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June 2013 Newsletter

We are a growing network of neighbors creating community resilience in the Samish Watershed through collaboration and renewal of our lost rural village heritage. Resilience is the ability to cope with, adapt to, and overcome challenges.

June's theme: Resilience

A tardigrade, also known as a water bear or moss piglet, is an animal respected for its extreme resilience.  Tardigrades can survive decades without food and water, extreme temperatures, air pressure and radiation.  At a millimeter-long, we don’t realize that the toughest animals on earth live all around us and are more common than humans.
I suggest we use this tiny creature as inspiration and a mental mascot as we tackle current issues like missing bridges and/or future challenges like increased drought and flooding.   Did you know that the Artic Sea Ice is melting 80 years ahead of predicted schedule?

Announcing Bow Little Market "Guest in the Tent"Series

New “Guest in the Tent” series: Come visit weekly from 2 - 4 pm with people who have special skills, stories to tell, or great ideas they’ve put into practice.  July 11th, Chris Soler will be in the community tent to answer your questions about home scale alternative energy and his hybrid gas/man powered bicycle. Stay tuned for a complete "Guest in the Tent" list and schedule at

Transition Fidalgo and Friends Hosting Free Skill-share Workshops at Anacortes Farmers Market

These free workshops will begin at 10 am in the Depot.  Subjects are diverse: bees, guitars, bikes...for a complete list of topics go to our events blog.

Transition In Action: Blog Roll

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Meet the Chuckanut Transition Initiating Group...

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Great year for oyster mushrooms!...

The Schoonovers of Prairie Farm and Red Headed Produce create a lending library...

One way to flex your consumer power...

Read more on our Blog

Organic Farming and Housing Opportunity in the Upper Skagit River Valley

This is an excellent opportunity for someone who has some farming experience and would like to have their own small farm business but can not afford to purchase a farm.  Read more on our blog.

Save the Dates!  September 21-22

Whatcom SkillShare Faire at Hovander Homestead Park.  Share your skills.  Trade your wares. 
Workshops ~ Local Music ~ Bartering!

Shambala Permaculture Farm to Host Permaculture Design Certificate Course

August 9-24, 2013
To learn more about course go to our events blog

Bow Hill Blueberries and Organics is now the host to the North Sound Food Hub

Bow Hill is now receiving and sending out fresh produce and meats from all around the area through the North Sound Food Hub at Bow Hill. Our first truck went to Seattle Tuesday and we are now setup for weekly aggregation and distribution to help local farmers save time and fuel.
This service is open to local chefs, institutions and buying clubs too so if you are interested in buying large quantities from local farms check out how at:

Food Hub at Bow Hill Fundraiser To Help Both Farmers and Consumers

And Check Out How You Can Help Below...Watch the wonderful video done by Susan Soltes of Bow Hill Blueberries to help fund the costs that local farmers would have to pay to get their food to LOCAL and URBAN markets.
The Collapse of the I-5 Bridge Over The Skagit River Makes This Project Even More Essential for Local Farmers.
Indiegogo fundraiser is to cover the cost to local farmers for aggregate storage and distribution of their products to local and Seattle area buyers.
Help if you can and pass it on....
Follow Link Below

Mason Bee Workshop with Kim Kellems

Thursday, June 6th, 6:30 pm to 7:30 pm, Alger Community Hall, 18735 Parkview Lane (Alger) - Everyone Welcome! Please join us!
Learn all about mason bees and how to attract these busy pollinators to your garden at this free workshop.  Friday Creek Habitat Stewards monthly meeting immediately following.

Community Supported Agriculture: Patterned Ground

Matt and Gina of Patterned Ground will be at the Bow Little Market again this year.  Go to their website to learn more about their farm, their CSA or buying group options.

Deadline Extended!  Friday is the last day you can sign up for Belfast/Bow Little Market Drop Off for Viva Farms CSA

Go to Viva Farms website to learn more about their important work to create more farmers.  Go here to learn about their CSA.  They have dairy and grains.

Live in the Samish Watershed, have an event you want promoted?  Share it on our
Event and Workshop Blog
Email us info at

June Events:

To learn more about any of the below events visit our calendar of events.
Mason Bee Class
Thurs. 6, 6:30 - 7:30pm 
Alger Community Hall
Paddock Paradise Livestock Workshop
Mon. 17, 6:30 - 9:00pm
Pre-register by June 12th, call Kristi @360-428-4313
Padilla Bay Research Reserve
Speak Up! Speak Out! Community Conversation w/ Ellen Bynum, Friends of Skagit County
Learn why she advocates strongly for citizen participation in land use decisions.
Sat. 22, 10 - 11:30 am
Burlington Public Library
Butterfly Garden Work Party @ Alger Comm. Hall
Sat. 29, 9 - 3 pm
Alger Community Hall
Save the Date!  Bow Little Market Opens!
July 11, 1 - 6 pm
Belfast Feed Store
Bow Little Market Community Yard Sale
July 18, 1-6 pm
Belfast Feed Store
Sign-up by emailing or call 724-3333

Our growing regional network 

For other calendar of events and classes go to:
Friday Creek Habitat Stewards
Transition Whatcom
Transition Fidalgo and Friends
Shambala Permaculture Farm
Skagit Co-op
*To submit an event for our calendar email us at

Butterfly Garden Work Party At Alger Community Hall

June 29th 9 - 3 pm ~ Bring your gloves and shovel to the Alger Community Hall (18735 Parkview Lane) to help move dirt and establish planting beds.

Friday Creek Habitat Stewards Receive Grassroots Stewardship Grant

Hats off and congratulations to the Friday Creek Habitat Stewards, a neighborhood community volunteer group, who were recently awarded a $7,500 grant from the Rose Foundation's Puget Sound Grassroots Stewardship Fund to establish a multi-faceted stream and wildlife habitat enhancement demonstration site on Silver Creek at the Alger Community Hall.

Read more on our blog.

Bow-Edison Food Trail Map

Learn more about the Bow-Edison Food Trail Map on our blog.  This is another community oriented project from the Bow Hill Blueberry Farm owner Susan Soltes.  

Thank You Susan Soltes of Bow Hill Blueberries!

Did you know that Susan hosted a free blueberry camp last year for middle school kids with art and cooking classes.  Berries picked at the camp were sold and  money raised went towards a free after school art class taught by Katie Walton, an Edison parent volunteer (Thank you Katie!).  This year Susan will be filming those blueberry camp kids with Gram Kerr to further his fight to end childhood hunger and increase the amount of fresh local food available to our Valley's children.  Please join me in appreciating and supporting Bow Hill Blueberry Farm.  Our community is better off since they moved into town.
Sarai Stevens
Mother of a Blueberry Camp Kid

Save yourself a trip to town!

Did you know that Belfast Feed Store sells a lot more than pet and farm supplies?  Stop by and compare prices.  You will be pleasantly surprised!
Family owned Belfast Feed Store kindly donates their land for the Bow Little Market to help foster community resilience. 
Please help to support this important local resource.
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