October 2013 Newsletter
The purpose of the CareConnect portfolio is to bridge the information gaps between primary, secondary and community care settings, bringing together clinical data to ensure better, sooner, more convenient healthcare.
See what has been happening in our key projects:

100,000 eReferrals received by the end of October!
New Forms for Release on 26 November include Health of Older People, Allied Health and District Nursing.

Uptake is steadily increasing on a month by month basis
PHASE 2.1/2.2
CareConnect eReferrals (Online triage & grading) continues in 2 streams, one focused on development of the Referral Management System and the other on implementing the change within the 3 hospitals.
The indicative Go Live for our first services to utilise Triage and Grading is Late November/Early December. 
The project is taking a local implementation approach with Implementation teams at each DHB consisting of a Change Coordinator,  Clinical Sponsor and Administrator (CRO, Service) representation. 
PHASE 2.3/2.4 has commenced.  It aims to deliver the following:
  • Inter eReferrals (referrals between services within a hospital)
  • Intra eReferrals (referrals to services in other hospitals)
  • Community based eReferrals (from web-forms) eg, Schools, Optometry, NGO's

      SURVEY - Interim Results
We are surveying our users for feedback on the CareConnect Regional Clinical Documents within Testsafe. We are asking what are the best, worst and most wanted features, and also whether we are attaining our predicted business benefits. 
Here is a snapshot of the interim results. 
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Focus on Overdue Notifications
One of the features of Shared Care is that notifications are sent daily for overdue tasks to both the sender and receiver.  In order to complete the cycle and stop the overdue notifications you must COMPLETE and UPDATE the Task as shown below:

Localities Development:
CareConnect has been supporting the development of CM Health Franklin Locality implementation. The IT enablement incorporates a 'whole of system' approach whereby our portfolio of IT products are being utilised to facilitate clinical information flows in a patient centered multidisciplinary approach.
To date, 28  high risk patients are enrolled into the program and are being case-managed  across intersecting services such as GP practice, palliative care, home health care and inpatient hospital services.
Analysis of the workflow and identification of the gaps in the IT systems will drive further development and integration points for future product enhancements.

RECAP, what is currently available in CareConnect TestSafe
  1. Laboratory results from ADHB, WDHB and CM Health and  community laboratories.
  2. Radiology reports from ADHB, WDHB and CM Health and community radiology
  3. Discharge summaries from ADHB, WDHB and CM Health
  4. Pharmacy dispensing
  5. Clinic letters from ADHB, WDHB and CM Health services
  6. ADHB maternity documents
  7. WDHB Community (child & older adults) documents
  8. CMDHB community documents

Work continues in Northland to get NDHB Laboratory results and clinical documents exported into CareConnect TestSafe

"CareConnect TestSafe is convenient, reliable, quick, saves phone calls & waiting around"  - survey response September 2013

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