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Size Does Matter

I'm Sorry...Size Matters!

At least, when it comes to anti-tack performance.

When it comes to anti-tack, size (specifically particle size) is a key factor in determining performance.  

The finer the particle, the greater the 
total surface area of particles and the more contact area with the rubber surface.  That is why anti-tack products with finer particles can achieve effectiveness at lower in-use solids levels.  To put it simply, if you use a finer grind, you can use less product and save a lot of money or use the same amount and get much better anti-tack performance.

'Honey, I Shrunk the Kids' Perspective

From a 'Honey, I Shrunk the Kids' perspective, imagine the tennis court I have in my back yard (I don't actually have a tennis court in my back yard, but hey, we are just imagining here).  This tennis court is covered in multicolored beach balls about 24" (60 cm) in diameter.  Now imagine you have been shrunk by Rick Moranis to about the size of an ant (the insect, not the annoying relative that used to pinch your cheeks and want 'kisses').  In your miniature form, you can see the absolutely huge amount of area that the beach balls don't touch. In fact there is actually more surface area of the tennis court that is not contacting a beach ball than is touching a beach ball.

Now imagine that those beach balls are reduced to the size of 1/4" (0.5cm) diameter ball bearings (not that it is particularly relevant
 but imagine that these mini beach balls are iridescent blue).  In your miniature ant format, you will see that there is hardly any space for you to maneuver and an exponentially greater amount of surface area is now in contact with the beach balls.  Also, once you have been 'unshrunk', you will note that the total volume of the large beach balls is far greater than the tiny beach balls.

Of course, actual anti-tack particles are not perfectly round and they are certainly not multi-colored or even iridescent blue (I don't own a tennis court either).  

However, the same principles still apply in that finer particle sizes provide greater surface area so you can use less anti-tack and/or get greater performance with the same amount of anti-tack.
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Size Matters!

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