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Something NEW Intends to Flow

When 2018 started in the crater arms of Fire Goddess Pele, on the Big Island of Hawaii, I knew that this year was going to have a mind of it's own... that this is not a year of intention setting... but that it is to be a year of making the right adjustments, both in my mind as well as in my way of living life, so that I align with that which intends to flow through me... and so it is that I simply ask:

What is it that seeks to flow through me in this magical year of unfurling newness?

And with that I listen... and I remain open, without judgement and, as much as possible, without inflicting limiting parameters from old paradigms and ways of being.

Not always easy!!

So I remind myself that the subconscious mind is always running stories that my conscious mind may not be privy to; and that I need to hold space for the uncovering of those stories so I don't jinx the new ways of being that are simultaneously emerging in this human of mine as I morph from Maiden to Mother...

And when I tune into that which is intending to emerge, different to that which I intend to achieve, I find that life for me personally is wanting to somehow become more portable. My critical mind questions how this might support my new family financially... as there is minimal remuneration in the many labors of love I invest my time and heart into... but late last year a new inspiration woke me up in the middle of the night and demanded I pay attention.

It basically wanted to offer free therapy and to be called 'Dear Kali'.  And it wanted to be channeled through Gaia. And it feels strong and purposeful, with a distinct mind of it's own. I know not what it wants from me, yet. But I pitched it to Gaia anyway, and they agreed to give it a whirl with me. 

We're still experimenting as to how to roll with it, but as we get started I am called to appeal to you as my tribe to write your questions in to me, using the form in the link here. It's been fun so far seeing what Ma Kali has to say in response to your questions as She flows through my writing, and it will also be of great service in getting this snowball rolling - which will hasten the revelation of what this inspiration intends for me! 

Talk about flying by the very new seat of your pants?!

So if you feel so called, please use the form in the link here to ask your questions about what may be challenging you in life at this time - just like you might have written into Dear Abbey.

You can also click the following links to read a couple of other questions that have already been posted:

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I very much look forward to hearing from you! This could be both fun and rewarding, as well as insightful. Remember too that what challenges you most likely challenges someone else also and that the work we each do for part of ourselves chips away at the whole of the Collective. 

In the meantime, now that my little man is six and a half months already, I am now getting back into taking one-on-one clients again, both in person and over Skype. My office days will be Monday's and Tuesdays - thats Tuesdays and Wednesdays in the Southern Hemisphere. 2018 is calling us to let new and previously untapped possibilities rise to the surface. It's time to let the newness surface, and LIVE it. 

Much Love
Kali Carmel

PS. I've been getting personal and blogging again, mostly about miracle babies, pregnancy and transitioning from Maiden to Mother, but you can check out my latest posts here.

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