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Chuckanut Transition is a growing network of neighbors creating resilient community in the Samish Watershed through collaboration and renewal of our lost rural village heritage.

Aslan Organics CSA and Land Available for Lease

The 100 year old barn with new roof and 4 acres of certified organic land under rye with well/irrigation are available for an additional $300/mo which includes additional farm aspects. If interested the land includes, established farm customers for roadside stand and produce/egg CSA. Some customers are food stamp recipients. Also, if you are interested, chicken coop/yard with 13 sexlink chickens with 1 laying year left. Large 15'x30' greenhouse in backyard. The additional rent includes: Rainier cherry trees, young apple/pear orchard, and with hazel nut trees. See our farm facebook photos: or check out their craig's list post 
Aslan Organic Potatoes For Sale!
$2 per pound
Contact: Aharown Luke
Available resource:  Poultry Processing Equipment Rental Program.  More info.
Announcing the North Cascades Meat Producers Cooperative:
The NCMPC is a group of farmers and individuals who have banded together to develop custom and USDA meat processing services, as well as a cooperative-owned wholesale distribution program for interested meat producers from Island, Skagit, and Whatcom Counties. More info.
More processing opportunity in the Valley: The Northwest Agriculture Business Center (NABC) will receive funding from the U.S. Department of Agriculture to provide technical support for existing agricultural processors and to incubate new processors of agricultural products in Northwest Washington...Initiative funds will be used to fund a Project Manager position to direct the regional collaboration. The Initiative will support the development of scale appropriate processing, advanced processing technologies, and workforce development to support the diversity of agricultural production in the region.  For more info on initiative and position go here.

Get Informed About GMO's

To learn more about GMO myth and truth go here.
A concerned grandmother in our county created this petition to raise awareness and work towards banning GMO’s in Skagit Valley.
To sign the petition go to:

Join the conversation! 

Participate in our new Rural Rhythm Revival Blog on our new website at! Please send contributions to
This blog is titled Rural Rhythm Revival because it is meant to celebrate and give voice to our timely activities throughout the seasons in our rural community. 

Buying Club for Bulk Organic Farm Supply

Harley Soltes of Bow Hill Blueberries and Samish Flats Farm is creating a buying club for sourcing organic supply and feed in bulk quantity at reasonable prices.  He is currently putting together an order through Concentrates Inc, an organic wholesaler in Portland.  He has room on pallet for around another 1,000 lbs.  They have a good selection of feeds, supplements and potting soil in quantity. Look at what they have to offer at 
There is also potential for group buys, with no markup, on equipment needed by farmers for packaging, feeding etc, to take advantage of
low or free shipping on large orders and volume purchases. These were usually items he needs anyway and help bring his own prices down by ordering in large quantities.
Contact him soon!  To make an order and to join the buying club contact him at

Organic Rye/Vetch Cover Crop Seed Available

Harley Soltes hauled a truck full of Nash Huber's renowned Organic cover crop seed
back from the Washington Tilth Conference in Port Townsend over the weekend.
This rye/vetch mix is a wonderful Certified Organic seed that has been difficult to get from Nash
over the past few years. If anyone needs any let him know.
The Tilth price was $33/50# bag, a great price for Certified Organic seed with the Nash label.
It is in the Bow Hill barn if anyone is interested.
Will break into 10# bags for gardeners if there is demand for it.

Serving the Skagit Harvest Cookbook

Makes a great Christmas gift and helps to raise money for Eat Your Yard workshops and affiliated projects like the 2013 Seed Sharing Event.  Eat Your Yard is a Transition Fidalgo program that educates and encourages folks to grow their own!
To order go here.

Join Us At The Table!:

We support existing energy and wish to collaborate.  If you have an event you would like us to promote please email it to
Saturday, Nov. 24th from 1-4pm  A Community Wide Thanksgiving Potluck will be at the Alger Community Hall. If you are not in a position to bring a dish or a can of food for the Food Bank that should not stop you from attending. We are looking for old pictures and stories of Alger.  Contact Anette at

Tuesday, Nov. 27th 6pm Transition Fidalgo and Friends are hosting their monthly Seventh Generation Supper, where Graham Kerr will be talking about celebrating community, especially through food. In addition to bringing your dishes and silverware, please bring one half cup of well-washed, diced hard root vegetables (e.g., carrots, parsnips, potatoes) or legumes (e.g., peas or beans pre-soaked and ready to cook) for the soup and one cup of salad ingredients (including fresh herbs) for the salad. We'll enjoy the soup as Graham discusses cultivating delight and doing less harm to each other, the soil, the water, and the air we breathe.  Also, Eat Your Yard will have photos and writings on display sharing what contributors to the Serving the Skagit Harvest cookbook are up to in their gardens.
For more information and a continuing list of events go to

Help Create Our Food Network!

The Bow Little Market is done for the year, but the Market Ladies, all winter long, are helping to form buying groups.  Community members are organizing a sign-up for bulk flour and grains from Fairhaven Mill and Bluebird Grain Farms, organically, locally grown meat birds, beef and pork, Patterned Ground CSA biodynamic produce, hard apple cider, dairy, bulk non-GMO seed, as well as goat milk and cheese shares.  We will also be making orders from Azure Standards, a mail order food distributor. Soon you can go to our Bow Little Market website to sign up for groups already in existence or suggest a buying group of your own.  For now email us at to tell us what groups you are interested in joining or starting.

Living Seed Bank Project

The Chuckanut Transition Initiating Group is creating a data base for folks committed to saving seeds and perennial plants from year to year.
Sharing community grown seed is a great way to insure you are getting a plant that is best suited for our bio-region.
If you are interested in helping with this project, contact us at 
Remember our Annual Bow Little Market Plant and Seed Swap next spring (date TBA).

Save yourself a trip to town!

Did you know that Belfast Feed Store sells a lot more than pet and farm supplies and that they don't carry it if they can't be price comparative?  You can find locally produced raw milk, eggs, grass fed beef, Golden Glen and Samish Bay Cheese, honey, yearly Thanksgiving turkeys for order, canning supplies, boots, books, discounted magazines, a wide variety of Melissa & Doug toys and puzzles, as well as lawn and garden supplies.
Family owned Belfast Feed Store kindly donates their land for the Bow Little Market to help foster community resilience.  Please help to support this important local resource.
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