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Hi sisters,

You can now access all content from our Module FIVE call by clicking here

Remember you will need the password SFWONLINE to access all password protected pages... and that it is case sensitive!

This week we continue thru the Underworld connecting to deeper and wiser levels of Self. The meditations are super profound and important so make time for at least one of them each day. In my experience it is through a meditation practice that pretty much anything becomes at least manageable and eventually awakening. 

If you have any questions or anything you want to share, jump on over to the Facebook community and I will meet you there.

I've also included this week the bonus interview call with Barbara Marx Hubbard which you can access directly by clicking here. You can review all bonus interviews now by referring to the download page where they are listed together.

Remember all these Goddesses, no matter how they appear to you, are your ally's, always. They have you back. Surrender and listen in and you will know this in your bones and in your soul.

Next week is our final week together and I will be doing both an overview as well as a tying together by bringing in the Divine Masculine in the form of Shiva. If you have any questions please ask, especially if you cannot be live on the call. I will answer them in any case. Or if would like to be present to share on the call, then please join us. 

And as always, your feedback, sharings, comments, etc, is welcomed! All of it, however it comes!

So much love to you all

with love and Goddess smiles

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