August 2015 CareConnect Update
On 7 August 2015, the Ministry of Health published its proposed updates to the New Zealand Health Strategy.  It outlines 7 areas of focus. 
How does CareConnect fit in with this strategy? 

See in particular, focus areas 3, 4, 6 & 7

Addendum - Update previously submitted eReferrals

Coming End of September.
We will be providing the ability to update previously submitted eReferrals.

The new functionality also provides the ability to see a list of all eReferrals for a patient and their current status


Non-GP Referrers, Web eReferrals

As outlined in our previous newsletter, non-GP web eReferrals are nearly here.
If you are currently submitting referrals to the DHBs by fax, and wish to utilise web forms, you may want to check your technology readiness.

     Readiness Checklist


Dynamic Pathways 

The Sore Throat pathway is now live on Nexxtâ„¢. Benefits of using this pathway include:
  • Guidance to support appropriate management of Sore Throats based on rheumatic fever risk assessment – when you should treat, and when you should not treat.
  • Very specific advice around throat swabbing and antibiotic use depending on risk of rheumatic fever, place of presentation and if you are able to follow up with the patient.
  • Antibiotic dosage calculator
  • .
  • Guidance around Assessing the household.

Primary Care HealthPathways now available for the Auckland Region

The region’s three DHBs and seven PHOs have completed the purchase of the HealthPathways (static, look-up) platform from Canterbury. Primary care teams along with Secondary services in the Auckland Region now have access to this well regarded library of clinical pathways and resource information. HealthPathways is currently being used by 23 health authorities throughout New Zealand and Australia.

Click here to go to the HealthPathways site and use the following to log in:
  • User name = connected
  • Password = healthcare

Northland Roadtrip

We will be in Northland demonstrating Shared Care.  Please contact the organisers if you wish to attend the sessions
Tuesday 29th September  Audience  Organiser/Location
11- 2.30
Lunch will be provided
Primary Care for enhanced Care Planning
Practice managers and interested GPs & practice nurses
Jenni Moore
Waipoua room
Tohorā House
3-5 pm Secondary care Secondary care clinicians Alan Davis
Pukenui Room
Tohorā House
6.30-8pm   Community pharmacists Pukenui Room
Tohorā House
Wednesday 30th
9- 11am NASC, InteRai, HOP/POPS Alan Davis
Waipoua room
Tohorā House

M.A.S.S. - Pharmacy Program explained:

Shared Care provides a technology solution for community pharmacy to be able to deliver and document their Pharmacy LTC service via its Medicines Adherence Support Service (MASS) programme.

This includes the annual eligibility assessment, the ongoing medicines adherence planning, the tasking/ communication within each pharmacy required to proactively manage services provided to these patients, and documentation via notes.

Patients enrolled in MASS are largely the same cohort of complex patients that are enrolled in Shared Care so having the information in one place benefits both the patients and their wider care team.

MASS is currently rolling out to pharmacies across the Region.

New CareConnect People
Kelly Turpin is a senior project manager.  She has recently moved up from Canterbury  where she was involved in their extensive program of health IT integration. 
Kelly's focus areas are Primary Care Data Repository, Regional Clinical Documents, Testsafe Portal Upgrade and Single Sign-on.
Ad Blankenstein is the new project manager for eReferrals. The phases of eReferrals that Ad is leading are Addendum (explained above), Web eReferrals, and Intra-Inter hospital referrals.
Grant Ramsay, the previous Project Manager, has left us to go to the NEHR (Northern Electonic Health Record) project.
Michelle Ellis is managing our transition into having a managed call centre service.  When you call our 0800 numbers for assistance they will be answered by dedicated CareConnect professionals who will assist with your queries and triage your calls to ensure you get the most efficient resolution.
All TestSafe calls switched to the service on 20/07/15.  Shared Care calls switched over on 24/08/15

Who makes up our Governance Group?

  • Steve Boomert (Chair) (Procare)
  • Sarah Thirlwall (CM Health)
  • Andrew Brant (WDHB)
  • Alan Davis (NDHB)
  • Andrew Miller (Manaia Health)
  • Benedict Hefford (CM Health)
  • Graeme Osborne (NHITB)
  • Debbie Holdsworth (ADHB/WDHB)

  • Charlotte Harris (Auckland PHO)
  • Loretta Hansen (Easthealth PHO)
  • Karl Cole (Procare)
  • Sarah Tibby (healthAlliance)
  • Rory Matthews (Francis Group International)
  • Kevin Robinson (healthAlliance)
  • Jo Fitzpatrick (Consumer Representative)