This is an email communication from the Anne Rowling Regenerative Neurology Clinic.
The Anne Rowling Regenerative Neurology Clinic

A message from Clinic Directors Siddharthan Chandran and Charles ffrench-Constant

Professor Siddharthan Chandran and Professor Charles ffrench-Constant
The Anne Rowling Clinic has now been open for just over 6 months, and we are delighted to report that it is a hive of activity. We are seeing approximately 250 patients every month in specialist research clinics that include multiple sclerosis, motor neurone disease and early-onset cognitive disorder. This will grow as we begin to host specialist clinics for fragile X syndrome, Huntington’s disease and genetics. We held a very successful scientific launch symposium at the end of May, entitled “The Clinical Science of Regenerative Neurology”. The fourteen talks and numerous posters were a tour-de-force of the very latest in regenerative neurology from the best researchers world-wide and served to inspire the 300 delegates as well as build our national and international collaborations. The importance of these links is evidenced by our recent announcement of the MS-SMART clinical trial, with University College London (more details below). Other research is also thriving: we now have a functional room in the Clinic for voice-banking, and our laboratory scientists have published their findings in top journals.
Many thanks for your support of the Anne Rowling Clinic. We would like to wish you a very enjoyable summer.

Scientific launch symposium success

The fourteen world-leading scientists who spoke at "The Clinical Science of Regenerative Neurology" urged caution, but ultimately conveyed a message of hope for the future treatment of neurodegenerative disease. Read more...

MS-SMART: a new clinical trial in secondary progressive multiple sclerosis

A major clinical trial of three drugs in SPMS, run jointly between the University of Edinburgh and University College London, will begin recruiting this autumn. Read more...

Stem cell programming advance

Centre for Regenerative Medicine scientist Dr Keisuke Kaji has taken a vital step forward in understanding how cells from skin tissue can be reprogrammed to become stem cells. Read more...
Siddharthan Chandran gives a talk at TEDGlobal

Regenerating Hope: TEDGlobal 2013

Anne Rowling Clinic Director Siddharthan Chandran recently gave a talk at the prestigious TEDGlobal 2013. Siddharthan described his vision for using stem cells to repair brains damaged by neurodegenerative disease. Read more...
Emily Moore with her artwork for the Clinic

Artworks installed in the Anne Rowling Clinic

In a collaboration with the Edinburgh College of Art, three students have provided original artworks for the Clinic walls. Read more...
Anne Rowling Clinic time capsule on display

Time Capsule now on display

The Anne Rowling Clinic time capsule is contained within a beautiful display case whose design was inspired by cellular regeneration. It contains accounts from patients living with neurodegenerative disease and from clinicians on their hopes for the future. Read more...

Community fundraising update

As always, our supporters are finding imaginative ways to fundraise for the Anne Rowling Clinic. Beth Watling is soon going to be walking the journey of the Hogwarts Express from London to Edinburgh. Find out more...

Reviews needed for Euan's Guide

Euan's Guide will feature impartial, user-generated accessibility reviews and recommendations for venues nationwide, to assist all individuals with accessibility needs and the people they spend time with. Read more...
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