February 2022 Newsletter

In January, we kicked off four studio courses at Emerson as a part of the Transforming Narratives of Gun Violence Initiative, with over 30 enrolled students and community partners. Emerson students and faculty are working alongside partners from Boston communities to understand the impact of current narratives of gun violence locally and to co-create interventions through media and the arts. Two studios are using emerging media, such as 360 video and virtual reality, to tell stories with people who have been directly impacted by gun violence, either through loss of life or incarceration (read more about this studio below). Another studio is exploring narrative change through performing arts, working toward a final performance at the end of the semester. And a group of graduate students in the Media Design program is asking how they can use media to increase Boston area college students’ awareness of gun violence.

In February, we will be co-sponsoring two screenings with other departments at Emerson. On February 17th, there will be a public screening of the documentary Bulletproof, which examines the industry of active shooter drills in the United States. Conversation with the director and subject matter experts will follow the screening. And on February 24th, the youth produced feature film Senseless Smoke, about the culture of violence in Boston, will screen for Emerson students and faculty with a “talk back” from the youth creators. See below for more information on both of these events.

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Transforming Narratives of Gun Violence