April 2013
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Greetings from David Palmer

Spring is in full bloom in Connecticut and, for the first time in decades, once a week I bathe in the smell of new mown grass. What a sensory luxury! Ditto for the surrounding forests whose paths I try to meander at least once a day.

Living on the East Coast also afforded me the opportunity last month to roam the intellectual byways of the International Massage Therapy Research Conference in Boston. The information gleaned from this exciting triennial event is still filtering its way through my consciousness and into my work.

You can see the results of some of that processing on May 28th and June 2nd at the upcoming online World Massage Conference (described below) as well as at a three-hour
September special presentation in Montreal sponsored by the Quebec Federation of Massage Therapists (details in a future newsletter). You can also catch up with me in person at three TouchPro Chair Massage Seminars scheduled over the next few months (check the sidebar for links).

But first, I am going to tell you about the release of a ground-breaking massage video that, I believe, will lay the foundation for the future of professional touch. Read on and don't forget to embrace the emergence of every moment this Spring.

In touch,

Peer Massage in the Classroom

Peer Massage VideoI have often said that my work--making touch a positive social value--will be done when children learn to massage each other in every elementary school in the country. Not coincidentally, that is also a great strategy for educating future customers for professional massage services.

Bringing peer massage to the classroom is the passion of Thea Blair,
a Waldorf School educator in Northern California. Last December she flew to England to document the work of her peer massage mentor, Jean Barlow. The result is the 35-minute film, Calm, Focused, and Friendly, about children who have learned to incorporate massage into their daily curriculum. You can view a trailer or the entire film for free online and I guarantee you will be amazed and moved by both. I hope you will also be inspired to promote this work.

This film is must-viewing for all parents, teachers, counselors, principals, school board members and massage professionals.
Please send all of those folks in your life the link and post it on all of your social media pages. Let's get the story of peer massage into the hands of people who can make a difference.

The first time I watched the film I have to admit my heart skipped a beat as the credits rolled and I realized that, not only was my name in the credits as a donor, but more than a dozen of my colleagues were listed as well. Most of them are reading this newsletter and my great thanks to you all. The rest of you can also support Thea's important work by making a donation, large or small, at her Peaceful Hands website.

World Massage Conference

World Massage Conference link
I will be discussing peer massage as part of my presentation on The Future of Professional Touch at the upcoming World Massage Conference. This is a “virtual conference” that is streamed over the Internet, so you can watch in the comfort of your home or office. All the live presentations will be recorded and available to watch at your convenience.

The WMC is the largest event in the history of massage with over 15,000 attendees expected this year and featuring 50 of the top massage educators from around the world. My presentation will be featured at a free pre-conference webinar open to everyone on May 28th as well as in my scheduled slot on June 2nd. In my seminar I will be making the case for a radical rethinking of our industry's strategy for mainstreaming massage.

If you register for the whole conference you will have access to 50 hours of continuing education and will be able to interact any of the presenters by submitting your questions or by joining us to talk one-on-one in the chat room.

Click here for all the details about how to get a full registration at half price.

Please join me. I look forward to seeing you there.
David Palmer, TouchPro Founder
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