pandemic. This papers analyses the discourse of the Spanish President, Pedro Sánchez, and interprets his linguistic choices in the framework of the state of alarm in Spain.

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