Ugh, sorry I've been MIA!

I just got back from a ten day stint in Paris and then a jam-packed 24 hours in Austin and my body literally has no idea where it is. (My body does know that it had some very delicious tacos and Amy’s Ice Cream (the best!!) though).
To make up for my resounding flakiness and lack of newslettering, I thought I’d do two mini-newsletters this week. The first one is all about the very sexy topic of… vitamins.
My obsession with vitamins was instilled at a pretty young age… Growing up, my mom used to stuff a vitamin in my brother and my hands as we left for school (inevitably my brother would throw his in the fish tank—and my dad would always wonder why the fish died).
I should preface this all with the usual legal mumbo jumbo: I am NOT a doctor or nutritionist! So take everything I say with a grain of salt—they worked for me but they might not for you!! And if you have allergies, obviously be super careful.
Anyway… When I was in my twenties and had a particularly stressful and not-totally-happy job in the fashion department of a magazine, I developed rosacea. After hearing a tip from a friend of a friend, I started taking Evening Primrose oil (three capsules a night). I found that after about three weeks, my flare-ups were significantly improved.
I’ve also always suffered from very dry skin and eczema (still do). I found that the combination of borage oil (1), fish oil (3), evening primrose oil (3), and flax oil (2) helped a lot. Whenever I would stop taking the supplements, my skin would just get itchy and dry again.

All of that is to say I think supplements work (for me at least) and I am a firm believer.
So in terms of what I take now and what helped me survive Fashion Month, here is the list. I made my friend Shiona Turini take my combination while she was in Paris and while she teetered on the brink of illness a few times, she never actually got sick ☺
Here goes!
Wellness Formula: when I was sick a few months ago, so, so many of my wonderful Instagram followers suggested this. I knew it had to be good! When I’m coming down with something, I take three of these in the morning and three in the evening as well… and when I’m well, I just take three at night.
DoTerra OnGuard: Everyone I’ve given these two nearly vomit when they burst these capsules (I, for one, don’t think these taste too bad… like an extra strong Big Red gum). These are supposed to help when you’re coming down with something as well. I’ll take two of them throughout the day when I’m ill. I’ll also put a drop of this (in the essential oil version, not capsules) in the humidifier.
Oil of Oregano: Gives you oregano burps but if it’ll keep me from getting sick, who cares!! About 100 of my followers DMed me about taking this too and I have to say
Fish Oil: Like I said, fish oil cures/helps all. I’ve taken three of these a night for, like, a decade.
Vitamin D: Because I spend most of my time indoors, hunched over a laptop.
Probiotics: I’ve been taking probiotics for over a decade, so it’s funny to see them everywhere (skincare! Food! Drinks!) now. This is the one I take every day. If there’s a better one (that doesn’t have to be refrigerated), hit me up in my Instagram comments or DM!
That is all for now (bedtime!), but I’m going to try to do another newsletter this weekend on more fun stuff, promise!
PS: the past newsletters are here!
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