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Media Requests - From time to time reporters approach us looking for travelers that meet specific criteria. Thank you for all your recent responses!  If the request doesn't apply to you please forward to others. We love helping travelers share their stories! 
Travel Goal Getter operates like a non-profit organization using membership fees and small profits on product sales to cover Club expenses. We want to reach more members, offer more to our members, and inspire and help more travelers achieve their goals. Please consider making a donation today to help grow the Clubs. Half of each donation will be set aside for our new Travel Scholarship. Thank you for your support!
As part of the initiative to offer more to members, we are looking forward to launching a Travel Goal Getter scholarship program later this year. Members will be able to submit a scholarship application explaining what the scholarship funds would be used for. The most worthy will be selected by a Scholarship Committee. If you are interested in being part of the Scholarship Committee let us know.

Travel Goal Getters! 

James Marchino from Indiana
NINE TIMES!  James Marchino has visited every state in the USA not just once, not just twice, but NINE times! Along the way he has done some pretty interesting things and set many Travel Goal Getter records.
Read more:
  • Bowled in every state 9 times
  • Ran a race in every state 9 times
  • Toured all 50 Capitol buildings
  • Went into 175 caves
  • Collected University mugs 
  • Went to Race tracks
  • Attended Mass in all 50, 5 times
We congratulate Bruce Janssen on achieving the Travel Goal Getter Troika having visited 45 states, 50 countries and all 7 continents. His favorite places are Egypt and Antarctica. In Antarctica he went on a Russian icebreaker with Quark Expeditions which took him ashore to six different locations. He was amazed by the blueness of the ice while kayaking, the fearlessness of the wildlife towards people, and the smell of the penguin colonies! Bruce told us Egypt was full of " jaw dropping sites at every turn of the head." He went in at least fifteen pyramids and viewed at least fifty more. Another memorable experience was walking the same streets in Vienna and Prague as famous composers, like Strauss and Beethoven, did centuries before. 
Not only did Bradley and Jennifer Bishop stand on a corner in Winslow, Arizona, but they geocached across the USA in one year. Geocaching can take you places that you might not normally go during your travels. And for some the geocache is the destination! It is the ultimate travel treasure hunt. Check out and the Geocaching headquarters in Seattle, Washington. Read the Member Spotlight on the Bishops.
Dorothy Murray from Ohio completed her 50 state journey in New Hampshire last May. Some things she will never forget are some classics: walking across the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, watching a Broadway Show in New York, and panning for Gold in Alaska. Dorothy has achieved the Troika with over 30 different country visits and trips to 6 continents. 
Elaine Quattro, another Troika member, shared some of her memorable moments of being on Route 1 in California with its beautiful scenery, exploring the small towns and beautiful beaches of Cape Cod, and cruising in Alaska. She loves hot springs and has explored them all over the country--particularly in Montana, Idaho, California, Nevada, and Colorado. 

Completed all 50?  How about going some extra miles? 

Lee Salawitch visited all 50 finishing in Idaho, but he isn't done traveling yet!
Lee is an All Fifty Club member who also belongs to the Extra Miler Club. The EMC encourages travelers to go to all 3,143 counties in the United States using the motto "the shortest distance between two points is no fun!" After joining the All Fifty Club as a full member, consider becoming an Extra Miler your next goal!
Congratulations to the Zittlow family (Sara, Andrew, Megan, and Ryan) on visiting all 50 state capitols as well as touring many Governor's mansions.

The Finke Family (Marla, Scott, Heath, and Hutch) completed their 50 state tour over 13 years completing in Hawaii. 

We congratulate these other recent new All Fifty Club members with age goals. 
  • Katherine Messer by age 20
  • Scott Warner by age 29
  • Morgan and Bethany Parker, by age 30
  • Missy Miller, Sean Jopson by age 37
  • Chris Tanner, Greg & Kristy Rauzy, Susan Dent, Brenda & Larry Johnson, Pamela Messer, H. Jay Bird, Donna Schork, Beth Heuer -  by age 50
We strive to include as many members as we can in each newsletter. If you weren't recognized this time, you might be in a future newsletter!
Send us a picture if you haven't already! We value each and every member and their accomplishment!
What have our members accomplished in All Fifty States? We thought it would be fun to put together a short video showing things that our members have done in All Fifty States. Please keep in mind this is not an all inclusive list - visit our record holders page to see more! Hope you enjoy it! Just click the picture above to play the video or visit this address:

Member Favorites

As we celebrated Valentine's Day last month we recalled some of our favorite travel memories in some of the most romantic places in the world - castles. 
Hearst Castle
Hearst Castle was named a favorite place by new member Corey Wylde. Located 4 hours from Los Angeles and 4 hours from San Francisco, it is a great stop along scenic Route 1 in the town of San Simeon. Different tours take visitors through various parts of the 165 room house. More Travel Goal Getter USA Favorites 
Editor (Eric) note: This is one of the last places I visited with my grandmother before she died. She took me there twice, the last time was with my girlfriend (now wife). It is a beautiful place that will always have special meaning to me!
Rhine River
The banks of the "Romantic Rhine" River are dotted with romantic castles. Burg Reichenstein is only one of the incredible castles beckoning a visit. The UNESCO World Heritage Site has a working drawbridge to complete the medieval architecture. Members have honeymooned and spent anniversaries in castles that offer hotel rooms or by taking a river cruise.
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The Lighter Side of Travel - Toilet Paper Passport!

When you gotta go, you gotta go!  A woman’s holiday plans were ruined after Thai authorities refused to let her into the country - because she’d used her passport as toilet paper.  Faye Wilson had hoped to spend a month in Thailand before heading to Australia to work for a year.  But her dream quickly turned into a nightmare when Thai officials clocked the missing pages in her passport and sent her packing. Read more here (link to yahoo story) & read more funny travel stories.

Travel Tips

Since most hotel rooms only accommodate 4 persons, when you are traveling with 5 or more it can be challenging to find hotel accommodations to fit the whole family or group. Six Suitcase Travel is a great resource to find hotels. The short write-up on each hotel is great for determining the best sleeping arrangements for your group. 

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Thank You and Happy Travels!
Travel Goal Getter
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Hearst Castle photo via creative commons license Anna Irene
Burg Reichenstein via creative commons license Wei Te Wong
Passport photo via creative commons license J Aaron Farr
All other photos courtesy of Travel Goal Getter and its members
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