December 2014 CareConnect Update

Thank You everyone who has contributed to the CareConnect programme of work in 2014.  Here is a quick round-up of our highlights for the year.

2014 saw the formation of the CareConnect Governance Group in recognition of the complexity of working across Primary and Secondary Care sectors. The Governance Group membership consists of :
  • Steve Boomert (Chair) (Procare)
  • Sarah Thirlwell (CM Health)
  • Andrew Brant (WDHB)
  • Alan Davis (NDHB)
  • Andrew Miller (Manaia Health)
  • Lisa Gestro (CM Health)
  • Graeme Osborne (NHITB)
  • Debbie Holdsworth (WDHB)
  • Charlotte Harris (Auckland PHO)
  • Loretta Hansen (Easthealth PHO)
  • Karl Cole (Procare)
  • Sarah Tibby (healthAlliance)
  • Rory Matthews (Francis Group International)
  • Pat Richards (healthAlliance)
  • Jo Fitzpatrick (Consumer Representative)
Dianne Wilson joined the team in November as the Service Delivery Manager for Shared Care and eReferrals.
Submission of CareConnect eReferrals was completed in 2014.  Over 295550 eReferrals have now been received by the DHBs from GPs in the region, and we are receiving eReferrals at close to 1000 per day.

Uptake is good with the percentage of eReferrals growing by
70% over the last 12 months.

Functionality for online triaging for the DHB clinicians with status messaging back to GPs has been implemented.  Roll out to service teams is now well underway.
42 Services are now eTriaging.

100% electronic referrals in October 2015 is our goal
Other priorities for 2015 include Web-referring, intra/inter hospital eReferring and the ability for GPs to  update eReferrals already received.

A proof of concept has was completed across 8 practices throughout the Northern Region for an electronic tool that delivers (dynamic) Clinical Pathways integrated with practice management systems for enhanced Patient Care.

An evaluation of the feedback from participating practices has been done and some enhancements made to the system.

There will now be a full Pilot programme across the Northern Region to 92 practices

Over 13000 patients are now enrolled in Shared Care

The Advance Care Plan was implemented into Shared Care in April in conjunction with the responsible ADHB and CM Health teams.

CM Health implemented the ARI PROGRAMME  providing early intervention for 'At Risk' patients using the Shared Care tool in July.  The identified At Risk patients have an assigned care coordinator,  CarePlan, and eSummary health record. 2401 patients are now enrolled in ARI

Northland DHB piloted Shared Care as a method for Secure Messaging during Oct-Dec.  Evaluation of this trial is now underway.
In 2014 we introduced the Regional Visit View (RVV) into CareConnect TestSafe.  This enables TestSafe users to see all Auckland Metro DHB appointments (Past and Future) for their patients, including outcomes, eg, whether attended or DNA'd. 
In addition to the RVV, the following document types were added to the repository:
  • Northland DHB Discharge Summarys
  • Northland DHB Radiology and Laboratory results
  • Auckland Metro eReferrals

  • 49,500 dispensed pharmacy items are on average loaded every day
  • 100% of contracted pharmacies are contributing data
  • 7.5 MILLION DHB documents have been uploaded

Other Activities
In February the regional instance of HCC was successfully upgraded requiring an extended outage of 5 days testing our business continuity plans to the limit.
The Upgrade provided the following:
  • Enhanced disaster recovery options
  • Establish a platform for shared care options
  • Migrated standalone methdata system into HCC reducing clinical risk due to multi system use 
  • Provided system compatibility

In October our Patient Portal Ambassadors, hosted an information evening to talk about Patient Portals, and vendors demonstrated their products.

In December, we implemented new technology that allows reports from Auckland DHB’s Radiology Information System to be sent electronically via Healthlink to GPs and some Midwives (who have EDI accounts).
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