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The National Park System turned 100 years old last month. Some of America's treasures, like Yosemite, have been protected by national government since the Civil War,  paving the way for Yellowstone to become America's first national park in 1872. In the early 1900's President Theodore Roosevelt created new national parks and monuments and protected millions of acres. But it wasn't until August 1916, one hundred years ago, that the National Park Service was formed by President Woodrow Wilson. The champion of the formation was millionaire industrialist, Stephen Mather, who was dedicated to the preservation of America's majesty. He became the first director of the National Park Service. We, and generations to come, will be able to experience many wonders and the history of America, through visiting sites that are protected and maintained. Long live our National Parks!  
National Park Service Quiz
What is the most visited National Park?

How many people work for the National Park Service?

What are your odds of being killed by a grizzly bear at Yellowstone?

See more questions and the answers!

Travel Goal Getter Accomplishments

Craig Bailey of Colorado completed all 50 this March, finishing in South Carolina, but he had been doing some serious traveling prior to that. He had been to over 258 national park system sites by the early age of 32. Besides tracking his visits to the NPS sites, he has also counted up 100 airline flights and 50 visits to Hard Rock Cafes. One of his greater accomplishments, though, is co-founding the National Parks Travelers Club, which helps travelers record visits to national parks at The Club has an annual convention at a different National Park area evey year. This year's was in Philadelphia. 

Craig's favorite national parks are Lake Clark and Wrangell-St. Elias National Parks in Alaska, Crater Lake National Park,Yellowstone,and Glacier National Park. In his home state of Colorado, he loves Rocky Mountain National Park. Craig's favorite national monuments are in New Mexico: Dinosaur Echo Park, White Sands, Scotts Bluff, and Alibates Flint Quarries

Best of luck to Craig as he continues his goal of visiting all of the NPS sites. 

All Fifty Club Favorites

Yellowstone National Park
Eric Prior, co-founder of Travel Goal Getter, took a recent trip to Yellowstone - a place like no other on Earth. He and his family explored the area driving 1,200 miles on a 5 day itinerary round trip from Cheyenne, Wyoming, Read more.
Grand Canyon National Park
Alicia Rovey, President of the All Fifty Club, names the Grand Canyon National Park and the surrounding area as her favorite, an opinion shared by so many other All Fifty Club members. Although she is partial since she was Arizona-born, the transformation of the desert scenery of southern Arizona to the beautiful rock formations of the Grand Canyon in northern Arizona is undeniably incredible. Her favorite experience of the canyon was hiking 10 miles down into the canyon to Havasupai Falls. The Falls aren't part of the National Park, but part of the adjacent Havasupai Indian reservation.  
The Mighty 5 in Utah 
Semming Austin of Norway completed all 50 this May, finishing in Hawaii. His favorite national park is the Grand Canyon, but he also enjoyed the picturesque Arches National Park, one of 5 incredible parks in Utah that can be visited in a 5 day itinerary, although you may just want to stay there -  forever. 
The Junior Park Ranger Program challenges travelers to learn more about a national park service site during their visit. Although activity packets are geared for kids ages 5 to 13, all ages can participate. After completing the packet, the traveler is sworn in by a Park Ranger and takes an oath to do his or her part to protect national parks for the future. A special edition Centennial Junior Ranger Badge can be earned this year. 
Kaitlyn Markens (pictured) has earned 59 junior ranger badges, receiving her first one at age 5. Her family completed all 50 this March in Hawaii. Visiting National Parks was integral to her family's travels. Read more...  

Another amazing young traveler is Helen Muller who completed 127 Junior Ranger programs when her family toured the USA for a year,. What an education! 


National Park Service - Travel Goal Getters

There are are 413 National Park Service sites, including the national parks, monuments, battlefields, historic sites and more. Some easy to get to, others very difficult. 

A huge congratulations to Danka and Norman Pieniazek. They completed visiting all the National Park sites in January of this year. However, their travels are not done as they haven't been to the newest park, Katahdin Woods and Waters, in Maine. They won't let this go un-visited for long as they already have a trip planned for this year.  

Other members with national park travel accomplishments: 
  • Jim Patrick had over 300 cancellations in his National Parks Passport Book over the course of his life.  
  • William Padgon  has been to 257+ park system sites. and 54 national parks.
  • Charles Dean has been to over 250 National Park system sites.
  • The Heidger Family went to over 60 national parks in one year.
  • John and Kathleen Einstman visited a national park system site in every state.
How many National Parks have you been to? 
Checklist of the 59 National Parks. How many have you been to? Let us know if you might be a Record Holder. Go to the NPS site for a full listing of all 413 sites including national battlefields, historic sites, parkways, heritage areas, and more. 
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Havasupai Falls picture by Jankgo via Creative Commons
All other pictures courtesy of Travel Goal Getter and its Members
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