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Fellowship Award to our Principal

Janet Banerjea, RSHom.
Joint Principal
Allen College of Homoeopathy 

The Society of Homoeopaths awarded our Principal Dr Subrata Banerjea a Fellowship which was awarded at the Society Conference in Nottingham on 17th September.

Francis Treuherz, Secretary of The Society of Homeopaths, presented Subrata with a flower garland in true Indian style which was well received and the following is a transcript of Subrata’s response.

‘Simple Homoeopathy works with wonder even in very Advanced Pathologies that I see here in the U.K and also in India.

I descended my Homoeopathic blood through 4 generations and brought up with wonderful stories of success of Homoeopathy. My "A" was Arnica & "B" was Belladonna. I like to share few stories with you: This was a case of a Calcutta master, Dr. Tarak Palit. A patient was admitted in the Hospital from extreme dehydration with features almost nearing collapsed state from acute and severe gastro-enteritis. The body was cold+++ to touch. The patient was not responding well to the conventional Allopathic treatment. When Dr. Palit went to see the patient, he saw the patient was trying to touch different parts of the body. When asked, he said ‘feels burning in spots as if sparks of fire’. Though the body was cold, the patient was refusing covering. He prescribed Secale Cor 200 and result was astounding; in 12 hours patient improved dramatically. Camphor too have collapse, body cold refuses covering but it does not have sparks of fire and burning spots of Secale.

A case of absolute lack of fear. The patient takes too many risks and her mother was concerned about her. She is a young girl aged about 12 years with fearlessness which was elucidated by her Mother through different examples, e.g., climbing trees; stroking strange dogs, etc. She started her menstruation for last 6 months and every time she develops a husky voice during her period. She occasionally suffers difficulty in breathing in damp weather. Generally during difficulty of breathing she takes steroid inhaler and does not like to go to school because of profound prostration. The Homoeopathic medicine not only has modified her personality but also took care of her breathing problem. That’s the wonderful totality approach in Homoeopathy. I prescribed Gelsemium, 200 followed by 1M and the patient was totally better within 9 months.

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