Membership Newsletter for The All Fifty Club & Travel Goal Getter 7/18/2014
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 â€œThe world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.”
St. Augustine
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Congratulations to New Travel Goal Getters! 

Help us welcome the many new All Fifty Club members that found out about us from an article on in May. You shared so many great stories and accomplishments that we can't fit them all in one newsletter! Look for more records and travel experiences in upcoming newsletters.    
Congratulations to members that have achieved the Travel Goal Getter Troika! These are the world's most traveled qualifying for all 3 of our travel clubs. They have visited a minimum of 35 states, 15 countries, and 6 continents.  

Jared Anton, Peter Donnellan*, Bob Eiess*, Daniel Graham*, Lennart Larsson, Christopher Lynch*, Jeffrey Marine*, Emma May, Shane Roberts*, Bryan Urbsaitis

*members have visited All Fifty States 
Congratulations to 2 new record holders. Mark Breitenbach visited each state a minimum of 5 times each! Although he traveled for pleasure, his job as an aircraft accident investigator took him to every state multiple times enabling him to set this record. Member Todd Helpingstine went beyond just stepping foot in each state - he spent at least 5 nights in each state! WOW! Read about other Travel Goal Getter Record Holders. Please let us know if you think you have a record.
We also welcome Nicola and Mila from Rimini, Italy as our first All Fifty Club Italian members. Per Ellefsrud and Torunn Finnerud have joined us from Norway and Scott from Ecuador is now part of our travel community. Congratulations to the Foxon Family from the UK who visited all 50 states in 5 years while they resided temporarily in the United States. As always, we are inspired by those who do not permanently reside in the United States yet are determined to see the whole country.

New Member Favorites

Newport, Rhode Island 
Dave Vela shared that "the New England states are my favorite states because there is so much history and the feeling of being in the east coast with beautiful weather and windy beaches is unforgettable. The cobblestone streets and wooden plank business signs are awesome." Newport is known for having the most remaining colonial homes in the country and amazing mansions that can be toured such as
The Breakers.
Lisbon, Portugal
Several members listed Portugal as a favorite place. The streets of Lisbon and the capital of Portugal are colorful as they drape over the hillsides overlooking the ocean. The city is rich in history and Portuguese culture, yet is contemporary. A must-see is the World Heritage Site, Monastery of the Hieronymites and Tower of Belém in Lisbon.
Link to more USA Travel Goal Getter Favorites
Link to more World Travel Goal Getter Favorites

Eat Your Way Across the USA

                                   Beignets at Cafe du Monde in New Orleans
Eating out and travel go hand in hand. Sometimes it is just "putting fuel in the tank", but other times eating somewhere new or something different is the travel objective itself. On a trip to Hungary one of the first things we wanted to do was eat goulash. We were devastated when Goulash was on the menu, but they ran out (apparently many other travelers had the same goal)! Many of us place importance on experiencing traditional cuisine when we travel to different countries but what about in the USA? Although many foods are common across the states, there are many regional and state specialties that we can seek out when we travel. We have compiled a list on Eating Your Way Across the USA. If you have a food-related goal, let us know! Some members have set a goal to eat in a local restaurant, drink a local beer, or collect menus and restaurant t-shirts in order to count a state. Or, take the sweet approach and follow Travel Goal Getter member John Fitzgerald's lead by eating a slice of pie in every state!
NEW DESIGN - T-shirt
Share your accomplishment and inspire others! The newest All Fifty Club t-shirt design highlights key American landmarks. The back of the shirt has an image of each state. The month and year each state was visited can be listed or your home state and last state can be highlighted. What a way to record your USA Tour! 
Visit our store to purchase now or e-mail us for more details.  

The Lighter Side of Travel... "If it is not a good time then it is a good story." 
Sometimes travel does not go quite as planned. New member, Jerald, shared one of his favorite quotes with us, "If it is not a good time then it is a good story." I'm sure all of us have had travel nightmares that ended up being most memorable! Jerald's story begins when his RV broke down at the beginning of a trip. Then the engine of their tow-behind Jeep overheated. The family continued their trip in a rental car until they ended up going car shopping for a vehicle. But it didn't end there...finish the story The Lighter Side of Travel.
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Thank You and Happy Travels!
Travel Goal Getter
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Newport, Rhode Island photo used under creative commons by Dougtone
Lisbon photo used under creative commons by Pedro Szekeley
Beignet photo used under creative commons by Elliot
Hood up photo used via creative commons by Stephen Carlson
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