Welcome to our first newsletter. We encourage you to share this with your family and friends. Our mission is to see the world 'come together' over the vision of Brian Epstein that gave us The Beatles and so much more!

The Brian Epstein Legacy Project Team
Larry Sidorczuk, Julie Roach, Marie Darwin, Tom Calderbank, Kevin Roach,  Bill Elms 
(not pictured: Kim Laycock, Robert Roach and Ralph Kluseman)

A Message from Tom Calderbank, Project Lead

Welcome to the first edition of our newsletter for The Brian Epstein Legacy Project!

I’ve worked on a number of amazing projects in my time - including The Beatles statue here in Liverpool – yet this one is particularly exciting.
It’s a very special project and it feels like we’re doing something truly historic.

We’re not only honouring one of the world’s great creative individuals in his home town, but we will also
be providing opportunities for disenfranchised young people to have greater access to music and to musical instruments. We aim to encourage the next generation of musicians, and hopefully remind the world of the particular genius of the man and all the stars in his crown. Feels like we’re opening a portal….

Our new partnership with the Iowa Rock ‘n’ Roll Music Association Hall of Fame & Museum is a major part of that. The energy and enthusiasm of Ralph Kluseman, their president, has been a breath of fresh air, and given us renewed wind in our sails. Thanks to him, we have a revamped web presence, an enhanced marketing campaign, and a truly global vision.
With this partnership, the Legacy Project will positively impact the lives of many, many people for years to come.

Our sculptor for the statue is Andy Edwards, the artist behind the Beatles and Truce statues in Liverpool and Messines. His latest work The Bee Gees has just been unveiled in the Isle of Man. Once completed, however, the sculpture will be only phase one of the wider project.
Phase two aims to establish a musical instrument library, to give access to music to underprivileged young people across the Liverpool City Region and help develop the next generation of talent.
Phase three will then look further afield to see what can be achieved to
celebrate and develop Brian’s legacy. We’re all very excited at what’s to come.
So please, read on to find out more about the project, how YOU can join our team
– donate, like, share – and ‘come together’ to help us reach our goals.
On behalf of the team, in advance,



The 100 Day Countdown
Brian made a point to find out for himself what The Beatles were all about on November  9, 1962. This was the first time he met them. 

A Message From The Epstein Family

Brian was a modest and reserved man, but as a family we are in no doubt that he, alongside his brother Clive and his parents Queenie and Harry, would have been immensely touched by the consistent efforts to pay tribute to his contribution to The Beatles and to the City of Liverpool through this statue.​

His short but intense life is living history – and like history itself, it’s a story about a man at a certain time and place.

A book by Mark Lewishon called All These Years offers an amazing insight into the rich puzzle of people, families and chance events that gave birth to The Beatles and helped shape the unique character of this city – a magical melting pot where positive energy, endeavor and talent meet and creative sparks fly.

Long may it continue!

​And once again, thank you for all your efforts.



English actor Andrew Lancell gives his support to
The Brian Epstein Legacy Project.

Andrew performed in the role of Brian Epstein in the stage play Epstein - The Man Who Made The Beatles. He returned to the role of Brian Epstein in the touring production Cilla - The Musical.

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