Membership Newsletter for The All Fifty Club & Travel Goal Getter 2/13/2015
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"I would go anywhere with you."    More Travel Quotes
Happy Valentine's Day! Many members say their travel companions are just as important as the places they visit. Travel romance can be found sharing a moonlit night on an empty beach or in the hustle and bustle of a noisy crowd in New York City. Read some member romantic travel memories....

Travel Goal Getters! 

Welcome Ryan Higgins, a Troika member having visited all 7 continents, 22 countries and all 50 states. Amazingly, he accomplished most of this within just a fourteen month period in 2012. What a Travel Goal Getter! Some of his favorite travels were kayaking in Antarctica and exploring the "gold mine" of treasures in Utah. How did he complete his journey? What did he learn along the way? Read more....   

Congratulations Dick and Brenda Knapp for achieving the Travel Goal Getter Troika! The Troika is for the world's most traveled, qualifying for all 3 of our travel clubs. The full member listing is posted on our website.
Welcome to many new members! We extend special recognition to the following:

International Members
  • Timo & Mirja Havulinna from Finland
  • Seppo & Kirsti Vehvilainen from Finland
  • Bence Erdelyi of Hungary, all 50 states in 3 years.
  • Barry & Stef Reeve of the UK, all 50 in 6 months and many more places across the globe in one year
  • Phil and Hay Hawkey from Wales

We are constantly inspired and humbled by our members' achievements!
  • Liangjie Li wrote postcards to herself and friends to keep record of her travels to all 50.
  • Stephen Vazza finished all 50 states in Idaho this December. He had already visited over 50 countries, many as part of an incredible round-the-world trip 20 years ago that took him to Greece, Finland, Siberia, Mongolia, China, Thailand, Japan, and Hawaii.
  • Gabriella Morris visited all fifty states by age 16.
  • Alexis Student, Travis Wimsett, Logan Johnston, & Kristen Hanson completed all fifty states before age 30.
  • Brian Rupert visited all fifty states before age 35. 
  • David Civilette and Laurie Wiliams went to all fifty states by age 50.
Member Spotlight - Welcome signs of Rafael and Deborah Martinez-Alvarez III
Rafael & Deborah Martinez-Alvarez III had an amazing journey to all 50 states and 10 Canadian provinces. In addition, they have an amazing record of their travels - a beautiful album of all the "welcome sign" pictures. As many of you know, getting great pictures of welcome signs isn't always easy and safe! Read about they overcame obstacles and danger!
A Visit with Travel Celebrity & Author Nomadic Matt
We were pleased to catch up with Matt Kepnes, aka Nomadic Matt, on his book tour promoting the newest edition of his book, Travel the World on $50 a Day. Matt is the brain behind the website which contains a wealth of information for budget friendly travelers with his motto of "Travel Better, Cheaper, Longer". Matt originally planned to travel the world for a year, extended it to 18 months, and now has been traveling for nearly 10 years. He provides tips and advice on how to travel the globe without spending a lot of money. Read more...  Buy an autographed copy of the book and find other travel books...

Member Favorites

Key West, Florida
Out of all the wonderful places they have been, Barry and Stef Reeve named Key West as their favorite. It's no wonder; when you arrive in Key West, whether by cruise ship, plane or via the long drive through the Keys, you have an overriding feeling that you are far from everything - an escape from reality. You immerse yourself in the relaxed, kick-back culture of Key West. Key West has something for everyone - nightlife, family activities like watching the Crazy Cat Guy, touring a historic sight like the Truman house, or licking key lime pie dipped in chocolate on a stick! More USA Member Favorites...

Gimmelwald, Switzerland -- In the Alps
Jerry and Debbie Stamps named Gimmelwald a favorite place for its stunning and intense beauty in the fall. Agreed, but we would extend that to say Gimmelwald is amazing in every season. Ah, a deep breath of the mountainous air. Accommodations are picturesque from the cute chateaus to the Mountain Hostel. More Travel Goal Getter World Favorites...
The Lighter Side of Travel...All Fifty Stater & Didn't Know It!
Do you count a state if you don't remember it? We welcome Jerry Hess to the All Fifty Club whether he remembers every state or not! He joined the club as an associate member thinking he had not been to Florida. Yet while reminiscing with an old friend from the Air Force, he found out he had been to Florida when they crossed the state line on a short military leave from Biloxi, Mississippi to Orlando, Florida in 1966. Congratulations to Jerry for visiting all 50 before the age of 21! Florida is too amazing to not remember, so Jerry, we challenge you to go back! Thank you to you and your father for your service to our country!
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Did you know the number of continents in the world may differ based on where you are from? In the United States we are taught there are 7 Continents - North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, and Antarctica. Many Europeans combine North and South America to make one continent, so they say the world is made up of 6 continents. France, however, doesn't count Antarctica as a continent, so they count only 5 continents. Scientists and geographers often combine Europe and Asia into Eurasia since it is one land mass. Islands are often "continentless" because they are not part of a large land mass. Thanks Tuan Ta for the insightful information!
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Thank You and Happy Travels!
Travel Goal Getter
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