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7 Day Summer School in June 2017, in England

200+ live Cases in 2 weeks - Calcutta Clinical Training in January 2018

Post Graduate Programme (modular course)

Successful prescriptions, what we can learn.
Bengal Allen Institute, Calcutta Clinical Programme 2017

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Janet Banerjea R.S Hom.
Joint principal, Allen College of Homoeopathy, England.

Photographs in this article by kind permission of the delegates.

Teaching is about conveying information is such a way to allow the student to assimilate information and to critique what has been presented. To compare what they already know with what is in front of them and to be open to looking at management of cases with a wider understanding.

Euclayptus: Catarrhal: thick, white. An expectorant. Body ache (flu medicine). Bronchitis in aged (nephritis complicated with influenza). purulent and fetid discharge. Ethmoid and frontal sinus involved.

Ferrum Phosphoricum: Predisposition to colds. Acute, short, spasmodic painful cough on touching the larynx and bending over. Agg. open air (sensitive to cold air), warm drinks, motion, night, 4 - 6 a.m., touching the larynx. Amel. cold drinks, rest.

Penthorum: Constant wet feeling in the nose, which no amount of blowing will relieve. Discharge thick, pus-like, streaked with blood. Post-nasal catarrh of puberty. Often indicated after Pulsatilla in later colds. Agg. talking, singing.

Quillaya Saponaria: Most effective in the beginning of coryza, frequently checks its further development. Cough with difficult expectoration.

Image: Baby in the Rural Clinic with Acute cold

Knowledge is shared generously and authentically at the Bengal Allen Institute, Calcutta and through the following cases I hope you will appreciate the learning that is available if one looks at the case with an open mind with Hahnemann's philosophy underpinning the knowledge.

Subrata, Janet & Saptarshi in a very busy Rural Clinic with overseas participants – January 2017

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