In this issue: Quillix 4.4 released, new Quillix Administration Console, new Email Gateway QSX released, and more.
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UFC, Inc. Quarterly Newsletter: October 2013

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Quillix 4.4 Released!

Quillix 4.4, was released by Prevalent Software on September 24, 2013.  This latest version includes the following features:
  • The ability to delete a case from the web client
  • The ability to filter cases in the web client
  • Improved indexing performance in the web client
  • A Server Manager that runs as a standalone application (no Microsoft Management Console)
If you are interested in receiving this latest version contact our support staff at

UFC Releases New Email Gateway

A newly rewritten version of MuWave® Email Gateway was released on October 1, 2013.  This QSX extension for Quillix has been updated to increase performance and to enhance the configuration within Quillix. The product has been completely redesigned with architectural changes that:
  • negates the need for Microsoft Office to be installed on the server,
  • no longer requires the creation of Microsoft Outlook Profiles, and 
  • the installation of Adobe Acrobat is no longer required on the server!
Email Gateway also comes with the complementary Outlook Add-in which provides a rapid means to capture attachments from within Microsoft Outlook.  

The upgrade is complimentary to all existing MuWave® Email Gateway customers with a support contract. Read more about how Email Gateway may benefit your organization by visiting our web page.  

Microsoft Outlook is a trademark of the Microsoft Corporation.

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UFC Introduces MuWave® Quillix Administration Console

Are you tired of having to login to your Quillix server to manage the audit log and services? You don’t have to any more! UFC has developed a web-based, smart-phone accessible administration console for Quillix that allows administrators to:
  • Monitor, search, filter, and group the Audit Log messages
  • Set a custom refresh rate for the Audit Log preview
  • Search, download a copy of, or delete cases
  • Start and stop the Quillix Server service
  • Perform system cleaning functions such as delete the working and process data directories, delete audit log entries, and delete cases.
To learn more about the administration console visit our web page.

UFC is offering a limited time discount on the MuWave® Quillix Administration Console. The special offer of $999 (retail price is $3,999) is available until 12/31/2013 - so order today by contacting!

Version 4.3 Rendition QSX Released

The latest release of MuWave Rendition QSX includes the following features:
  • Handles oversized PDFs (larger than 8.5 x 11)
  • Processes Excel spreadsheets that do NOT have a print area defined
  • Further enhances the quality of PDF images through the addition of sophisticated operations that make text and lines clearer.
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UFC Attends the Tri-State Expo in Evansville, IN

Jim  Hill (below, right) and Travis Spangler (left) attended the Tri-State Business Expo in Evansville, Indiana on July 11, 2013.  UFC hosted a display during which they showed Quillix capturing documents, performing OCR, creating a PDF and committing them to Microsoft SharePoint Server.  Read more about our solutions for SharePoint on our web site

Did You Know About all of UFC's Quillix QSX Modules?

UFC has a very extensive list of products that will enable you to put your Quillix environment to full use! Please visit our datasheet web page to learn about all of your options.
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