Hi beautiful... it's been a while....

Nine months into Motherhood and I find myself getting into the swing of things.... but things are very different than they used to be. Where before I used to summit mountains with my yogini sisters chewing over brain waves and different experiences of deepening spiritual insight, now I play in the park with my mamahood friends and ooh and ahh over our babies while talking about their food, their poop and how heavy or long they've gotten. Where before I used to just jump in the car with a water bottle and lap top or yoga mat, now I cart around a monstrous array of paraphernalia, all for the smallest being I know. Where before a sleep in was till 8am, now I feel blessed if I'm woken and it's only five and where leaving the house took five minutes, now it sometimes just doesn't happen at all. I used to just think for myself, now I must remind myself to consider myself at all, or risk leaving the house in my PJ's with snot on my shoulder, again.

Sometimes, in between the beautiful and miraculous, the sweet and the juicy, it's really hard. Shadow flares and tensions become frayed... knee jerk reactions happen instead of skillful responses... nostalgia instead of presence... feelings of ineptness instead of fullness. And then shame and guilt and all array of suffering ensue.... I waited all my life for this, how could a single  thought different to total gratitude and pure relief find it's way into MY mind??! But thinking thinks and we tend to identify ourselves with our thoughts... and sometimes perspective is lost when we do this, which, let's admit it, is often... because thinking thinks and part of what thinking does is think that it is right.

So having a tool box full of tricks to re-member who you really are is paramount, One of my go-to's, when I can't get to a therapist, or just want a quick alternate perspective is to lay out a Tarot Reading.... so I laid one out for myself for the remaining months of this year of 2018. I wanted to glean some intuitive insight into where my own shadow might be lurking so I can better navigate the terrain I now find myself walking. Seeing your own shadow is not typically something that is easy to do for we instead disown it by seeing it in others. (This is not the typical kind of reading I use with clients, but if you want this kind of insight, just ask). For clients I generally lay out what I call "The Snap Shot of the Mind Reading" which is a reading that points to the mind and the soul and how the two are communicating at this time; which in turn points to potential pitfalls and forks in the road that can lead us into a beautifully deep and rich, life coaching kind of conversation - it's not fortune telling, and it's not predicting certain events or outcomes, but by deeply probing at the perceptions held at this time and the ways of being that can be activated for smoother sailing, radical shifts can be made.

How you perceive life to be is generally how it unfolds...
so you may as well perceive the life you intended to live...
and activate the ways of being that allow you to live the most grounded, yet motivated and aligned, life path.

But this reading was for my own personal self so I could sit with shadow and to be guided by the cards and my deeper self to hopefully more gracefully slip into the tenacity of that which is unfolding in my life at this time. I knew that it was my beliefs and ways of looking at things that were creating more suffering than the events of the moment themselves. I wanted insight and a point of focus for how to better navigate this current phase of the roller coaster I find myself on.... you can click here to read more about what the cards had to say to me by clicking here...

To receive your own reading, reply to this email and we can set one up - in person, over Skype, or by phone ;-)

In the meantime, may you know how beautiful you are. May you know how perfect you are. And may you know how whole you are. Just BE YOU, please!

So much love
Kali Carmel


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