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Very few people go to all 50 states by chance. Whether is is done all at once or over many years, it takes determination and dedication to visit every state. One 50 stater, Kathy Strong from Walnut Creek, CA, has taken dedication to a whole other level in an amazing story of loyalty and patriotism. In 1972, when she was 12 years old, she received a special Christmas gift she had asked for; a bracelet engraved with the name of a P.O.W./M.I.A. solider, James Moreland from the Vietnam War. 38 years later... Read more...

NEW In the Travel Goal Getter Member Store  

Membership pins are now available for the Continent Club and the All Fifty Club! Proudly wear on shirts, jackets, or hats to display your accomplishment and share travels with others! Size is about 1" X 1.5". Cost is only $15 for members including tax and shipping. Limited quantities available.

NEW Travel Goal Getter Troika Members  

Richard and Lori Rucksdashel from Texas made it to Antarctica! They have now been to all 50 states, over 30 countries and all 7 continents qualifying them for the exclusive Travel Goal Getter Troika. They took their children on a trip every year for 10 years until they completed all 50. How awesome to have completed that long-term goal together! 

NEW International Members of the All Fifty Club 

Matej and Ajda Marn of Slovenia visited all 50 states during the past 4 years. Final state, Alaska with baby in tow!
Klas Vikman of Sweden, beyond having been to 6 continents, over 50 countries and all 50 states, has entered into the U.S. a  whopping 302 times.  Many trips were as a pilot with SAS, Scandinavian Airlines, but he has put many miles on the ground having walked all over New York City and put over 30,000 miles on rental cars recently! 
Ole Ginnerup Schytz from Denmark is another traveler powerhouse. He has made over 10 trips to his favorite place in the U.S.A.,Yosemite National Park.  He has visited over 30 national parks across the country.
Ani Reddy Solipuram did an amazing 7,500 mile solo trip across the United States. He took in as many sights as possible going to major US landmarks. He is the first Asian and Indian to go to all 48 contiguous states on a Landmark tour.  

New Record Holders 

James Marchino from Indiana
Volleyball Across America! Scott and Andrea Stonebraker played in a volleyball tournament in all 50 states and our the newest All Fifty Club Record holders. Their website is a wonderful documentary of their travels - volleyball, sightseeing, and more, Read more:

More Travel Goal Getter Accomplishments

Adan Scarpetta of Ocala, Florida finished his 50 state journey in one year. #50Statesin365Days.

John Hallman has been to All 50 twice. His favorite place: Key West, Florida.

We congratulate these other recent new All Fifty Club members with age goals. 
  • J.J. Bowen, Paul Mizera, and Christine Vorshees by age 30
  • Mark Sowell by age 35 
  • Misti Pinter by age 40
  • Debra Loder-Clark-  by age 48
  • John Benanti, Elizabeth Kooy, Tony Quinones by age 50
  • Brian Cazzell by age 60 
We strive to include as many members as we can in each newsletter. If you weren't recognized this time, you might be in a future newsletter!
Send us a picture if you haven't already! We value each and every member and their accomplishment!
Emmalyn Yamrick from Florida achieved all 50 this Spring! Finishing in Maui, Hawaii, she completed right before her 40th birthday!

Member Favorites

National Museum of the United States Air Force
National Museum of the United States Air Force, Dayton, Ohio
Evergreen Aviation and Space Museum, McMinnville, Oregon

Four huge hangars packed with the largest airplane collection in the world can be explored in Dayton, Ohio at the National Museum of the Air Force. The Museum is free to the public and takes more than a day to see it all. Dayton is also home to the Dayton Aviation Heritage National Historical Park another must for any aviation enthusiast as it includes the Wright Brothers Bicycle Cycle Shop and you can visit the field where Orville and Wilbur first flew.  On the opposite side of the country, in a small town in Oregon, is another amazing collection of aircraft starring the "Spruce Goose" at the Evergreen Aviation and Space Museum. Adjacent to the museum you can slide out of a real Boeing 747 on the roof of the Water and Wings Water Park.  Have your been to an aviation museum in every state? Let us know and we will add you as a Record Holder. Aviation museums can be found in every state.
Machu Picchu, Peru 
Congratulations to Continent Club members Gurkiran Sandhu and Don & Barbara Prior who recently visited Machu Picchu. On the bucket list of many travelers, Machu Picchu is not easy to get to but it lives up to its expectation being a favorite of many Travel Goal Getters. Guides recommend building in plenty of time to adjust to the altitude and explore the World Heritage city of Cuzco. Travel Goal Getter World Favorites.

The Lighter Side of Travel - Attack of the Wild Burros

Oatman, Arizona on Highway 66 is known for its wild donkeys that roam the street. Shops along the main street (the only street really) sell burro food for visitors to interact with the animals. The donkeys approach everyone to see if they have food - poking their noses in purses and leaning into open car windows.  We watched three burros stick their heads into an open convertible. The driver could not get them away and had to result to wildly swinging a water bottle until he could get the burros to back off so he could escape. Read more funny travel stories.

Travel Tips

Looking to meet locals? What could be a better way than sleeping on their couch? Several members have raved about their experiences using that matches you up with people that want to host travelers. Low, low cost to travel and guaranteed interaction with a local. Multiple safety precautions are in place to help travelers protect themselves.

Travel Scholarship in the Works

As part of the initiative to offer more to members, we are looking forward to launching a Travel Goal Getter scholarship program later this year. Members will be able to submit a scholarship application explaining what the scholarship funds would be used for. The most worthy will be selected by a Scholarship Committee. If you are interested in being part of the Scholarship Committee let us know.
Travel Goal Getter operates like a non-profit organization using membership fees and small profits on product sales to cover Club expenses. We want to reach more members, offer more to our members, and inspire and help more travelers achieve their goals. Please consider making a donation today to help grow the Clubs. Half of each donation will be set aside for our new Travel Scholarship. Thank you for your support!
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