Sharing Abundance to Create Abundance
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Chuckanut Transition, building resilient community in the Samish Watershed, is a growing network of rural, independent and capable people learning to live cooperatively with each other and our natural world.  This is our newsletter.  If you have stories, events, tips, or information to share please email us at

January's theme: Light

December Newsletter

Sharing Abundance
By James Wiss
Dec. 9, 2013

Abundance is a mercurial concept shifting according to situation and perspective.  In our current context of lowered incomes and rising costs, a narrow interpretation of abundance as being a surplus of material wealth can inspire possessiveness and neediness rather than open sharing.  Even with money tight, all of us have some kind of wealth to share, be it time, energy, strength, wisdom, experience, compassion, kindness, critical feedback, joy, laughter, even waste.  After all, one man’s garbage can be another man’s gold.  I challenge you; with full bellies and good health compared to so many in the world, is the glass half empty or half full?   We do not need to let our materialistic culture and its failing systems define our inner prosperity.

Broadening our concept of abundance can foster an empowering, revolutionary attitude that can shift our perception of the world and how we function within it.  Etymology, the study of words, indicates that ‘abundance’ is related to the word ‘abound,’ which literally means to have a large amount, and is made up of two roots: ‘ab’ meaning ‘from’ and ‘unda’ meaning ‘wave.’  'From waves' indicates an ebb and flow, a give out and a come back of a large amount of something.  Consequently, the significance of sharing abundance is not only about giving but also receiving, and the more energy we give out, the more energy will come back.  With this in mind, let us flood our community with the abundance we each hold, whatever that may be, and see what rolls back to us in 2014.
Happy New Year!


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New Chuckanut Transition Classified Page
Sharing with fellow Transitioners just got easier.  If you have something to sell, swap or give away or have need for something, submit it on our new classified page!
Don't forget about the Bow Little Market Gift Giving Guide!
Holiday Dessert Potluck and White Elephant Gift Exchange
Where: Blanchard Community Hall
When: Thurs., Dec. 12 at 7 pm
More Info.
Newly Formed Farm to Family Coalition
As another holiday approaches, over a hundred workers – farm workers, warehouse workers, food processing workers, lab technicians, and grocery clerks – have launched a new "Farm to Family Coalition" that will work to ensure that food arrives safely and ethically to the tables of families throughout the Puget Sound region. The coalition will promote health and safety, workplace justice, respect for animals, and environmental stewardship as food travels from our region’s farms to the tables of families in our communities.
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News of Own Sharing Economy
A cider press has been collectively purchased and will be donated to the Alger Community Hall to be managed and shared as a community resource.  Thanks to all who donated.  There will be further costs to refurbish this beautiful piece of machinery.  To donate contact us at

Here is a great article on the "Sharing Economy" titled The Rise of the Sharing Economy in my Community.  It is full of ideas.
Sharing Your Time - Volunteer Opportunities
In some peoples’ minds, “Sharing the Abundance” would mean sharing our excess food or donating money.  In my mind, I think more of sharing my time. In our small community there is a variety of volunteer opportunities. 
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Americorp volunteer and fellow Algerian, Mariah Brown-Pounds is looking for
volunteer allies.  Time commitment: 4 hours/month for 18 months.  Form an intentional friendship with someone who is struggling with poverty and help them to work toward their dreams!  For more information contact Mariah Brown-Pounds: 360-708-7963 ext1155; MariahBP@community
Thanks For Sharing Time and Resources!
The Bow Little Market, a project of Chuckanut Transition, is a farmers market and social enterprise in rural north Skagit County operating without the funding available from city government.  Being a social enterprise, our volunteers are our ‘social capitol,’ and if time is money, then this market is truly rich.  Thanks to all who donate time and resources to our market! 
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Sharing Experience/Interest
The Ticky Tacky Project:
An ongoing, supportive group building small dwellings, community, and quality of life for time and financial freedom, security, durability, and a low impact and vital life!
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The Power of Kindness
Barb Groth, a beloved neighbor, now passed, used to leave bags hanging on door knobs around our tiny berg of Bow.  Summer brought zucchinis, some hilariously huge ones, and winter brought hand knitted bootie socks in just the right size lovingly crafted by hers truly. 
Read more.
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