January 2014
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Greetings from David Palmer


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Happy 2014! The new year promises the same level of excitement and pace of change as the last.

In December, we finally decided on a platform to host our online e-learning courses and will be spending all of January getting it ready for launch. February will find me in San Francisco for a whole month moving TouchPro to a new location about 5 blocks away as we continue to consolidate the past 30 years activity.

By March I will be on the road again traveling to Quebec, Paris and London through the first week of April. Check my schedule to the right. I hope to see some of you somewhere in the world.

My next Chair Massage Seminar (in English and French) will be in Quebec City March 7-11. Tell your friends!

Below is one article and one video. I hope you enjoy them both.

In touch,

Is Your Massage Sensational?

Brain ImageA recent article about a new phenomenon, autonomous sensory meridian response (ASMR), that some are calling "brain orgasms" got me thinking about how little we celebrate the purely sensational nature of massage and also why we don't have 2 million YouTube videos describing our sensational work.

Check it out.

PBS Inventor Profile Finally Airs

David Palmer VideoA few years back, New York-based photographer David Friedman came to San Francisco to include David Palmer in an online series of portraits of unsung inventors. During the photo shoot Friedman also recorded a 3-minute video interview where David talks about his 1984 inspiration for the first massage chair. That video has finally been released on a new YouTube Channel from PBS Digital Studios.

View the video here.
Upcoming Seminar
Quebec, PQ - Mar 2-9, 2014

Paris Events

March 30: David will be speaking at Congrès International d'Esthétique Appliquée

Mar 31-Apr 1: Master Classes Xavier Court Trainings
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