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Story of a young lady with Uterine Bleeding
Story of a man with Asthma

Dr. Subrata K. Banerjea, GOLD MEDALIST
B.H.M.S. (Honours In Nine Subjects Of Calcutta University)
Fellow: Society of Homoeopaths, U.K.
Fellow: Homoeopathic Medical Association of the United Kingdom
Fellow: Association of Natural Medicine, U.K
Fellow: Akademie Homoopathischer Deutscher Zentralverein (Germany)
Director: Bengal Allen Medical Institute
Principal: Allen College of Homoeopathy, Essex, England

Story of a young lady with Uterine Bleeding

A woman in her mid thirties was trying to conceive for eight years. She was interested in IVF, so tried various therapies but nothing helped.

I was treating her for about nine months but not having any success. By then, she was desperate, so decided to participate in a Hindu ritual.

This consists of making a walking pilgrimage, while carrying water from "Holy Ganges" in two brass pots, balanced on a long bamboo stick across the shoulder. The long walk starts from the bank of Calcutta’s Ganges to Tarakeswar, which is about fifty miles from the city of Calcutta.

The aim is to pour the carried water onto Lord Shiva in the Tarakeswar Temple for blessings. She was not used to such strenuous walking activity as her travelling usually consists in a chauffeur driven car!

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Story of a man with Asthma

Asthma of six years duration in a young man who lives in Scotland, used to consult me over the telephone and via video conference. His asthmatic manifestation was better by leaning his head backwards.

Accordingly a homoeopath from Glasgow prescribed Hepar Sulph but there was no appreciable change.

One day he was doing a video consultation with me, sitting in his conservatory, a room with large glass windows, and I could see it was very foggy outside.

As there was a window, little open and the patient was really suffocating. I asked about the weather and he confirmed that in foggy weather, his asthma gets worse.

I prescribed Hypericum 200, which covers asthma, aggravation foggy weather, agg. from cold and damp, better by leaning the head backwards.

Modalities can complete the symptoms and individualises the patient.

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