A New Moon. A New Story. 

Becoming a mother at 44 certainly shifted things a bit in my world. I realized where I wasn't truly showing up in life and how I can show up more fully, more completely, more me-like. I asked myself the question - how would life be for me, and for my boy, if I didn't create health, wealth and personal freedom? And this is where it's led me....
I'm looking for like-minded, motivated peeps to join me:

New Moon. New Cycle. New YOU?

Its a New Moon. A new cycle is upon us. Another opportunity to go within, to find our inner wellspring of knowing.... reveal within our hearts new intentions... plant and nurture the growth of new seeds... embrace deeper and more insightful levels of personal power and ability to manifest dreams...

BUT Knowing is the easy part.

Trusting what you know and acting on it is the hard part.

Getting still, clear and quite enough to hear that inner voice of wisdom that knows, is the part that might take a little intention... but once you get your stillness on, and you drop into the clear mind of the heart, bam, you know. It's obvious in there what wants to be done.

Then the hard part comes....
TRUSTING what you know.
And ACTING on it.

That takes some courage. And quite often too, tonnes of conviction, because it might not be a popular choice or one your partner or family agree with... especially if its different to what you've typically done... because most people don't like change... even the kind of change that leads to freedom in the realms of health or wealth.

WHY? Because that kind of freedom takes EFFORT, TRUST and PERSISTENCE - and in the face of challenge, from others as well as from your little-me self, most people choose not to.

Because its:
Too hard.
Too risky.
Too time consuming.
Too expensive.
Too much energy required.

Not enough time
self worth
self love
self belief
self trust

Not enough courage to be who you really are.

Whats going on?

Good ole RESISTANCE is what's going on.

Resistance to acting on INNER KNOWING.
Resistance to acting on the call of your Divine Self.
Resistance to acting upon that part of you that knows who you are and why you are here....
Resistance to busting through all the glass ceilings you've built into your mind about why you can't live the healthy, wealthy life of freedom your Soul plonked you on this planet to live.
Resistance to stop listening to the ego and all it's fears and excuses.
And RESISTANCE to living the kick arse life you came here to live.

Well I say bollocks to resistance!!

I'm done with my resistance to all that shitola.

I'm done with limiting myself financially.

I'm done with unworthiness.

I'm done with limiting my infinite potential.

How about you and your body, your mind, your heart?

I know that by nourishing my body with the kinds of foods that feed my cells with nutrient dense love that I am feeding my mind and my connection to what is true for me. This means KNOWING is easy. And finding the courage to act on it is easier too. I can feel the fear, which is less and less every day, and do it anyway... because I know that it is only the cosmic illusion of my own ego holding me back.

Well no more!

I'm breaking through all that now. I'm too old to have such a young baby and not have this attitude!! In my vision for life I live until this guy is well into middle age and I do so by living a healthy, wealthy, loving, giving, joyful way of being.

And I've finally found the platform from which to RISE, fully, wholly, completely aligned with my deepest TRUTH.

I have just completed a 40 day Nutritional SuperFood reset, using premium, top shelf, gmo free, bionically organic, uberly nutrient dense, plant magic, which has plugged my body mind back into my Soul and my Soul back into the drivers seat of my life - this is what we want in order to make the changes we want to see in our own lives and in the world.


So I'm not stopping at the 40 day mark, I continue to feed my body in this way.. and my baby's body... and for whoever else wants this kind of drive, I will gladly share what I have found.

If you're motivated to move with me past all our ego's shenanigans that keep us lurking in the dregs of our own self doubt...
If you're motivated to break through our financial shadows together...
If you're motivated to move into a more wealthy and abundant way of life...
If you want to see the money of the world shifting into the hands of people more conscious and awake to bigger picture visions than what we're currently seeing happen in the hands of the wealthy running this country/this world...

.... then drop me back a message, you 'n me, we gotta talk! 

It’s a New Moon. A new cycle. The power for change lays inside each and every one of us. All we gotta do is access it. And that starts with how we eat because that determines how we feel. And we all gotta eat. So drop me a message, tell me what your new cycle and intentions, dreams and longings for change are, in your life as well as in the world... how you're feeling about your own health and wealth abundance, or just ping me back a fruit or veg emoji in below and I'll know you're feeling this too. And if you're feeling this too... then the platform is here... Let's do this thing!

with grace and love

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