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All Fifty Club & Travel Goal Getter Newsletter 01/24/2013
Happy New Year <<First Name>>! We hope you have had time to reflect on your travels from 2012 & look forward to what new & exciting places you will go in 2013! 

In this issue you'll find:
  • New Member Disc-Golfed All 50 States Twice!
  • All 50 States Favorite Things to Do
  • What's New?
  • Resource: AirfareWatchDog.com
  • The Lighter Side: Baggage Fees Avoided!
Welcome New Member Larry Kirk!
Welcome and congratulations to new member and disc-golfer Larry Kirk from Atwater, California! He has been to all 50 states not once – but twice – and is preparing to visit them all a third time!   Larry’s true passion is disc-golf and in an effort to spread his love of the game, decided to play disc-golf in each state. His first trip to all 50 took almost 9 years to complete, finishing up in 2010. To conclude his tour, he did a victory walk up the steps of the Philadelphia Art Museum….. just like Rocky. Read the full story about Larry Kirk...
What Should a Visitor to Your State See and Do?

We have started an ambitious mapping project of "Favorite Things to do in All Fifty States" but we need your help! Please share one or two things to do in your state (or a state that you have visited) that someone visiting must not miss. Things to do can be anything from unique, touristy, off the map, places to eat, places to sleep, kitschy, picturesque, or just plain awe inspiring. Just send us an email with your favorite thing!

Thank you to those of you who previously submitted favorites things to do or other travel experiences. We are still in the process of adding them to the project. Favorite travel experiences people have had in other countries can be found on our Travel Experiences page.

What's New?
We've added an Our Community Page that has our Legends & Record Holders (did you make the list?) and links to our Travel Photo of the Week, Travel Video of the Week, and Travel Tip of the Week. Submit your own photo, videos, and travel tips using the forms on the pages.

Let us know if your name should be on the record list. We are always looking for inspiring travel stories so please let us know if you have one to share and send us an email.
iPad App Available Now!
The Travel Goal Getter iPad App enables users to track states visited, countries visited, and continents visited by tapping on individual US States, countries and territories. It's 2 maps in one - a US Map and a World Map! Plus the app includes a Bucket-List/Travel Experiences feature to keep track of things you want to do and check them off as they are completed. Available now in the App Store.
Great Resource for Airfare Sales/Discounts -Airfarewatchdog.com
A time saving resource to help with finding airfare sales and discounts is www.airfarewatchdog.com. There are many different fare alert sites out there but airfarewatchdog is different in that it is not just computer generated information compiled through third party sites. For example, they are the only site that includes Southwest flights and they also check seat availability (often low fares have little or no seat availability so they try to book flights just as any consumer would book a flight). Additionally, since they have actual humans checking flight information by "hand", they also scour airline websites to find airline website-only fares. They have several alerts available such as City-to-City, Anywhere That's Cheap, and Single Destination. It's easy to sign up on the website with just an email address and there is no cost for the service.

All Fifty Club T-Shirt
Have you or someone you know visited All Fifty States? Celebrate this amazing travel accomplishment with the official All Fifty Club t-shirt. Find size options and order from the Travel Goal Getter Store. Logo says "I've Been to All 50". We also have sweatshirts & hoodies available in our store. Makes a great gift!

The Lighter Side...
70 Layers of Clothes To Avoid Fees!

As reported by Gadling.com, at an airport in China a traveler wore 70 different articles of clothing to avoid the baggage fee! He was described as looking like a Sumo Wrestler. That's one way to do it!
Contact us and share your story...

Happy Travels!
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