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This is the first newsletter I’ve done in three months which I SWEAR isn’t due to my inherent laziness (although a little bit of that too), but the fact that I got locked out of this newsletter account. To the few thousand new subscribers… first of all, THANKS FOR JOINING ME on this very sporadic journey, haha. This newsletter started out of necessity—I’d get asked the same few questions over and over again over IG direct message (brand of the rubber tiles on our living room floor? Little Nomad. Ren’s magnetic tiles? The very obviously named Magna-Tiles) and this newsletter was a way to answer all those questions efficiently. I would donate most of the proceeds (the Amazon links are affiliate) from the links to charity (mostly Donors Choose so far but we’ve also done the Texas Diaper Bank and I want to do Crayon Collection soon too).
Now, though, I feel like it’s become a Real Thing, with almost 20K of you guys subscribing, so I have to take it seriously. Ahh, the pressure!
Today on IG Stories, I did a poll sticker and you guys asked for me to do a newsletter about the eco-friendly things I love.

So without further ado, here’s this week’s list…
Stainless steel plates for kiddos!
(For all the new subscribers... I hope you have kids because these newsletters tend to be VERY mom-oriented). I got these Joli-Moli bus plates and love them more than the kids do, lol. They’re indestructible, the portions are just-right for teeny tummies (although Tao usually needs seconds and thirds because he eats as much as an adult!).
Silicone lid things!
I’ve written about these in past newsletters but they are top of mind for me right now because I just popped one on a watermelon, lol. Plastic cling wrap is annoying. It’s impossible to use without it sticking into one giant clump, it’s TERRIBLE for the environment, and did I mention how annoying it is? These lid things are great! I love them so much I bought some for my mom, which is how you know when something is good 😊
Metal straws!
Google “Sea turtle with a straw up its nose”. Actually, please don’t, it’ll make you too sad. Suffice it to say that once you see that depressing sight, you will never want to use a straw again. I recently came up with this brilliant idea… I was like “ooh, I want to create metal straws! That are fun colors!” and then I looked it up on Amazon and there are a zillion companies doing that already. Sigh. There goes my billion dollar idea! I ordered these rainbow/iridescent ones and Ren loves them! I like that they’re not TOO long, so they still fit in kid-sized cups. I usually have at least two metal straws at work so I don’t have to use plastic straws. Once you get in the habit, it’s easy, I swear.
Mesh totes!
I feel like everyone knows to bring tote bags to the supermarket… that’s a really easy way to reduce waste. We actually use these tote bags to store sandbox toys. When we leave the playground, I put all the shovels/buckets/sandy clothes in these bags (after shaking them off as much as humanly possible) and then literally like shake it out nine million more times and sometimes slam it against a bench for good measure. I legitimately look like a crazy person. But the feeling of stepping on sand INDOORS is my personal pet peeve and anything I can do to reduce sand in the house helps. Anyway, these mesh bags are also cute for day to day life, if you don’t have kids who love a germ-infested sandbox.
Stasher bags!
Ziploc bags are pretty much inevitable when you’re a parent but I try to reduce usage of them by using these reusable bags whenever I can or these Munchkin snack containers (which I don’t see why adults couldn’t use too). The stasher bags require a little creative thinking to put in the dishwasher (you have to prop it open), FYI.
Stash bags:
Munchkin snack things:
Reusable mugs!
Earlier this year, I pledged to stop consuming beverages in plastic bottles. I used to drink FIVE bottles minimum of water a day and I’m really, really proud to say that all YEAR I’ve only consumed eight bottles. It definitely requires a little bit of extra work—I typically bring 4-5 reusable mugs/cups to work on Monday mornings and then each night I bring the dirty one home. My favorite ones so far are Byta and Swell (the tumbler, which is better for drinking tea from).
Reusable paper towels!
I made the same pledge re: water bottles for paper towels as well!! I learned about these bamboo towels and SUPER LOVE them. Basically each one of the squares can be washed multiple times and reused. I keep a little stack of these next to the real paper towel roll (which Tom, the babysitter, my parents, everyone else still uses, sigh) and anytime there’s a spill I’ll use one of these reusable towels and then toss it straight into the washing machine. Once you get into the habit, it’s easy, I swear. I know I’ve said that like twenty times in this newsletter alone.
Eco-Ver dishwashing tabs!
I read somewhere once that using a dishwasher is better for the environment because it uses less water so I’m ALL ABOUT THAT, hahah. I use these dishwashing tablets mostly because I like that they’re fragrance-free (think about it—why do your dishes need to smell like lavender?) but apparently these are biodegradable and better for the environment too.
So, truly, I love the look of a gorgeous bouquet of fresh flowers. But A) that’s expensive and B) it’s better for the environment to have trees! I ordered a bunch of these adorable trees from
OK, it’s 930 PM, it’s my bedtime!! Thanks for reading along and doing something (even small!) for mother nature!!! Every little bit counts!
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