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All Fifty Club & Travel Goal Getter Newsletter 11/19/2012
Thank You <<First Name>>!
We first want to pause for a moment and express our gratitude toward our All Fifty Club, Traveler's Country Club, & Continent Club members and Travel Goal Getter iPad App users!  If it were not for YOU, there would be no Travel Goal Getter or All Fifty Club. Thank you to our members all around the world and to our US members and users, have a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday!

600+ Members and Counting! Travel Goal Getter manages the All Fifty Club. Please pardon our dust as we merge allfiftyclub.com with travelgoalgetter.com. Thank you for your incredible support! Because of a lot of activity due to some recent nationwide newspaper, web articles and radio spots about the All Fifty Club, we are processing new membership certificates and updating our website membership list just as fast as we can. We anticipate being caught up soon but we kindly ask for your patience. Thank You!
Alaska Remaining?
Many of our members have Alaska left on their States to Visit list. A great way to see Alaska is on an "Inside Passage" cruise. Royal Caribbean, Princess Cruises, & Holland America are a few major cruise lines that have Alaskan Inside Passage options. Another great way to see more of Alaska is by train. Visit Alaska Railroad Corporation for more information and to start planning your trip. Do you have insider tips on visiting Alaska? Please email us at contact@travelgoalgetter.com and we'll be sure to pass them along.
iPad App Available Now!
The Travel Goal Getter iPad App enables users to track states visited, countries visited, and continents visited by tapping on individual US States, countries and territories. It's 2 maps in one - a US Map and a World Map! Plus the app includes a Bucket-List/Travel Experiences feature to keep track of things you want to do and check them off as they are completed. Available now in the App Store.
Great Resource For Travel Tips - Nomadicmatt.com
Matt, a former full time world traveler, has great travel tips and insights at his website and blog, www.nomadicmatt.com. Nomadic Matt has over 200,000 monthly users and his blog has over 1000 different articles on travel. A great starting point is the "Plan Your Adventures Today" page with articles such as "Why Tour Groups Can Be Good Value", "How to Fly Business Class for Free", and "Alternative Budget Vacation Ideas".
What is Your Travel Goal?
A user recently commented, "Ride motorcycle to and photograph each state capitol building. I'll rent one for Hawaii..."
To read about other people that share these goals see 50 States in 50 Weeks by Motorcycle & Lincoln Coming to All 50 States on our blog. Share Your Goal!
Book Spotlight - 50 Main Streeet
Check out 50 Main Street, a book by Photographer Piero Ribelli, which chronicles his journey across the United States. The ending result is 50 stories from 50 people that share the commonality of living at the same address, 50 Main Street. The book promises an "honest view of who we are as a people". Beautiful photography coupled with a unique approach to connecting the stories of people across the United States put this book on Travel Goal Getter's need to read book list. Visit our blog to link to 50 Main Street.
On the Lighter Side...
CEO of European Airline Ryanair, Michael O’Leary, says airplane seat belts are useless and proposes a standing room only section in the plane!
Seatbelts on planes are pointless, says Ryanair boss [The Telegraph]
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