December 2013 Newsletter
The purpose of the CareConnect portfolio is to bridge the information gaps between primary, secondary and community care settings, bringing together clinical data to ensure better, sooner, more convenient healthcare.
Below is an overview of achievements for 2103.
Happy and safe holidays from the CareConnect Team. 

2013 Overview
The volume of submitted eReferrals from our GP's has steadily grown over 2013:

eReferrals Forms Library:

New forms delivered and 'live' in 2013:
  • Sexual Health
  • Adult Radiology
  • Paediatric Radiology
Signed off, tested and ready for deployment immediately following the Referral Management System (RMS) upgrade:
  • Older Peoples Health
  • Allied Health
  • District Nursing
Specifications regionally signed off with a release planned for March.
  • Mental Health
  • Community Alcohol and Drug
 PHASE 2.1/2.2
The RMS upgrade incorporating online triage and workflow management is rescheduled to Jan/Feb.
 PHASE 2.3/2.4 has commenced.  It aims to deliver the following:
  • Inter eReferrals (referrals between services within a hospital)
  • Intra eReferrals (referrals to services in other hospitals)
  • Community based eReferrals (from web-forms) eg, Schools, Optometry, NGO's

Over 4 million Clinical Documents were migrated into CareConnect Testsafe in 2013. These included the following:
  1. Discharge summaries from ADHB, WDHB and CM Health
  2. Pharmacy dispensing
  3. Clinic letters from ADHB, WDHB and CM Health services
  4. ADHB maternity documents
  5. WDHB Community (child & older adults) documents
  6. CMDHB community documents
A survey in October of our Clinical Documents users endorsed the Project business benefits:
  • Easy to use
  • Saving clinician Time
  • Informing clinical decision making
  • Improving co-operation

CCMS release in March
  • Enhancements to the Patient Portal for patients to enter their own measurements.
  • Some reports were also delivered by HSAGlobal.
CCMS release in May
  • Ability for patients to grant family/whanau access to their Patient Portal
  • System Usage (Activity) reports
  • Reports supporting the Benefits Realisation Plan
CCMS release in October
  • Main menu consolidated to the left hand side
Advance Care Planning
The October release of CCMS also contained the integration with ProExtra. ACP can be created in ProExtra and can be viewed via CCMS. The next release of CCMS will include the functionality for creating ACP via CCMS itself.
Franklin Locality pilot implementation commenced in August for 12 weeks. The pilot team included Pukekohe Family Health Care, pharmacists, home health care nurses, hospice nurses, consultants at Middlemore Hospital and APAC team at the hospital. A formal Implementation Review was conducted with the members of the multi-disciplinary team to understand system and information gaps. High-level requirements have been documented for future development.

In 2013...
1. A full clinically led selection process was undertaken to select a tool for Clinical Pathways
2. A business case was developed, with funding approval scheduled in the New Year
3. We are in discussion with the DHBs with a revised implementation approach based on funding allocation.

Enrolments to the CareConnect TestSafe program continued to grow in 2013, with an additional 780 users signing on to view an expanding range of results and clinical documents. Users come from a range of clinical areas:

"CareConnect TestSafe is convenient, reliable, quick, saves phone calls & waiting around" 
- survey response September 2013

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