July-August 2016 CareConnect Update
Welcome to our Winter Update.   Any questions, please contact us.  All our details are attached.

Privacy & Security Framework Update

Did you know the MOH is releasing a Health Information Governance Framework that will drive our regional framework for security and privacy of health information? 

Single Sign-On (SSO) for GPs

What is SSO?
As many GP's will attest, it is a complete nuisance to have to log on to TestSafe every time you wish to view a record from within your PMS (Patient Management System)
Single Sign-On means that you will log on to TestSafe once in a session and from there be able to refer to it continuously from your PMS.
We are running pilots for this with plans for rollout coming soon

COMMUNITY eREFERRALS - coming soon!  Yes we've said it will be soon before, but this time its true!

Regrettably, we’ve experienced an extended delay due to technical issues.  Our partners have been working hard to resolve these and it seems that they’re getting to the end of the list.  As these issues were around patient privacy it was imperative to get it right before going live – SAFETY FIRST!

The Community eReferrals will be offered to Private Specialists, Midwives, Optometrists, Physiotherapists, Dentists, and any other HCPs who currently refer into the DHBs by fax or letter, and have an HPI (CPN) number .

Get Ready and Register

To get access you are required to download a digital certificate to the desktop, access­ing the site with a desktop short­cut and signing up for a username and password.

Download the HealthLink Registration Form

If you do not have a current digital certificate, go to the MOH website to apply.

When the Registration Form is completed, submit to


From January 2017 the DHBs will not be accepting referrals from GP's in any format other than CareConnect eReferrals.

Every service in the Auckland Metro-DHBs now has a referral form.  There are no known technical reasons  (other than a handful of practice running Profile for Windows) to prevent the utilisation of CareConnect eReferrals.

If you do not feel confident using eReferrals please contact your PHO support people.

CareConnect eReferrals give GP's instant feedback on their patient referral status, fosters enhanced communication between primary care clinicians and secondary care clinicians and reduces variation.


  • Warranted: reflects EBM tailored to differences in patient characteristics and preferences

  • Unwarranted: based on the idiosyncratic preferences of individual clinicians

-Alan Merry #HQSC #GPConf16 28/07/16

Introducing Catherine Turner

Catherine Turner has been appointed to the position of Programme Manager for the Primary Care Work Programme across Auckland.

The focus of Catherine's work is on the clinical pathways programme and the data sharing programme . Catherine is based at Counties Manukau Health, as the host for these programmes.

Catherine has a clinical background as both a registered nurse and midwife and has experience in a variety of management roles in Primary Care, DHB and PHOs. She has demonstrated clinical quality improvement in practice, playing a significant role in the Northland Diabetes Care Improvement Programme and the establishment of a community podiatry service.

Deep Diving

The programme team has been working with practices who have been using dynamic Clinical Pathways to understand how best the tool can support and enhance clinical practice.

Also, a survey of the static pathway platform was undertaken to provide a total perspective of clinical pathways useage.

Areas of focus included

  • Clinical workflow
  • Supporting Models of Care
  • Integration with other supporting systems
Current steps:  Work with the PHOs to determine the options for future work and agree a forward plan
The programme team has been working with practices who have been using dynamic Clinical Pathways to understand how best the tool can support and enhance clinical practice.

Welcome Northland!

We welcome Northland to Shared Care. NDHB plan to upload the whole Northland population to provide a summary record at point of care and allow secure messaging between all providers.

“As a health system we are not using current resources to the best ability, and Integrated Care has been shown to substantially assist in resolving some of these challenges.  Integrated Care is better for health system resources, patients, and workforce satisfaction by delivering a well-supported, integrated healthcare environment.  Developing a mechanism to share information is a critical success factor in providing care that is well integrated. Patients and health care professionals need to be on the same page to coordinate effective Integrated Care.
A Shared Care tool is needed in Northland to support the ongoing management, information sharing and coordination of identified high needs/high risk patients.  The traditional methods of paper based care plans, phone calls and email do not encourage patient engagement or collaborative patient centred multidisciplinary team care leading to a greater level of patient self-care and care coordination.

The Shared Care programme will work in partnership with several service providers- primary and secondary clinician, pharmacists and community providers. It will facilitate their strategic direction and associated benefits to be recognised by enabling a shared platform of information sharing, care planning and communication. “


Andrew Miller, GP Bush Rd Medical Centre & NDHB Clinical IT Director


Role-Based Access in Shared Care

There are now 4 levels of role-based access for Shared Care users.  This enables us to provide surety to enrolled patients that appropriate care team members are seeing the appropriate information in their record.
Click here to see what the access entails

Getting Help

Did you know you can contact the  CareConnect Support Centre directly?
Our phone number is 0800268 626

or email:

Who makes up our Governance Group?

  • Steve Boomert (Chair) (Procare)
  • Sarah Thirlwall (CM Health)
  • Andrew Brant (WDHB)
  • Alan Davis (NDHB)
  • Andrew Miller (Manaia Health)
  • Benedict Hefford (CM Health)
  • Andre George (CCCL)
  • Debbie Holdsworth (ADHB/WDHB)
  • Stephen Powell (CCL)
  • Charlotte Harris (Auckland PHO)
  • Loretta Hansen (Easthealth PHO)
  • Karl Cole (Procare)
  • Michelle Ellis (healthAlliance)
  • Rory Matthews (Francis Group International)
  • Reid McRobie (healthAlliance)
  • Jo Fitzpatrick (Consumer Representative)
  • Glenn Marriott (Auckland PHO)