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12 Gifts From My Heart To Yours

Empowerment Through Prayer, Ritual & Medicine

Hello Sacred SuperSTAR!

Today I want to shower you with gifts. Why? I LOVE GIVING GIFTS! It's one of my absolutely most favorite things!

Maybe it's because I came home from the hospital after being born, in a huge Christmas stocking, maybe it's because I was raised in a family where service and generosity were values taught and practiced every day, or maybe I was just lucky to be born with a deep sense of joy from giving gifts to others.

I want, mostly, to say "THANK YOU" for being with me on this journey. Whether you've been in ceremony with me, benefitted from my Success Mentoring or simply got on this mailing list to see what I'm up to, your presence in my life lets me know I am making a positive impact in the world and that means everything to me.

So, to say THANK YOU, and celebrate one of my favorite times of the year, here is YOUR CHRISTMAS STOCKING (or Hanukkah, or Solstice, or Kwanzaa or just HOLIDAY GOODIES).

These are some of my very best offerings to support you through this often challenging time. AND . . . if you feel called, PASS IT ON! These gifts can and should most definitely be re-gifted.

#1 Success Mentoring Kit This is my eBook Unlock Your Success Code: Subconscious Success Repatterning & an accompanying guided journey on MP3. This is my "secret" to my success and how I help my clients make miracles happen in their lives.
#2 LOVE BOMB! Listen to this quick MP3 journey to help you turn your "Grrrrrrrr!" into some seriously fierce love bombs.
#3 Best Day Ever! This guided journey will help you to have the best day ever!
#4 Emerging Through Crisis  This will help you through triggers and to deal with the intense feelings and experiences that can turn the holidays into nightmares.
#5 Fantasy Trip Need a little getaway from the chaos and frenzy getting stirred up all around you? Take a mini vacay with this quick fantasy trip!
#6 Manifesting Abundance This time of year, it can be easy to fall into debt and scarcity mentality. Use this helpful guided journey to call in prosperity!
#7 Couple's Emergency Communication Guide Nothing like the holidays to create conflict in relationship, right? Use this helpful guide to turn conflict into greater intimacy!
#8 Easy Being Green Recipe Book This is a really helpful book filled with ways to get more spirulina, one of my favorite superfoods, into your diet. It'll help you to healthfully metabolize all that sugar and turn it into real energy, AND it'll help draw toxins out of your system. 
#9 Empowered in the Hospital I created this guide after 800 hours of integrative medicine therapy at Marin General Hospital and California Pacific Medical Center in conjunction with the Institute for Health & Healing. If you or someone you know is in the hospital, this will help you (to help them) make the most of the hospital stay.
#10 "Break Through To Success" Discovery Session These are actually limited and going fast. If you are seriously considering getting some top notch mentoring with guaranteed results to help you through stuck and painful patterns you haven't been able to shift on your own, this conversation will help give you clarity on what's possible and help us to decide if we are a good match to get you to where you want to be. 
#11 TEA PARTY GAME! This is the eBook version of my Go Ask Alice Oracle & Tea Party Game (well, the Tea Party part, that is). You can use this to throw some really FRABJOUS parties! For more information about this fun project, visit the Go Ask Alice Oracle website.
#12 HAVE YOU GRABBED THE Holiday Heartbreak Survival Kit yet? I’ve joined with 15 other coaches, experts and healers to put together this kit and we’re providing you with our most powerful tools to survive holiday heartbreak (or pass it on as a gift to someone you know and care about)!
>>> Get The Holiday Heartbreak Survival Kit now HERE! (it’s a gift)
This complete resource guide could be THE support you need to receive more healing, joy and love than you ever thought possible this holiday season…and beyond.

Whew! That's a lot! I hope you are feeling loved up and deeply appreciated.

May this holiday season bless you with peace, love and joy!

 All blessings, love & 13 Thank Yous!


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