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30 JUN 2022

Bienvenidos/as, boas-vindas, and welcome back to the Heidelberg Center for Ibero-American Studies! This issue of the HCIAS Newsletter features information on events of the master's program, upcoming presentations given by members of the HCIAS and visiting scholars, new publications and ongoing research projects by our research associates.

Academic programs


HCIAS Masters' Lecture Series
Upcoming presentation by Prof. Antonio Briz from the Universidad de Valencia, Grupo Val.Es.Co. titled 'Ponga un lingüista en el bufete y en su vida'  on Tuesday, July 5th, 2022 at 4:15 PM CET (Neue Uni, ehem. Senatssaal and online). 

The lecture series of the 2022 summer semester for the HCIAS master's program "Communication and Society in Ibero-America" features presentations by scholars from Heidelberg and abroad on their research on social, political, and economic subjects pertaining to Ibero-America and its neighbors.
Click here for the complete program


Presentations by HCIAS scholars

HCIAS Junior Professor of "Migration and the Americas" Soledad Álvarez Velasco co-organized with Antje Missbach (Bielefeld University) and Luigi Achilli (European Institute) the conference "Moving in a divided world – Transnational crime, national borders and irregularized migration". This event is funded by the Fritz-Thyssen Foundation and will take place between July 11th and 13th at the University of Bielefeld, Germany.

Professor Álvarez will be also giving a guest lecture at the Lateinamerika-Institut Freie Universität Berlin on “(Im)Mobilities between Violence(s): The Dynamics of Migratory Corridors across the Americas” on July 4th, 2022.

Latest presentations by HCIAS Scholars

HCIAS Jun.-Prof. Dr. Rosa Lehmann participated in the Climate Citizens Council of the Freiburg Region organized by the municipality of Freiburg on the 25th of June, giving input on the socioenvironmental implications of the German energy transition for the Global South. 

Professor Lehmann was also a panelist for the podium discussion "Climate change and migration", on the occasion of the World Day of the Refugee, talking about on socioenvironmental change and inequalities. This event took place the 20th of June, 2022 and it was organized by the archdioceses of Freiburg.


Latest publications by HCIAS Scholars 

Héctor Álvarez Mella, research associate at HCIAS and José Luis García Delgado (Universidad Nebrija), have contributed to the recent published 'academic handbook' on the new Spanish audiovisual industry.  In his chapter, the authors discuss how linguistic and cultural proximity shapes the geography of international circulation series in the context of the digital transformation of the audiovisual sector. 
More Information
Das CEG - Universität Heidelberg
Vanesa Rodríguez (Centro de Estudos Galegos) collaborated with NEC Laboratories Europe GmbH, providing a OpenIE test dataset for Galician, the first of its kind to be made in this language. The resulted paper will be presented later this month at ACL 2022 (Association for Computational Linguistics); titled: “milIE: Modular & Iterative Multilingual Open Information Extraction", it explains a newly proposed research method of extracting triples in succession. MILIE outperforms several SOTA systems and is especially useful for zero-shot multilingual extraction.

Read it here


Ongoing Research Projects
Nikolas Jaspert, research associate at HCIAS, has been granted the DFG-Sachbeihilfeprojekt for his project "Medieval Maritime Predation. A Database Supported Analysis of Mediterranean Violence". This project’s goal is to rewrite the history of what is often simplistically and misleadingly termed “piracy” by analyzing maritime predation more broadly as the violent appropriation of goods at sea. In order to do so, a research tool will be fashioned that enables historians to study maritime predation on levels that transcend those of the nation-state.
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