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AS you likely know, I'm currently traveling around my home land of New Zealand. It was time I touched back into the land of my birth. And this morning I'm just waking up and feeling into the mornings energy after a 7.4 earthquake rumbled across the country last night. It was a long, hard and seemingly endless wave of a quake here in New Plymouth, big enough to wake me up, but not enough to get me out of bed.

I hadn't been sleeping well since the energy of the election released a tenseness into the field of humanity.... and with this Super Full Moon brewing for this evening, the tension had just been building up and up and up. But the feeling I have in my body this morning is one of huge release.... a feeling of a settling into the rumble of a new paradigm. It feels softer and more grounded today than it has in a few days here.

It's so still outside.

So calm.

To me it feels like the eternal void of Shiva's pure awareness, 
having shifted to a new vibration of silence thru Shakti's ecstatic dance.

This is how Spirit rolls, ebbing and flowing between movement and stillness. Sometimes more chaotic and severe, other times more subtle and sublime.

But always ebbing and flowing, back and forth in an Eternal Dance of Lovers United in the Play of Consciousness. Not knowing if we lead or are led, we can only feel into, and be present to, the shifting of the cosmic guard.

Are we in a time of stillness?

Or are we in a time of movement?

Are we the movement in the stillness


the stillness in the movement?

Last night as I lay, still, while Mother Earth beneath me rumbled and rolled and jiggled and shook, I felt an enormous sense of calm. Like She was finally releasing all that's been pent up across the planet with this crazy arse election... and I heard in my bones loud and clear....

"My darling children, to you I have given and I have given and I have given, again and again and again, and you have done beautiful, amazing and wonderful things with my gifts. But you have also done some incredibly stupid and self absorbed things with my gifts.... and, while you have grown and expanded through the portal of your infinite heart in countless ways, you've also become fearful, selfish, greedy and mean.

There is enough.

You are enough.

It's time to wake up now.

It's been time for a long time.

But NOW it is time to wake up and open your hearts wider. It's time to work together as ONE family to honor your one and only shared HOME - Planet Earth. Because while I have given and given and given, I can also take it all away at any time I choose... my darling children, you are in a pivotal moment in time.

It's time to embrace your evolutionary nature and to think, act and love in an evolutionary way. It's time to transcend your limbic system and live in your heart.

Love and flow, over thinking and strategizing.

Circular, over linear.

Collaboration over competition.

Unity over separation.

The time is NOW.

Not tomorrow, next month or after fucken Christmas. It's now!"

(Excuse my language, but that's how I heard it).

I recognized, very quickly, that this was the Goddess speaking.

And I wondered, as a Collective...

Dare we listen?

And... dare we not?


So as I move about this isolated island country hidden down the bottom of the planet somewhere near the South Pole.... I find myself reflecting, as many are right now, what has happened to get an electoral vote such as this....

Initially for me it held some fear... a lot of surprise... some trepidation... a lot more surprise... some surrender... then a bit of an opening started to occur... more surrender... more opening... and then, dawning...

This is the cries of our shadow reflected back at us. This is our own darkness, the darkness that we hold inside ourselves, that we project onto ourselves in the beliefs and thoughts that we hold about ourselves and towards others. This is the reflection of our own insecurities, fears and our mentality of scarcity. This is the notion that there is not enough and we are not safe. This is the fear that speaks from deep within saying mine, not yours. We are separate.

But we are not separate.

We are not you and me and him and her, and them and they.

We are ONE.

America voted.

America said: "Look at what is going on inside of you. For we shall mirror it here in our choices."

It is certainly a window of humanity that is now demanding our scrutiny and attention. This is our chance to create change by Being the change we want to see in the world, more now than ever before.

Fact: The candle does burn brightest in the dark.

This election and these earthquakes, these fires and hurricanes and tsunami's.... it's all an invitation to delve into our own shadow, and to, through that work, shine our light and our love stronger and brighter than ever before.

You can make your vote again and again every single day by how you spend your money and how you walk your talk. Align with your own deepest values. Remember that you are not separate from the whole. Know that you are me and I am you and that every child in the world is your child, just as every woman on the planet is your wife/daughter/mother/aunt/niece/sister and every man, your husband/son/father/nephew/uncle too. I do not want one single child or husband of mine being sent off to war or barracaided from the country - any country. And I sure as hell don't want to see any woman/mother/wife/daughter/niece/etc abused or bullied or put down or treated as less than. Or anyone discounted over because of their color or sexuality.

We are all ONE.

This is not a time to run away. This is a time to drop in and show up more. Shine brighter. Fuller. Be more of your True and Sacred Self. This is our chance to shine brighter and bolder and more aligned with our deepest values than ever before.

I have to believe there is a silver lining in this scene that is here unfurling before our eyes.... This is not about making America great again... America has always been great. This is about making humanity WHOLE. And, as in any progression, regression, chaos and turmoil, is a necessary part of the path. This too shall pass. Evolution is indeed a messy, messy process.


TRUE POWER lays in your heart.

TRUE LIGHT shines through your Soul.

Let your heart and your soul lead the way. Make choices not from fear, not from convoluted beliefs, but from the energy that flows through your heart and soul.

You will know a good and aligned choice because it will make you feel good. Your heart will expand and your Soul will soften. Anxiety will be absent.

You will know a not so good and not so aligned choice because it will create anxiety and contraction and make you feel uncomfortable within yourself.

It's time to SHOW UP and BE the CHANGE more now than ever before! 

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With so much Love and Grace

Kali  ;-)


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