August 2016 eReferrals CareConnect


From March 2017 the Auckland Regional DHBs will not be accepting referrals in any format other than CareConnect eReferrals.

As a healthcare provider who refers patients into the Auckland region DHBs, what are your options?

If you utilise one of the following Practice Management Systems (PMS) you can apply directly to HealthLink to use standard CareConnect eReferrals (as used by our GPs).
  • MedTech

  • Profile for Mac

  • MyPractice


How do I get CareConnect eReferrals loaded at my place?


1. Current User of other referrals via Healthlink

eg, CareSelect Private referrals
Contact HealthLink directly to have the capability extended to include the CareConnect eReferrals library.

2. User of a PMS system listed above but not currently using electronic referrals of any kind

Contact HealthLink directly to get information about options to get CareConnect eReferrals.

3. Not Using a PMS  listed above

You need to apply for CareConnect web-eReferrals.
Follow the steps below:

Note:  You can apply to use CareConnect web-eReferrals even if you are using one of the listed systems, but you do not get the benefits of automatically populating data from your PMS, eg, demographics, results, medications etc.

CareConnect web-eReferrals

The CareConnect web-eReferrals will be offered to Private Specialists, Midwives, Optometrists, Physiotherapists, Dentists, and any other HCPs who currently refer into the DHBs by fax or letter, have an HPI (CPN) number  and are not using one of the integrated systems listed above.

Registration Process

There are several steps to getting access to Community Referrals BUT your organisation may have already completed some for other purposes. e.g. ACC e-Billing, NHI, NIR, Special authority

Required Steps:

MOH issued Digital Certificate 
Complete the HealthLink Registration Form

Submit to 


Don't have a MOH issued Digital Certificate?

If you do not have a current digital certificate, go to the MOH website (Information about obtaining a digital certificate).
The MOH will expect both listed forms to be completed (Authority form and Application form).

Contact the MOH directly with any questions:

Health Network Administration Team
Phone: 0800 505 125