Join me on 40 Days of Inner Power and help create a paradigm shift within your self, and the world. The way to get through these times is by accessing a Higher Power... and this work literally creates miracles I can personally vouch for... I believe it was this work that allowed my body to naturally become pregnant when doctors said I would need donor eggs, or a miracle.... I found the latter - read more below....
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Hi beautiful one

Are you watching the TV, reading the news and wondering if you've woken up in a world gone entirely mad?

Well here's my take on this downward spiral we're currently in....

Devolution precedes evolution, as does chaos precede transformation, as is birth a messy process.

We're in the womb of the Underworld... we're percolating our new dawn.... and it's always darkest right before the dawn. I have no clue how dark it has to get before we can birth ourselves into the light of a new way forward. That's up to us as a Collective, and not just Americans but humanity as a whole.

This, let's just call it narrow minded and mentally wounded activity, is getting people together in unprecedented ways and numbers. The old way is done and out. This is a good thing. We're just waiting now for the new way to emerge. This is also a good thing. We needed a new way. So I'm zooming out and looking at the big out-there picture and seeing this narrow minded and mentally wounded activity as a good thing.... in the long run (if we have a long run to gamble with that is).

He's playing a ballsy roll.

People, in general, due to the nature of humanity being conditioned to wait for disaster and calamity to ensue before any form of action is taken, simply refuse to be proactive until something super uncomfortable is happening.... so unfortunately we, as a whole, need to get freaked out and super squirmy in order to wake up, grow up, and actually do something.

So now people are waking up all over the place. In a panic. And probably especially those who didn't vote. (And again, I don't mean just Americans who could have voted but didn't, but all of humanity who's choice this wasn't. Because this choice effects ALL of humanity. America, take it from someone who grew up on a small island in the South Pacific you ARE a big and powerful nation. What you do MATTERS).

But the freakier this all gets the quicker this will transcend to its next level of evolution, because nothing can stay the same forever, it's just not possible and so all things pass, eventually, and then we will have the chance to do things differently and find some fabulous new young person, OR get a whole new paradigm in the form of a Wisdom Council in place, to take us to the next level.

Truly, anything is possible from this point onward.

So keep freaking out and waking up and growing up and getting together in new and unprecedented ways. Keep speaking out your truth and rallying together in new and uncomfortable ways. For it seems we have to go thru discomfort in order to find a new level of comfort than the one that was keeping us stuck before.

Believe it or not, this has the smell of progress to it, when I zoom Way out. And if we do indeed have a future to gamble with.

That's my nutshell take anyway 🙏🙏🙏

So what am I doing about it? And what can YOU do about it?

Thru my studies and practice with the Goddess I have come to accept and Trust that the only way I can move thru the darkness and uncertainty of these times is with a combination of Goddess Practice, which entails meditation, mantra and journaling in dialogue with the Goddess/our Great Mother, combined with Parts Therapy, a specific kind of talk therapy, to address the shadows of my psyche and the fear of my inner parts, from a place of Pure Awareness. By being still and listening, I move thru fear and into the wellspring of wisdom within. Here my nervous system can relax so that I open to a place of higher thinking and then connection to the deeper truth can ensue, over and above the fear. And then a Way forward emerges far grander, and more magical than my little self could have put together in my own narrow mind. We simply need access to a Higher Power first.

It's miraculous work. I believe it's the path that led to my current pregnancy - simply because I learned to let go so that what was really seeking to emerge actually could. This practice got me out of my own way and out of the belief system that was holding me stuck 🙋

And I want to share this practice with you.

This is for those of you truly serious about creating change, within yourself first. Because creating change within ourselves first means we transcend the patriarchal ways that live within us. It's not a time to trump the father with the mother (no pun intended). It's a time to marry the father and the mother together in a mutually honoring, respecting relationship based upon the principles of collaboration and inclusivity. Then a new and unprecedented paradigm can emerge that can move us forward in the ways necessary for our times. We can't possibly know what that will look like yet.


❣️❣️❣️If making these kind of changes toward a new paradigm is what you're up for then join me on 40 Days of Inner Power. Pick from one of four aspects of Goddess on this link here. And let's do this. You can start whenever you like. You can work together with other brothers and sister as your support, or take your inward journey alone... it's entirely up to you and however you feel called... but NOW is the time ❣️❣️❣️

Which aspect of Goddess calls to you?

Questions, comments, feedback all welcomed, just reply to this mail and I will personally respond to you as quickly as possible. We're all incarnated at this time for a reason. Let's make it a meaningful one.

Much Love 

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