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Your monthly dose of inspiration & ideas to help you reach your travel goals! 11/11/2013
<<First Name>>, thanks for traveling along with us! Happy Veteran's Day! To all past and present service members, thank you for your sacrifice and willingness to serve. Your service has allowed us the freedom to travel the world!

In this issue you'll find:
Member Highlight - All Fifty Plus!
All Fifty Club Plus
Welcome new member Leonard from Erie, Pennsylvania to the All Fifty Club! He is 99% complete with a project to not only visit all fifty states, but all American cities with a population over 100,000 people! As he says, it is “All Fifty Plus!”. It began in 2006 when Leonard attended a 45th reunion of his high school. As he looked through the reunion booklet, he saw that his former classmates were scattered across the country and thought it would be fun to visit them. So far he has visited more than 20 classmates. During his planning, he expanded his "travel project" to include visiting approximately 300 cities over 100,000, every state capital, and the largest city in every state. Welcome Leonard and thanks for the travel inspiration! Good luck on finishing your goal - you're almost there!

Interesting City Names - Top Toponyms
We often wonder how city founders came up with some city names. Some are very common - as the city of Riverside can be found in 46 states and the city of Franklin can be found in 43 states. Some are degrading - Hell, MI, Nothing, AZ. Some could be considered risque - Intercourse, PA and Climax, KS. Others are just so odd they make your smile - Hot Coffee, Mississippi, Tightwad, MO. Read more on Travel Goal Getters Top Toponyms.
Common Toponyms
  • Riverside - 46 states
  • Centerville - 45 states
  • Fairview - 43 states
  • Franklin - 42 States
  • Midway - 40 states
  • More
Unique Toponyms
  • Monkey's Eyebrow, KY
  • Hell, MI
  • Hot Coffee, Mississippi
  • Not, Missouri
  • Why, Arizona
  • More
The Lighter Side...Degrading City Names
Did city founders desire to keep people away or did they just call it what it was? You can visit these cities and determine for yourself! Boring, Oregon. Nothing, AZ, Stinking Bay, AR, Gross, KS, Hell, MI, Hell for Certain, KY. Read more about Travel Goal Getter Top Toponyms.
NEW - Car Magnets!
By popular demand, we are offering car magnets! The car magnets display our club logos to share that you have visited all 50 states, multiple countries, or 7 continents and encourage others to do the same! GIFTS - If you know someone who is working on visiting All Fifty States, we offer the car magnet as well as shirts and other merchandise that sports that they are "Traveling the 50 States" with a mission to visit all 50. Orders must be placed by December 11th for delivery by Dec. 25th. (U.S. delivery) Visit our store to purchase now.
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